Quest The Brightest Light In The Darkest Temple (Crylon)

Priskil challenges Crylon with a task... a simple task.

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The Brightest Light In The Darkest Temple (Crylon)

Postby Gossamer on March 19th, 2019, 8:09 pm

Timestamp: 45th of Spring, 519 A.V.


The woman paced slowly. She was neither in a hurry nor had a frightened manner about herself. Back and forth she walked, her bare feet making no noise on the stone of the hall she trod across. A man watched her thoughtfully, not interrupting her train of thought nor interrupting her path. He sat in a comfortable chair by a roaring fire that was reminiscent of a flickering incredibly hot forge. He rested his chin on the palm of his hand and leaned his elbow on the chair looking thoughtful.

“You want one of mine.” He said after a while. His words were not infused with any sort of accusation, instead they were tinged only with mild curiosity. The perfection of the tone of his voice matched the perfection of his form as he sat bare footed and bare chested with only loose stylish pants common to the Isur hugging his resting hips.

The woman looked up then, her serene face breaking into amusement. “They are not chess pieces, Izurdin. They are men. Just because you crafted them doesn’t mean you control them nor that they belong to you.” One would almost think she were teasing him, her tone so light and full of something that was edged with power.

The other man laughed. “You know what I mean. I see them as children, not pawns. Sometimes they grow up, sometimes they do not, and some need a push. But in the end, most all of them make me proud. You can have one, of course, but I’d like you to pick one from the middle of the pack. Take neither a lost soul nor an exalted one. Pick someone who has yet to distinguish themselves, someone just finding their feet on the cusp of their adulthood and growing into their own. This is a task you could do yourself after all, but I know in the end you want one of my children to do it. Why? That incessant need to spread hope?” He said, laughing lightly. “My sons make their own hope. They need little of yours. Why not pick a human? It would make more sense. Sunberth is full of the hopeless.” The man retorted, his curiosity only growing now… perhaps in the way she wished it too.

The woman stopped her pacing and turned to face the man’s questions. “I don’t want just any of yours. I want one in particular. And you know the rules. I don’t have to ask. I am here because I enjoy a good visit with you, Izurdin. You keep to yourself too much. Now be a gentleman and invite me to stay to dine and stop studying me like I’m one of your creations with a flaw that you simply can’t figure out how it got flawed.” She said, a slow smile passing over her lips. “And as we dine, like pleasant old acquaintances, I will tell you why I’m so interested in this one in particular.” She added, a full on smile brightening her face giving her an overall glow that radiated outwards.

Izurdin laughed. “Priskil, do you ever change? I take it the rest of the pantheon is still avoiding you like the plague out of guilt they did nothing to save Aquiras. You know that’s not my way. Of course, you can stay and dine with me. I’ll even cook. But you must promise to tell me all about your latest doings and why you want one of my sons or daughters in the thick of it.” He said, rising from his chair and offering her a hand. She crossed the distance, took his arm, and the two of them exited what was a sitting room and passed through a grand stone arch into what looked somewhat like a glorified humble kitchen.

“Indeed. I’ll be glad to catch you up …. “ The woman said gently, turning slightly to uplift her face and study Izurdin as they exited the room. Their voices echoed after them and those that were around to listen could hear them both rummaging around in Izurdin’s kitching cooking a meal together.


The day dawned bright and beautiful. Crylon woke at his usual time, but his room wasn’t in the usual order. Instead, there was a lovely case – the type used for a large scroll or map - resting on his dresser. It glowed with a faint light and was made of pure white kidskin leather. A second case rested beside it of the same material that almost looked like a journal case. The two items were buckled together and had a long carry strap. Both were empty save for a small penned note found tucked into the map case.

“My Dearest Crylon-

I have a mission for you. I left something behind in the Temple of The Unknown. They are things that have deep meaning to me and now they are threatened. The city is growing increasingly unstable and The Temple of The Unknown is one of the bastions of hope in the city. Walk into it with a pure heart and clarity of thought. Keep your eyes open, and a way will light itself for you. Recover my two treasures. And deliver them to the great university library in Zeltiva when you have the time and opportunity.

For the first task – finding them – you will be rewarded with my love and gratitude. For the second task you will be rewarded with more of my time so that all the questions you have or gain can be answered after you’ve done the hardest of the work.

The items are concealed in a sacred space beneath the temple itself in a place my followers gathered to worship in the darkest times. Your task is to find that space, identify which two items in all of the treasure within are the ones I want you to choose and save, and then return alive. There is no time frame for you to get this done other than please see these items saved before more of the city falls into chaos.”


The note itself gleamed faintly and as he picked it up to read it, he felt himself infused with hope and a determination that almost bordered on vigilance. There was no doubt who the note was from. Something like that could not be faked. And as he looked over the items, he realized the scroll case and the small bookbag sized case were the only hints he had to go by as to what the Goddess wanted him to find and retrieve.

When he left… where he left… why he left… was all up to him. He could even leave the two items lay and ignore her wishes altogether.


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The Brightest Light In The Darkest Temple (Crylon)

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on March 19th, 2019, 11:13 pm

45 Spring 519

It was as Crylon awoke, fully awoke, that he noticed something was off. There was that moment of half awake and half asleep, where the rester was not fully aware. And slowly it trickled out, until full awareness came.

It was then a thought struck him. Light. An object. Something that did not belong. He jerked to the side from where he rested on his bed, trying to get a better look at it.

Not satisfied Crylon rose, drawing closer to inspect the odd things that had become present in his room. A gift from the Gem? Someone else? However it had gotten there it had, and now... Now as he drew closer he noticed more of them.

A case, something used to hold paper of some sort was resting on his dresser. But not just a normal case, no this one seemed to... Glow... In the way a breeze only ruffled at leaves, this seemed to only tease at true light. But still... Noticeable, and odd for something normally so mundane.

The sun was up, but he kept the curtains drawn thus blocking out all but the bits leaking in through the edges, and so its light was all the more noticeable. Not a reflection then, or some such bounced light or glinting he reasoned. No, it was properly invested with light, it truly glowed of its own accord.

White leather, not some bit of shoddy workmanship as common in Sunberth but, by his appraisal, a fine bit of work.

It was only then Crylon noticed a second case, beside the first. Made similarly to the first, but of a different dimension. Like it was for a small book or such to write in, not a thing meant to be rolled up and placed in a long case.

He opened one. The other. Empty, though joined together. Meant to be used in unison. Meant to be carried, born across the shoulder and proudly displayed.

But not empty, he noticed then, a small note - not big enough to truly be considered a letter or missive - was in the larger case. As he pulled out the paper it too, like the cases, began to glow softly. The words or the paper or the light, Crylon was not sure which, seemed to fill him with a vigor. A hope. A determination. Feeding a flame within him, belief, and surging it through his veins like lifeblood.

His eyes flicked to the end, the signor Priskil... Priskil... His named Lady, since he had learned of her in Ravok, since he had met one of her marked followers in Sunberth and learned she was true, since the times he had prayed to her since learning of her name.

Perhaps any of the elements alone, he might have doubted. But with them all together, it was clear. It was true. It was right. It was real. He had been given a letter by a divine being, and... And he had not yet read it, so caught up by her name alone and the thing the words were written on.

In a rush Crylon read through the note, or at least as in a rush as he could in his excitement. Then he read it twice more slowly to make sure he had not missed anything. And then one last time just for measure.

Priskil knew him. Priskil knew his name. Priskil had a mission for him! For him, Crylon. Not someone else, but him. Why him? The reasoning was beyond his fathoming, but it was right here on the paper so clearly imbued and penned by her.

The Temple of the Unknown. Funny, Crylon thought, that said place would be where she wanted him to go. The place he had met Ixzo, one of Priskil's marked followers.

Something of hers was threatened, something important to her! What could he do? Ah, it explained when he kept reading, right perhaps he should just read it to the end he silently chastised himself.

A pure heart. A clear mind. Focused, much more focused than he currently was being... He took a deep breath, trying to exhale the excitement with a heavy slow breath outward, and after a few breaths he felt a bit calmer. More focused.

Once he got there the way would show itself, light itself? Surely that meant something, a literal light he was to follow? Why else would she use those particular words? Well besides her being the Goddess of Light among other things... Perhaps she just liked slipping it in when she could?

Two things. Two treasures. Two, he noted looking down, containers. A scroll case, large, and a book case, smaller. Were the things he was meant to take to fit these?

Take her things to Zeltiva, to the Library there, the great University Library... Had not Kelski been... And the... Hmmm...

Work. Hard work. Work he was supposed to do. Did this mean fetching the things? Or did it mean something to come after? Did it involve the things he was to fetch? But he was an Isur, when had he shied from work? Never, and certainly this would not be the time for his first try.

The items were hidden in a place below the temple. Not just a normal place, but a blessed, sacred, place. Sacred as named by Priskil. A place of light, for her followers to shine their light, hidden within the darkness of the city. Or did it mean something else? When had the city been at its darkest, that her followers had gathered there then to safety?

From her words it appeared there would be many things there, but he needed to find the two that belonged to her. And live to return them to her of course.

No rush, but of course she wanted it done before the city grew worse. Perhaps in that case, having grown worse, threatening even that hiding place and the items secreted within?

Speaking in Isurian, Crylon let out a soft prayer.

“Priskil, thank you for this task. This mission. This test. I promise I will do my utmost to succeed and to bring honor to you. I shall not quail before this labor you have set me, no matter it grow harsh or difficult. ”

Done with the prayer Crylon rushed out of his room. He quickly did his morning ablutions, got a bite to eat- a hunk of bread- and washed it down with some clean well water.

Then he was back to his room to dress and pack. The dark linen pants an vest he had bought last season for the party. His boots. Then he picked up the bottomless magical pack he had bought by chance in the market and began placing things within.

A change of clothes. Some rations and a small knife for cutting food. Flint and steel for starting a fire. An axe. The tools in his small builders kit were dropped in one by one, the case not fitting and so set aside.

For a moment he considered bringing his better tools of Isurian Steel, but surely he would not need that much equipment and they really were a set with the case. The case being too big to fit in the mouth of the bag.

He was not going to dig out the secret cave, just to find it with some guidance.

A small stone he had made with a simple focus glyph carved onto the side, more for sentiment than any real use he expected it too have.

His magic muffin tin, perhaps it would be of help or it would take him longer to get to where he was going and he would need some food. A water-skin he topped off before placing within.

And lastly he placed an item around his neck, a necklace he had found the same day he had learned of Priskil. He was not sure what it did, but it felt right to bring it as well. It had been glowing when he found it, but he had yet to see if give off any more light. But still, it seemed right to wear it and bring it. Perhaps it held magic, or perhaps not. But it would come on the quest as well.

Looking about the room Crylon pondered bringing anything else, before shaking his head and storing the note back in the case and closing the containers.

With that he picked up his pack-seemingly still weightless- strung the strap of the cases over his shoulder, and set out for the Temple. He recalled its position from the last time he had visited, and made for it as directly as he could. Once he arrived, assuming nothing happened to him before he reached it, he would head inside and try to find the light Priskil had spoken off in her letter.

His mission had begun!

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