Magic is Music

Crylon practices his magic and tries out incantations

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Magic is Music

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on December 25th, 2018, 7:45 pm

18 Winter 518

Another day. Another mile. Then another. Crylon for what seemed the umpteenth day in a row found himself bored as he sat in the carriage of the caravan. Waiting. Sitting.

He found something to do with most days, and it was not so bad he found when they stopped. But the sitting and waiting alone with nothing to do, that to an Isur was worse than torture. It was wasteful.

And so with this thought in mind, Crylon found himself wracking his brain early in the morning to try and think of something productive he could do within the carriage.

He had just worked on Glyphing, and so it seemed to him to make sense to mix things up. Reimancy was a possibility, but without any materials but the stone he had harvested earlier he would be limited in that regard... After several chimes of internal deliberation, Crylon finally fell upon something. Auristics. He had been initiated before back in Sultros, but had not really used it much since.

That just left him with the target... Of course, there was little more in the carriage than himself and his items. And, he felt, most of those rather mundane items would not be of much interest.

It was then that the idea occurred to him. Him! He had an aura. It occurred to him it was in fact odd that he had yet to examine his own aura, but surely as a living and sentient thing his own aura would be the most interesting thing around. Plus, it could mean further growing to understand himself.

Of course, he reminded himself, focusing was the true problem. The carriage was not still, and every time they rode over a rut in the ground or other objects they were jarred. He was not sure he could maintain focus enough to use the magic with his current skill.

Last time when using Reimancy he recalled he had used Glyphing. But now with the target being himself, and him not having anything to draw on himself with, it was not so suitable.

He vaguely recalled something about focus, of using things besides Glyphs to focus his mind. He had seen magic users make gestures, flailing and miming their intent. That however did not seem to fit here. Talking? Incanting? Yes, an incantation, to draw ones focus to the task and clear oneself of distractions. Both, he guessed, a means of meditation and focus on a single point. That seemed to fit Auristics better he felt.

Taking a deep breath, Crylon slowly let it out in preparation. Then taking another normal breath Crylon began speaking in common, or more singing he supposed as he tried to carry a tune. As if he was singing to Izurdin himself, he belted out the words. Unfortunately his tune carrying bucket had a hole in the bottom, as he realized when he began.

But still perhaps it was simply another thing to practice, his singing, along with his Auristics. And his creation of rhymes and lyrics...

“Izurdin. Izurdin. I thank thee oh wise god. Izurdin, Izurdin, oh with my words I do laud. Izurdin of strength, your might cuts my path. Izurdin, Izurdin, oh with you at the reins I never fear a wrong turn or crash.”

As he finished the verse, Crylon focused on the djed within himself, willing it to flow outward. Moving out along his throat and out between his teeth. Out of his mouth like a shout to reverberate from him.

And nothing happened. Something Crylon had run into quite often with his magics due to his lack of skill, they did not always come when he called them. But he was patient. He was calm. He would keep trying even if he had to sit in the seat all day singing.

Izurdin taught patience as much as anything else, and he was not above such a lesson, he knew at that moment.
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