[Calendar] Winter 518 A.V

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

[Calendar] Winter 518 A.V

Postby Regime on December 7th, 2018, 6:56 pm

Winter 518 A.V.



Gangland Politics:

Image“Looks like this is going to be an interesting winter! What with the Daggerhand and Sun's Birth posed and ready to strike. Oddly enough though, they are not posed to strike against each other, but are both ready for battle from the past autumn of preparation."

"The city has taken a keen interest in avoiding the Slab-ship at the bay, noting the strange spikes of 'magic' emanating from it from time to time. A sailor named Willums S. Dramnis was rowing his boat through the bay when a 'wave of heated sunbeams swarmed him like fireflies', making the man grow a set of testicles on his cheek, and changed all of his teeth into little fingers."

"Scholars around the city claim those Sunbeams are wild djed, which instantly put those Scholars under suspicion of being mages.... Any sightings of 'Mages' are to be pointed out to the nearest crowd to be hung.”

"In a move proving that anyone can turn a shyke situation in Sunberth into gold, 'Mr. Wigglemouth' is now a strange attraction to see at Tall Johnny's! You can find the rugged old human sailor by the golden hand, now marked by the Six-fingered god. Many say if you rub six of the little tooth-fingers in his mouth, you'll be 'blessed' by Ovek during the next endeavor you test your luck on."

"The Sun's have nearly succeeded in reclaiming The Western Heights when various hooded members of the public began to strike out at Dragoons in broad daylight. Its unknown if they are apart of the Night Eyes, but we all know it goes without saying that its them. The Heights are now under contention and I can only guess this was the wet dream those Vigilantes were looking for."

"There's been word that Boss Stiletto has been personally invested in ridding the city of the Slab-threat, which has been backed by the fact that an Underboss in the Daggerhand, Raynor the Captain, has apparently been tasked to keep guard of the Slab-Ship."

"His Cromster ship known as the "D.H. Able Blooded" has been seen patrolling the area from a safe distance. Visitors to the slab are often stopped and questioned by the Daggerhands before being able to leave."

"The Brotherhood of chains are now defunct, let us all raise are mugs to them as Old Jeb buries their memories. The Vino have become the premiere service when it comes to the slave trade in Sunberth!"

"As a business, they are sound, but they are now on notice by the city. Keep an eye on your mothers, brothers, sisters, and loved ones, less they end up in a cage. Captured by those pesky little 'Nen Vino's' trying to prove their worth to their superiors."

"In other news, a Jamoura named Numerius has been seen roaming around Sunberth. He's been seen in front of the temple of unknown, warning that the city should 'transcend their realities', what ever that means."

-Quotes by Maurice Wultz of The Song's Rest

The Weather:

The weather has gone from a dismal Autumn to lovely Winter. The sporadic soft rains pour for a bell or two every few days, which are followed by days of brilliant blue, shinning skies, transforming the areas around the city into lush greens as the environment has started to adjust to the 'Early Spring'. It seems that Winter is becoming one of the more beautiful seasons for Sunberth, save for the random fits of heavy sea fog that wafts from the ocean on random days.

Events of Note:

  • Winter 1st. "Operation: Blinded Sun":
    The Western Nights runs red with blood and steel as a battle ensues after a Squad of Dragoons are ambushed by a group believed to be Night Eyes. The Sun's appeared to lose the battle, as their Chevalier and two Sargent were the only ones to escape alive (Not accounting for PC lives.)

  • Winter 40th, "Night of Masks":
    The Plot has been pushed to this season, with nothing major changing. The Daggerhand, the Slab, and more! A Quest thread will be posted shortly.

  • PC slots... Any player that does something noteworthy will be listed here..

  • PC slots... Any player that does something noteworthy will be listed here..

  • PC slots... Any player that does something noteworthy will be listed here..


  • Over hear all of that information by Maurice Wultz at the Song's Rest.

  • Touch Mr. Wiggles teeth at Tall Johnny's, then go test your luck ...
    (Only for this season, post and link your thread here that you are using this to 'get lucky' at a specific gambling endeavor. Dice wise, add 10 to 1 gambling related roll in the discord.)

  • Conquest: The Western Heights
    Write a thread at any point in time this season where you fight in the struggle between the Sun's Birth, the Night Eyes, and the Vigilantes.

  • Strive to be better. Meditate or learn yoga from the apparently sage-like yet crazy Jamoura in front of the temple of unknown, the NPC has L4 skill in meditation and L3 in yoga. (He'll most likely be missing, gone, or incredibly difficult to find for timestamps set after the Night of Masks)

  • Go Hunting in the Wild Lands with another PC.

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