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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Welcome to the Sun

Postby Ixzo on November 9th, 2018, 4:13 pm

24th of Fall, 518AV

Perhaps there was a more civil way to do this. Ixzo knew that the customs in each city were different, and she figured this place would be different as well. But they had to have some semblance of a ritual for their dead. Ixzo stopped when she reached the edge of the city, or what she thought was the edge. She had passed a momentous fire a few chimes ago, and now the field that the forest had emptied into was melting into rundown buildings and shacks. This must be the bad side of whatever city this was, but she was still carrying a dead body into the city proper. Someone ought to stop her at some point.

She was exhausted, having trekked all night and then hunted, and then carried this boy all day. And once she passed the first stone building that these easterners loved, she stopped. Ducking forward, she let the boy fall to the ground, already stiff with death and smelling of waste. He rolled, eyes thankfully stuck closed. A few people seemed to be looking at her curiously, finding she was naked. Her emotions had undergone a vast turmoil from guilt at his murder, to confusion as to why he was dead, and then a strange greif for his passing that no longer acknowledged she was the one who killed him. As far as the lioness was not concerned, she found him like that. The thing she had hunted and this boy did not seem to be the same to her.

Because it was not, she wanted to give him a proper burial, but she didn’t trust these people. Not only was she in the obvious slums of the city, but no one seemed particularly concerned with the dead body. It was near dusk, and a few people rushed along on their way, trying to keep to themselves. Two scrawny children watched her from behind a pile of rotting wood that might have been a building at some point. An old woman glared at her, but otherwise no one approached. No guards, no clergymen, nothing.

Eyeballing the children, she ducked beside the body, feeling her hands in his pocket. She found four gold, two silvers, and a copper. He had a waterskin and his knife strapped to his belt, and otherwise nothing. She was going to give this boy a proper funeral, but she doubted he needed his things with him. They would be more of use to her, as she currently had nothing. Slipping his belt from the loops, she strapped it on, cutting his pocket with the knife and strapping it to the belt so it held the coins in place. She took a long pull from the waterskin before strapping it to her belt as well. She was cold, and wanted to take his clothes, but they had been so bloodied up, and torn by whatever attacked him, that it didn’t seem feasible. Still, she yanked his shirt from him, draping the crusted cloth over herself. It didn’t offer warmth, but it did offer decency.

“Hey, miss. You need help with that?” The twang of common rang out behind her, and she pun, hand falling to her knife. Two men stood, without any hint of offering help on their face. She leveled their stare, watching the second one who hadn’t spoke caress his own blade. She hadn’t understood what they said, and when she didn’t answer, they took two short steps forward. Ixzo let a guttural snarl rip out of the base of her throat, only barely parting her lips to let it through. The first one, the one who spoke, stopped short, one hand flying up and the other to his own blade. She could tell humans who were up to no good, and she wasn’t having it.

Of course this was the place that would prey on the foreigners.

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