[Calendar] Fall 518 A.V

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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[Calendar] Fall 518 A.V

Postby Regime on September 1st, 2018, 11:50 am

Calendar: Fall 518 A.V.



Gangland Politics:

The Daggerhands keep to their own territory and triple their guard. On the bright side, this keeps hostile actions towards the city to a minimum as they go on the defensive.

The Night Eyes are as secretive as always, striking out from the shadows. The total and complete burning of The Pulp Plantation has become a point of contention as the other gangs have now become paranoid that the Night Eyes are going to be on the hunt for blood. This fear is precipitated by the fact many people in the city go missing, with only a cheap tin coin with an eye on it as proof of who took them. Many of the non-gang related taken are returned at some point in time, though are missing a few pieces; captured Sun's Birth and Daggerhand are simply never heard from again.

The Sun's Birth begin to expand southward, sending squads of Dragoons to patrol The Western Heights with confidence now that the Daggerhand seem to be guarded in their own territory. Its clear the Sun's are set to retake their old territory and are apparently succeeding. The Vigilantes do little to stop the Sun's but are more a nuisance than a hindrance to the takeover.

The Brotherhood of Chains appear to be braking under the influence of the Vino, many of the Slave Traders at the Slave Market this season seem to be wearing the rank of 'Nen' of the Vino; the most surprising of them, a horrible man named "Chubs" Tryannus.

The Gated Community stands a bastion of Civilian defense at the edge of the Sunberth river, keeping the Sun's Birth from expanding eastward. The city spreads word from the Slag Heap to the Castle Commons that people should avoid The Western Heights.

The Weather:

Dismal. That word alone describes the weather this season. It doesn't even start off small. A late summer shower turns into a rather heavy storm by the first day of Fall. The Old Konti Woman at the Riverside Dovecote; a Stormwarden, sends a swarm of letters and posts out via couriers around the city denoting the wind playfully hinted at several other violent storm arriving later in the season.

There is one silver lining to the rains as they raise the level of the Sunberth river which had drastically fallen due to the absence of Winter's melted snows, showing that nature is trying to make due with Morwen's near three year long disappearance. To the delight of many people, the low river levels were the only reason why the city wasn't flash flooded to any minor degree this season. The sky will appear to to be constantly blotted by light to heavy grey clouds.

  • Excessive Windstorms, Fall 15th - 18th.
    Tents in the Tent City not properly nailed down are sent flying all over the city. Many of the homeless play the unpleasant game of having to hunt down their earthly possessions tossed around the city. Or worse, sent flying out into the Wildlands.

  • Intense Thunderstorm, Fall 30th.
    Storm wardens rejoice, lightning strikes often. Luckily, no major fires spread as the heavy rains put them out.

  • Hail Storm, Fall 62nd.
    No one enjoys getting hit in the face with a rock. Its a sentiment everyone shares throughout the city of Sunberth. Many abandoned or poor quality buildings have their roofs shredded as hail bludgeons them to bits.

    Holidays of Note:

    • "Random Zulrav Day", Fall 66th:

      No storm? A random rare sunny day? Petch it, Drink to Zulrav!

      Throughout the city citizens at the Castle Commons, Sunset Quarter, the Sailors at the bay stop working, and even the Bolt Hole sets up shop at the Slag Heap to simply honor Zulrav in hopes of further calm weather . "Pray to Zulrav or I'll stab you." becomes the Sunberthan quote of the day.

      There are many injured due to stabbing even as the Bolt Hole security tries to keep it to a moderate degree...

      The weather appears to be far less aggressive for the rest of the season with only light rains.

    Timestamped events:

    • Fall 10th, "Eyes and Anger":
      The Night Eyes leave cheap tin coins on the pillows of many Daggerhand, Sun's Birth, and 'citizens of note' as they slept in Sunberth. Kidnapping them. Its both a sign of power in response to the Daggerhand message, and a clear sign they are hunting for those who burned the Plup Plantation

    • Fall 40th, "The Night of Masks":
      The Daggerhand strike an enemy. And stranger still, so does The Slab.

      More Information will be given shortly...

    • Fall 51st, The Executioner -V.S- The Son of Sunberth
      An anticipated fight happens this season at Tall Johnny's, Don't miss it.


  • Stab someone for not praying or avoid being stabbed on Random Zulrav Day.

  • Lose something and find it during the Windstorms.

  • View the fight at Tall Johnny's.
    (The Son of Sunberth will solo his fight thread out as a job thread. It will be linked here for others to make their own separate threads as spectators to the event.)

  • Use any skill that starts with the letter "G" (With another PC).

  • Get hit on the head by the hail (With another PC).

  • Get completely trashed-drunk then sing a song out in the rain.

  • Try to witness a NE Kidnapping. and maybe try to stop it... or not.
    (Observation is key versus an NPC NE with L3 Stealth, if challenged L2 Rapier. Proposed Dicing Guide)

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