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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Baroque Bay

Postby Regime on March 19th, 2019, 1:28 am

Baroque Bay


Drown in Anarchy

The Docks, the Piers, the Bay, whatever anyone wants to call it, Baroque Bay is one of the busiest centers of commerce in Sunberth. Where else can one find so many slaves for such low prices? Or a palatable drink at the The Drunken Fish, or a place of trade at the Seaside Market. One of the few "sections" of the city, the bay is seen as its own territory beginning at the seaside market near the south and marked at its end by the last pier in the north known as the "Dead Man's Swagger".

The bay encompasses most of the city's 'back'. Several piers, all in some form of disrepair, extend to house all sorts of craft, merchant vessels, personal yachts, and even the occasional battleship, albeit most of those belong to certain "enterprising privateers". As most of Sunberth, though, there is no separation between business and residential. Several homes are placed throughout the dock, dispersed between the taverns, shipwrights, and merchant stalls, all intermixed in the trademark Sunberth chaos.

Each pier has its own name and often a history to go along with it. While no one agrees on most of the details, some can at least come to a consensus on names. Farthest to the north is "Dead Man's Swagger", named for its perpetual use in suicides. No ship ever docks there, so its a perfect place to end ones life if they so happen to be marked. "Darkest Waters" and "Cherry Bay" are the busiest traffic centers and are the largest part of the docks; most merchants disembark here and gather in numbers they consider to be safe. "The Gangplank" is the base port for most of the Sunberth "privateers" and is also the most violent, carrying anywhere from three to five pirates vessels at any time.

The Piers

Each pier often has its own personality and use along with a unique cast that they house. Those listed below are the major areas of activity.

Dead Man's Swagger
While clear for most days, Dead Man's Swagger is known as the home for those looking for death. The occasional debtor or marked is a common sight on the long, lonely stretch of rotted wood, but for no more than a few moments. It is rumored that a ghost haunts the waters at the edge, wishing good will to those that depart for the depths of the sea. In fact, there are many ghost of those who died here.

Darkest Waters and Cherry Bay
Sisters in design, these dual piers are near one another and house the majority of incoming traffic. The two largest piers on the docks they are capable of housing several large ships at once and make for the busiest trafficking in the Bay at any time of day. These piers are kept in surprisingly good condition, their repairs and maintenance funded by some of the more wealthy merchants in the city, the gangs, and even its inhabitants along with.

The Gankplank
On the far southern edge of the docks one can find the more insidious crews that haunt the city's waters, "Privateers" and malcontents. Most of the ships that dock here are only brief inhabitants and pay well to ensure that no unwanted individuals tour their vessels without intense supervision.

Byron's Bank
The short pier that once housed the Baron's personal yacht, this area was at one point closed to those that do not belong to the Baron's "Boyz", but Sunberth had proven to be stronger than the gang itself. Although Byron and his gang have long been disbanded, Bryon killed, and his personal ship used to repair various other vessels, nobody had bothered to rename the pier, or at least nobody with the power to make a name stick. With a name easy to remember and lasting for so long, it didn't easily die away.

The Leg's Other Leg
The personal pier of Harry "the Leg" where his home can be found in his business, it is also used as one of most active shipwright companies in all of Sunberth. Unfortunately a space is always left for incoming ships that wish to dock without a fee, except for the hidden price of your ship disappearing before the day's end.

NPC's & Services

ImageName: Mariana Dullos
Age: 35
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Title: Privateer & Captain of the War Sprite.
Skills: Swimming: 98, Sailing: 80, Leadership: 75, Astronomy: 68, Wilderness Survival (Sea, Forest, Hills, Marsh, Mountains): 60, Sea Navigation: 54, Weapon (Sword, Cutlass): 52, Intimidation: 40, Brawling: 33, Weapon (Dagger): 30, Cartography: 26.

Gnosis: Oceanus - 1.

Captain Mariana Dullos, a short-time sailor that nonetheless commands a great deal of respect. She's small, mean, and packs a wallop of a voice that no one expects. On first glance many are quick to disregard the rather plain looking sailor. In contrast to her usual companions she's rather drab and mundane, but at a single word men stand aside and heel to her every command. She captains the a brigantine class ship known as the "War Sprite" and is a legitimate privateer that works for those who pays well enough to get her to sign a contract, most notably being the Sailor's Guild in Zeltiva. Her reputation alone tends to keep piracy to a minimum around Baroque Bay when the Sprite is at dock. She can usually be found either in the Drunken Fish or on her ship.

ImageName: Harry "the Leg"
Age: 63
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Title: Shipwright & Privateer.
Skills: Subterfuge: 88, Larceny: 72, Shipwright: 67, Persuasion: 55, intelligence: 53, Carpentry: 52, Unarmed Combat: 51, Fishing: 48, Swimming: 44, Brawling: 41, Storytelling: 30.

Gnosis: N/A

Why is Harry called "the Leg"? Because he only has one. The other being a nice metal peg leg. While no one can get the details straight on Old "the Leg", he's fallen in nicely at Baroque Bay as a fixer and builder of ships. Not that he has the materials to make anything fantastic, he does well with his small shipwrighting company, fixing old boats and making repairs on the vessels that make dock at Sunberth. He's even known to collect the derelict ships of those individuals that mysterious "disappear" inside of Sunberth, most of whom are known to slight "the Leg" in some way or another. Of course he denies the accusations of his involvement. He's only got one leg! How would he be able to kill a man with two? Such silliness does not suit "the Leg" at all. Harry spends most of his time fishing on "the Leg's Other Leg", a pier named appropriately for it's common inhabitant.

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