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Haliax meets Crylon for the first time

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[The Library] An odd meeting

Postby Haliax Bashamea on April 25th, 2019, 1:24 pm

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[The Library] An odd meeting

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on April 28th, 2019, 1:41 am

22 Spring 519

Research. Research was something Crylon seemed to never have enough time for. Or, Crylon thought to himself, the chance to do in Sunberth. Since learning of the library he had begun spending a bit of his spare time regularly perusing books and thing. It did not have much in the way of true literature or things as compared to other cities and libraries, but still it was better than nothing.

So far while visiting he had rarely seen another citizen of Sunberth, further marking its non popular status. Not many citizens had an interest in reading, which was likely why it still stood uninterrupted as it did.

If nothing else he was each visit getting his bearings better on what was there. He had yet to find much of use in his past times visiting, but still held out hope that he would find something of use. And if nothing else knowing more deeply of the knowledge held within the city, well that Crylon knew could not be for ill even if he learned nothing new or useful.

Wearing pants, sandals, an open chested vest, along with his odd backpack with various tools and bits of things inside, Crylon headed within.

He was once more greeted with crammed stacks of books, the still air within the structure, and... And to his surprise, another person who did not work at the library.

He was a human, one of the shortest Crylon had seen which was not a child of the humans. Of a height with Crylon, the man seemed small by comparison to others of the race Crylon had met. It was odd to his mind to see such a person who was not an Isur, but was of a similar height. Their similarities however ended their.

While Crylon was slim for his own race, the Pitrius not being overly bulky and muscled due to their not focusing as much on physical combat, he was still toned and fit. And he had spent time at labor, working in forges and building, and so had an air of physical fitness about him.

This man though, seemed little more to Crylon's eye than skin and bones. Clearly he had not spent much time at physical labor. Though he did seem somewhat worse for wear, with a few scars and other such physical damage about his person.

Crylon was fit and prided himself on his body and his efforts to enhance himself, as all proper Isur did. This man seemed as opposite to him as could be possible, even if he was of the same height which while common for an Isur was odd for a human.

Giving the man a simple nod, Crylon turned and headed into the stacks of books to peruse. He had no intention of initiating, but if the human tried to converse with him he would reciprocate and meet his gaze as he spoke. Otherwise he would mind his own business and not bother the human as he began to pick books off the shelves one by one in search of something of interest.

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