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A Sorcerer enters his Mastery.

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The Fourth Element

Postby Kynier on February 28th, 2019, 4:55 am


15th of Winter, 518 A.V.

Calm was the night as Leth slowly made his way across the sky. Stars sparkled across the cloudless velvet sky. Kynier almost shivered as a cool breeze blew across the surface of the water, but the cloak released a small pulse of radiant warmth to keep him comfortable. He was sitting at the stern of The Sunset Tide which was docked in Baroque Bay. Living on the ship was a bit of a challenge. The arrangements were cramped compared to every other standard of living he had experience. Still, it was suitable. Kynier appreciated Kailani’s offer to take him out to sea at night for his arcane practice. However, tonight it would be unnecessary to do so.

For he had reached that point in his Reimancy to begin experimenting with the final element. Because of how he had progressed, that meant water was his final element. It almost seemed fortuitous to be living on a ship during this phase. Water was in abundance all around him and would be easy to tamper with and not draw unwanted attention from anyone that happened to be observing. First, he just needed to learn how to create and manipulate the element.

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