Completed Alone at the Azure Festival

Gemma goes to the Azure Festival alone.

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Alone at the Azure Festival

Postby Gemma Parker on February 21st, 2019, 3:28 am

Winter 88th, 518 AV

It was finally time. She was finally going to go to the Azure Festival! She had been looking forward to this event for so long, and it was finally here! Gemma had probably tried on her dress a thousand times or more since purchasing it several days ago, but she could not try it on with her mask because she didn’t have the mask yet. But that was about to change because as she twirled around with the dress one more time, breathing deeply, even though she didn’t want to leave the dress all alone, she was ready to go pick up her mask.

She put the dress back on the bed and stared longingly at it, but no, it was not yet time to put it on again. The last thing she wanted was for the dress to get messed up while she was out picking up the mask. So she left it behind and went to the central peak of Lhavit to pick up her mask at the shop in the street market. The woman there had promised her that she would be able to make alterations to the mask she had seen several days ago, and now it was time to see them at last.

Gemma walked with a spring in her step, singing as she went. "Off to get the mask, off to get the mask. I'm gonna look awesome because I've got my mask!" It was admittedly not a very inspired song, but it would have to do for now, because she was just too happy to complain about something as trivial as made up song lyrics at a time like this.

She skipped down the winding pathway that led between peaks. It was a long enough trip that she would have to hurry a little bit if she was to make it there and back and then to the festival on time, but as she heard the bells chiming once more, she knew she would make it. She was confident. So she kept skipping for now, because she didn't feel like running just yet. She planned to bathe when she got home and to put on her makeup and everything after. She had bought makeup, a mask, and a dress for the occasion. the only thing she didn't change was her jewelry because she really liked what she already had.

As she walked, she saw many women doing just what she was doing - running around in preparation for the masquerade party. She smiled. Maybe she was just like many of the other women here. Maybe she didn't need to be more like the Konti. Maybe more like the Lhavitians would be ok.

She made it to the mask shop, and for a moment she panicked. She didn't see the shop keeper at her shop! What had happened! But no, now she saw the woman pop up from where she had been crouching down. And when she saw Gemma, her face lit up.

"You made it, you made it! Oh, I'm so excited. This was a bit of extra work, but I think you'll like the result. What do you think?" She asked, holding up the best mask Gemma had ever seen! It was aqua at the base with clear gemstones around the edge and silvery scales across the face. It was just what she had asked for and more! Of course, she had been slightly flexible with the details, but this was as good as she could have asked for, and at an affordable price! She held the mask with awe and wonder, but then the chimes struck again and she realized now she was going to be late!

"Thank you so much! I'll be back here next year for another one!" She promised. And with that, she ran off back home, now going faster than the light skip she had taken before. There was not much time!

She got home and stripped quickly, thankful that her father would not be home for a while. She took a very quick bath, quicker than she normally would, but she was sweating from running back to the house, so now it was needed. She washed and shaved and cleaned her hair, almost slipping on the floor as she raced to dry herself before rushing to get ready. It was a good thing she had laid everything out before she left, and now she just had to go through the steps she had laid out for herself before. No thinking required.

With those preparations ready, she got into her dress. It was a simple nightdress, almost backless, that fell to the ground. She wore gloves that came up to her upper arm, and shoes that sparkled slightly when the light caught them. She put her necklace on and got to work on her hair and makeup. She did not have a ton of experience with makeup since it was so expensive, so she stuck with the basics, only putting on some coverup, blush, and eyeliner. She then got to work on her hair. She knew what she wanted, but it still took her a little while to get exactly the look she was looking for.

With that done, she put on just a hint of perfume and left the house, gathering up the dress hem in her hand as she tried to calm her breathing as she walked all the way to the festival.

The night was... awkward. She had built it up so much and then, in the end, it was... well, awkward. She was initially excited to see everyone in their outfits and wearing their masks, and she was super happy with her whole look. But in the end, she didn't know anyone well enough to talk to them. She spied the two women from the overgiving incident, but they looked like they were already talking with a group, so she didn't interrupt them.

The lights, the food, the drinks. It was everything she wanted. She even tried some alcohol, but quickly regretted it and settled for sparkling apple cider instead. She ate shrimp and other hors d'oeuvres off of toothpicks, and finally, she went home. It wasn't fun being at a party when you didn't know anyone. Sure, she tried to socialize a little. She made small talk at the food table, complimented several dresses, and looked for anyone that she might know. But in the end, she resolved that by next year she would make new friends and spend more time socializing. It was not a failed evening. It was still a great experience. But it was not what she had hoped for. Next year would be better.

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Alone at the Azure Festival

Postby Madeira Craven on February 28th, 2019, 4:21 am

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