Solo The Line of the Water

Adriana relaxes in the rivers of Sunberth

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The Line of the Water

Postby Adriana Sparrow on March 23rd, 2019, 5:38 am

Spring 87, 519AV

The water was cool around her ankles. Her bare feet squished through the wet sandy, dirt on the shores. The temperature was a shock at first, but it warmed against her skin quickly and she continued to submerge into the river waters. She wore her clothes, simply because one was never alone in the city, and also this acted as a kind of wash for her clothes as well as herself. Her boots were left in her satchel, hidden around a previously erected a rock formation.

She did not have any soap so simply relied on the somewhat clean river water. She came out cleaner than she was before, but always surrounded by a slight, but strange, smell of moss and dirt. Most of the time she brought her brother along to bathe him as well, but today she was on her own. A moment of peace in the chaos of her life.

She internally scolded herself for thinking such a thing. Bae was not a part of the chaos that reigned around her. It was hard, though, for barely a woman in herself to care for another who depended completely on her. But she loved him, and she would do anything for him. She was the reason she was still here.

She floated herself in the water, always allowing herself to relax for as long as she was able in the river after she finished washing. Today it took no time at all, she wanted to spend as much time as possible floating.

She was a good swimmer and enjoyed frolicking around in the small waves, but it often took energy she did not really have, and so floating with not a thought in her mind. She was a good 50 feet off the shore, if anyone attempted to get close to her from the shore she would be alerted to the incoming attack. She was too close to the shore to be in the way of any boats coming by. It was a very good spot to close her eyes and remove herself from the city, even if just for a bell or so.

Her hands were lifted to the surface of the water, fingers splayed wide, balancing her tips against the line of the water. Her legs bent slightly by the knees as the water attempted to balance her weight. Her back arched and her butt slumped and she rose a few centimeters each time she took a breath, only to glide back down with the exhale.

Her eyes were closed and she moved her thoughts with her breath. With the intake she breathed in a thought. They were random, some were about Bae back at home in the hole, while others were about how the sun on her closed eyelids was bright or warm, or the air cool on her skin as it was removed from the water.

The river water was still somewhat cool, but had warmed significantly since the beginning of the season, as Summer was nearby. The water felt soft against her skin and her body felt comfortable with the temperature and the floating. Sometimes she would breath too much air out and she would sink, her face lowering into the water line and shocking her as it neared her nose and mouth. A slight panic would rise as she hastily re-positioned herself to continue staying above the water. But it would calm and she would be back to inhaling and exhaling her thoughts each moment.

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