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Adriana Sparrow

Postby Adriana Sparrow on January 24th, 2019, 11:08 pm

"In a city full of secrets and lies, a precious one hides..."

Human | Female | 16 Years | Spring 18, 502AV | Sunberth
An orphaned girl of sixteen years has learned to hide her true self from public view. A lithe, young, woman is easy picking for slavers, a fate Adriana sees hiding behind each corner. Instead, her dark brown hair is cut short and uneven, the bangs sweeping her green eyes, giving them cover. The back of her neck is nicked and scarred from the knife cutting the strands too close to the skin. Thanks to her lifetime of starvation, her growth was stunted and the girl is not as tall as others, well-fed, her age. Her weight, too, is under, her ribs poking at the thin, white, skin. Her breasts, the simplest give away of her gender, are tightly wrapped each day with linens, so they are pushed flat beneath her shirt. These characteristics all aid in the ruse of being just a young boy, rather than a ripe girl.

Sparrow, a name she chose for her boyish disguise, is constantly dirty from the trash she roots in, the streets she runs through, and the cave she sleeps in. Her nails are chipped and often bleeding as she scrambles through the city in haste. Her clothes, the same ones she's had for years, thankful she has not grown in some time, are dirtier than she could ever be. The cloth is torn and ragged, her shoes, seem newer than the rest, as she stole them off the body of a dead child in the streets. She looks as if she has been wrapped in cloth rather than dressed, as the shirt and pants are so old and torn they resemble strips of cloth rather than articles of clothing.

Due to her harsh life, both past and present, Adriana is careful. She is always watching her back and very secretive, she doesn't even give her real name out to anyone but her brother. She is constantly on edge and always feels as if she is in danger. However, if she got into a situation where she was allowed to relax, she would be happy, with a great sense of humor. Overall she cares about nothing more than the survival and well being of her brother, and that fuels her drive.

Spring 502 AV though Summer 513 AV
Adriana, her mother Sera and her father Wes, lived in The Gated Community of Sunberth. Her father was a working man and was not often seen within the household as he worked too much to support the family. However at night, when her returned, he would manage to find enough time with his daughter to teach her to read and swim in the river near their home. Her early life was rather stable, compared to others who lived in Sunberth. The Gated Community was safer than most, though the girl was still taught to be wary and to not go out alone.

Once Adriana was old enough to take care of herself during the daytime, Sera returned to work for the family. Life was generally good and easy. That was until a little brother was born. They named him Bae, and Sera had to leave work once more to care for the infant.

Summer 513 AV through Winter 517AV
Not long after her brothers birth, the family moved to the Riverside district where more affordable housing for a family of four with one income was available. However, besides Sera's violent fear that the Night Eyes that roamed the district would come for them, the family was mostly safe. Wes, a few times, was robbed on his way home from work at night, but that would simply lose them a few coppers and so a few days they spent hungry afterwards, but no physical harm ever came.

Yet, one day, Wes never returned from work, and the family spiraled downward from there. Sera, who had not yet returned to work, quickly succumbed to the ravings in her mind. She was convinced the Night Eyes were responsible for her husbands disappearance, and that they would soon come for her and her children. Adriana knew better, though. While it was possible her mother was right, the more like'y thought was that the man left his family, though Adriana always though him a good father and did not like to wonder too much on that idea. Instead she would settle that he was simply robbed once more, and did not escape with his life this time.

Winter 517 AV through Summer 518 AV
Sera became so engulfed with her fear that she did not leave the house, and she did not allow her children to either. This meant, though, that they had no source of income, and Adriana soon had to move the three of them to the Rotten Ruins area of Sunberth and into a collapsing and abandoned wooden home. Adriana would, at night, sneak out of the home while her mother slept, to steal the family some food to survive another day.

They managed to survive this way for some time, that was until Sera fully gave in to her mind and passed. Adriana, with Bae in tow, quickly left the ruins they called home to find someplace safer for two child orphans in the unforgiving city.

Summer 518 AV through Present
The two children have no solid home now, as they move from place to place as soon as Adriana determines the safety of one is lacking. She hides her brother from the world, and disguises herself a young boy to escape the grasp of slavers and degenerates. She scavenges and steals as a way to survive the city, and hopes the two of them can leave for good one day.

Code credit to Antipodes for original base code.
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Postby Adriana Sparrow on January 25th, 2019, 2:15 am

"In the shadows, avoiding apprehension. Little bird please pay attention..."

Common Language
Skill Exp Total Level
Botany 1xp 1 Novice
Disguise 5sp 3xp 8 Novice
Intelligence 2xp 2 Novice
Investigation 5xp 5 Novice
Larceny 15sp 15rb 6xp 36 Competent
Logic 12xp 12 Novice
Observation 28xp 28 Competent
Philosophy 4xp 4 Novice
Planning 6xp 6 Novice
Poison 9xp 9 Novice
Running 3xp 3 Novice
Scavenge 15sp 3xp 18 Novice
Socialization 6xp 6 Novice
Stealth 15sp 5xp 20 Novice
Tactics 3xp 3 Novice
Resolve - 26
Skill Breakdown :
Botany: +1
Disguise: +2 +1
Intelligence: +2
Investigation: +3 +2
Larceny: +1 +4 +1
Logic: +2 +2 +2 +3 +1 +1 +1
Observation: +3 +1 +5 +5 +4 +4 +4
Philosophy: +2 +1 +1
Planning: +1 +2 +3
Poison: +5 +4
Running: +2 +1
Scavenge: +2 +1
Socialization: +5 +1
Stealth: +2 +2 +1
Tactics: +2 +1

Resolve Breakdown :
26 Base

  1. Sunberth: City Streets
  2. Sunberth: Merchants and Wares
  3. Book: Common Corruptions
  4. Lore of an interest in poison
  5. Poison:corruption=poison
  6. Poison: a horrible way to die
  7. Poison: the basic poison families
  8. Poison: fungus- natural poisons
  9. Poison: fungus- only dangerous if entered into the bloodstream
  10. Botany: where fungus thrives
  11. Cladosporium: type of common mold
  12. Poison: concentration makes more potent poisons
  13. Poison Family: Arboreal
  14. Poison: found in some fruit-bearing trees
  15. Poison: found in some fruit, sap, bark and leaves
  16. Toxicity and beside it the definition: the ability of the select poison to affect a target
  17. Poison: has a shelf life
  18. Poison: cyanide from apple seeds
  19. Cyanide: brief overview
  20. Planning: the practical uses of poison
  21. Location: The Gallows
  22. Location: Baker's Butchery and Bakeshop
  23. Scavenge: Baker's Butchery and Bakeshop: A choice place to find food scraps
  24. Philosophy: Sunberth: The city of death and blood
  25. Tactics: Calculating escape routes and evasive options
  26. Intelligence: Getting a read of someone based on their appearance and stature
  27. Disguise: Concealing the feminine inflection in your voice
  28. Taris: A hungry street kid like you
  29. Scavenge: Easier in groups?
  30. Scavenge: People don't like others rummaging through their garbage
  31. Location: Castle Commons
  32. Disguise: Giving a fake name
  33. Larceny: Stealing is riskier than scavenging
  34. Larceny: Stealing is easier when done in a team
  35. Tactics: Diversions and distractions
  36. Taris: Your partner in the cheese and egg heist
  37. Stealth: Slow, quiet movements
  38. Stealth: Keep to the shadows if possible
  39. Philosophy: Dealing with a moral dilemma
  40. Location: The Pig's Foot Tavern
  41. Rotted Ruins: prime real estate for homeless youth
  42. Philosophy: a city divided is a city at war
  43. Pickpocketing: what makes an easy mark
  44. Lore of a first experience aboard a boat
  45. Tactics: plan of retreat
  46. Stealth: blending in to a larger crowed
  47. Larceny: desensitizing a target with repeated touches
  48. Larceny: picking pockets
  49. Lore of the mysterious snail shell item
  50. Investigation: Trying to puzzle together the meaning of an object
  51. Wooden Shell: Has the ability to grow into a small wooden boat!
  52. Wooden Shell Boat: Appearance
  53. Night Eyes: Control the Riverside district
  54. Lore of a mother's fear of magic
  55. Wooden Shell Boat: Magic?
  56. Logic: Magic is the reason for what cannot be explained
  57. Wooden Shell Boat: Push the face carving to activate its change
  58. Svefra and River Runners: Offer passage across Sunberth's rivers
  59. Wooden Shell Boat: Offers you freedom to move around the city
  60. Wooden Shell Boat: Must be kept a secret
  61. Location: Rotten Ruins
  62. Location: Temple of the Unknown
  63. Temple of the Unknown: Sticks out amongst all the other buildings
  64. Causten: Slang for mage?
  65. Witnessing a hanging at the Gallows
  66. Sunberth: Magic is viewed as a crime
  67. Location: Whiteflame's Cider Mill: A destroyed ruin
  68. Disguise: Binding your breasts to pass as a boy
  69. Scavenge: Search tavern waste early
  70. Larceny: The bigger the crowd, the easier to pick pockets
  71. Morwen: Goddess of Winter
  72. Morwen: Abandoned her seasonal duties
  73. Vantha: A race that worshipped Morwen

Code credit to Antipodes for original base code.
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Postby Adriana Sparrow on January 25th, 2019, 7:02 pm

"There are eyes always watching, don't let them hear you talking..."

Adriana and her brother move from hiding place to hiding place ever since their mother died less than a year prior. Currently the pair found a place in the Rotten Ruins district of Sunberth, a place where dilapidated and abandoned wood homes and buildings lie.

Adriana came upon the place one day while she was searching for a new hidden home for the siblings. She was searching a nearby home when her foot fell through the ground while the dirt around her began to crumble and shift. It stopped after a moment and seemed to have formed a hole going into the grounds depths. Upon further exploration she found a rather large hole that seemed to have been formed by a collapse in the mine shafts below the city.

The hole was roughly 20 feet by 20 feet, give or take and tall enough for her brother to stand comfortably while Adriana would have to crouch a bit.

This is the siblings second found home after their mothers death.

~~~~~~~~~ Clothing
Burlap Shirt - Torn, Dirty ~~~~~~~~~~~ Burlap Pants - Torn, Dirty~~~~~~~~~~~ Simple Linen Undergarments
Simple Leather Shoes - Dirty Burlap Coat - Torn, Dirty


~~~~~~~~~~~~~Leather Sling Bag - Torn Dirty~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~Waterskin~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~Broken Wood Comb
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chipped Razor ~~~~~Eating Knife ~~~~~`~~~~~ Flint & Steel
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lantern


~~~~~~~~~ Thieves' Tools / Heirloom
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Skeleton Key ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Set of Picks & Pries~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Small Hand Saw
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hammer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Long-Nosed Clamp


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Food
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Three Eggs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~Three and a Half Blocks of Cheese~~~~~~~ One Beef Rib Bone

Special Items
Shell of Aquamotion
Acquired OOC - Acquired IC
A small, fist-sized wooden snail shell with a stylized face carved upon its surface. When pressing one’s thumb upon the face and tossing the shell into a body of water, the shell’s dual nature is activated. Once activated, the shell will begin to twist, shift and unfold its form; growing and transforming into something completely different. Within a matter of seconds, the shell will change into a canoe complete with wooden oar. The canoe possesses a magecraft moderate structural enhancement making it quite durable. In addition, the canoe will never overturn and can stay upright and afloat even in the most severe of aquatic storms. Touching the face again will turn the canoe back into a shell.

Miner’s Grace
Acquired OOC - [url]Acquired IC[/url]
This pendant, when worn underground, opens a momentary void portal to the safety of the surface once per season. The portal is large enough to transfer only the wearer to safety. Companions, pets (unless small enough to be held in someone’s arms), and pursuers would be left behind.

Leave No Trace Boots
Acquired OOC - [url]Acquired IC[/url]
These thigh-high boots, when slipped on, will automatically be the correct size and fit for the wearer. They will leave no trace of their passage through any sort of substrate including mud and snow so long as the substrate isn’t over the top of the boots. They will remain clean and dry and not ever show signs of wear. Their coloring is the owner’s choice and will change based on the owner’s outfit. The tops can be rolled down or up depending upon the owner’s activity.

The Ring of Affiliation
Acquired OOC - [url]Acquired IC[/url]
When worn, this ring will allow the wearer to learn of another person’s affiliation to various organizations if they touch the target while wearing the ring. Organizations might include gangs, businesses, religion (gnosis marks or simple faith), and families of importance. The Affiliations will be revealed in a series of images that flash in the wearers mind. The wearer might not be certain of each image, because images can be misleading.

Item Price Total
Starting +100gm 100gm
Contest +600gm 700gm
Winter 518 SE -5gm 695gm
Squalor - 5gm per Season

Code credit to Antipodes for original base code.
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Postby Adriana Sparrow on January 26th, 2019, 6:03 pm

Guest Storytelling
519, Spring 3. When Chaos Reigns -- Itt
519, Spring 23. The Trust of Others -- Gemma

518, Fall 3-4. On the Road Again

Winter 518 AV

Spring 519 AV

Code credit to Antipodes for original base code.
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