Location The Drunken Fish

A tavern hangout for sailors and recruiting location for "privateers".

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The Drunken Fish

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Yo ho ho, and five bottles of rum!

ImageThe Drunken Fish caters to sailors and dock workers alike, housing pirates and privateers together in one convenient place where they can get drunk and hack each other to pieces.

Various other scum make patronage at the Fish, most of them merchants or slavers from the nearby market places. While the establishment is not much different than the Pig's Foot, the Fish differs in its clientele; in fact it is almost barren of locals, instead surviving on the coin of foreigners and the sea rats that falsely claim Sunberth as their home.

The tavern itself is a three story monstrosity right off of "The Gangplank" Pier. The first floor is a wide, expansive common room with a large bar, several tables, and various 'private' rooms cut off from the common area. Several slaves work the tables as bar maids and the tenders switch out on shifts of six bells, or whenever they're too wounded to work. The second floor is very much the same, elevated to provide a view and a sense of superiority, with tables lining a balcony overlooking the 'peasants' on the main level. The common sleeping rooms are also on this floor, and often entire crews will rent them and share berth while on land. The third and final floor is for private rooms and the more specialized services that the Fish offers: cheap whores and unbroken slaves. This floor also contains an elegant suite, but that is on semi-permanent rent to Captain Dullos.

ImageThe Fish's main purpose, however, is to act as a recruiting den for enterprising "privateers". Although these "recruiters" are under the close scrutiny of Captain Dullos, the people of Sunberth rarely allow her to interfere with the recruitment process.

So, while the hiring captains make the process of their employment look official, most of it is word-of-mouth and very few men sign any real sort of contract. To further the deception, the Fish has developed "Sign Up" Sheets for certain vessels, where willing sailors will make their mark and report to the ship in question on the day posted. The Captain will then take attendance and set off with whoever remembered to show up. Strangely, though they make every effort to circumnavigate Dullos, the "privateers" have found her useful for keeping tabs on their crewmen.

NPC's & Services

Common Room, poor - 2sm/day
Private Room, common - 5sm/day

Entertainment, poor - 1sm/bell
Entertainment, common - 3sm/bell

Food & Drink
Ale, gallon - 2sm/jug
Ale, mug - 4cm/mug
Wine, common - 2sm/pitcher, 4 cm/glass

Bread - 2cm/loaf
Cheese - 1sm/hunk
Meat - 3sm/chunk
Meal, poor - 2sm/day

Image Name: Father Manowar
Race: Human
DoB: 24th of Fall, 459AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Proprietor of The Drunken Fish
Skills: Brawling - 55 | Cooking - 47 | Food Preservation - 42 | Running - 44| Storytelling - 32 | Negotiation - 27 | Persuasion - 24 | Business - 26 | Swimming - 15 | Fortune Telling - 7 | Sailing - 66 | Endurance - 54
Gnosis: --
Additional Info:

Father Manowar is not a priest, far from it; he was simply born looking slightly more holy than he ever aspired to be. He owns The Drunken Fish, as he's quick to point out to patrons old and new alike. In the name of quality control, he is often seen sampling his own product to excess while mingling with his guests; under the proper influence, Father Manowar may be cajoled into telling folk stories of dubious origin, or even reading tarot cards - to the great amusement of all.

At first glance, Father Manowar's girth, drunkenness and general good humor would lead one to believe that he leads a life of lazy luxury. This is far from true. A previous sailor of a high caliber, Manowar can outwork much younger men, when properly motivated, and outfight them when properly motivated, as well. In fact, he is grudgingly respected by most, and panders to Captain Dullos out of necessity only.


Name Aerin
Current Alias Ciranya "Cira" Palith
Race Human
DoB 20 Summer 493
PoB Sunberth
Title Bartender
Skills Acting (40), Brawling (26), Impersonation (45), Intelligence (52), Leadership (15), Storytelling (30)
Gnosis None
Languages Common (Fluent), Fratava (Basic)

Ciranya had always dreamed of getting out of Sunberth yet hasn't managed to find her way beyond The Drunken Fish.

A rough and tumble thing hailing from the Tent City, she grew up an orphan and spent the bulk of her formative years within the walls of the Orphanage. It was there she learned to weave stories and come up with identities and lives of people she saw from her window or in passing. She longed to be like the people she made up and it wasn't long before these pastlives became her own.

She used these skills in her favour once she came of age and found herself out on her own. She fell in with whomever would play in to her games, attaching herself to them as long as the lie held and only moved on once her story got shaky. She became something of a drifter, never truly aligning herself to any gang, and would find work here and there. She found she favoured barwork: as much as rowdy, drunken crowds could be difficult to manage, there was always at least one person she could captivate with her lies. There was something she found tantalising about convincing others she was something she was not and she fed off the high it gave her. The escape it gave her didn't hurt, either.

Her path eventually led her to to where she is now at the Drunken Fish and it is here she has remained the longest, nearing five seasons. It has been a tough gig that's truly tested her mettle - and she's gained a number of scars and broken bones to prove it - but she is in no hurry to leave. She revels in the lives of the people that come in and every day offers her a new opportunity to challenge her skills with the constant influx of new patronage.

Despite her tall tales and the various personas she has had over the years, she's an excellent source for city rumours and information.. albeit most are greatly embellished.

Cira created by K'irr Darkwater

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