Welcome To Mizahar's Winter Wonderland!

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Re: Welcome To Mizahar's Winter Wonderland!

Postby Colombina on December 2nd, 2009, 10:27 pm

My goals will be a little more humble as I am entering a season that will be very very busy for various boring reasons ;-) . So while my OOC presence will be toned down, mild though it is, I hope to keep a good mod presence.

This season is going to be predominately Ahnatep season, since that is where PC interest has been shown, but other improvements and plots will be run throughout the desert on a request or need basis.

Ahnatep: I've got some new faces showing up and I want the personality of the city to really come across.

To start, the Concubines have their seasonal celebration of their favorite gods. Winter is Dira's feast, which will have a few unusual rituals to kick it off.

I'm excited about opening a Librum in Ahnatep, a school for Ano cultists or visitors who want one helluva an experience in dealing with fear. This place is going to be a trip. Let's just say they believe the secret to overcoming detrimental emotions, like fear, is frequent exposure to it.

Hai Adventure:

Ever go to Disneyland or an island resort? Well Hai is nothing like that, unless said resort was on fire and crawling with felons. But wait, don't go! It's the setting for a rescue mission gone horribly wrong, or horribly right. It's got nobles, insanity, disease, monsters and space for some real soul searching... or caving in heads, pick your flavor since it will have two separate veins. No matter the outcome, things are going to change in the desert.


This season I'm going to finish up all my gnosis, starting with Viratas.

Also, I would like to have a lexicon of sayings with their cultural explanation. Turns of phrase really give a world some body.
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Re: Welcome To Mizahar's Winter Wonderland!

Postby Zaira on December 3rd, 2009, 1:57 pm

I'm absolutely thrilled with the holiday season coming! ( although i haven't started shopping exactly yet)

Things are finally winding down on my end, still running around trying to get paperwork, references, and track down my movements over the past several years (i'm up to 13 previous addresses). But the semester of school is ending, work is ending, and going home, while a big time difference should be a relaxing endeavor and get the creative batteries recharged!

Zaira: I'm ready to throw Zaira on the confusing path of a quiet missionary. And get to some personal growth and some basics covered, like income and a place to live.

Render: The birth of the first Zith half breed is coming up! Render, is fun, I adore her but defiantly need to work on her interacting with others, and not trying to eat them.So i suppose an actual , public, appearance may come at some point. Who doesn't love a wingless zith in their city?

Amirah: And Amirah will get to make her return home and prepare to take Ahnatep by storm. So many adventures to call into, and social ladders to climb.
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Re: Welcome To Mizahar's Winter Wonderland!

Postby Abashai on December 9th, 2009, 12:41 am

I love Winter.

This season, I want to further develop Abashai. He seemed to start off with a bang (due in no small part to a certain kelvic PC). Now he needs to grow.

One main goal is to get out of my shell and thread with some more PCs. Guess I've been a bit of a thread snob. Its actually just shyness. I would like Abashai to make some friends. I have found threads with other PC's helps develop the character and are just plain fun. I'd like to get out of the city for some more adventures, and find an occupation that does not tie him to Syliras. That will set things up for possibly traveling outside Syliria with Nya come Spring.

Playing up his maturing faith is also in mind, reconciling what he believes in a place completely different than his homeland. I hope to work on a second mark too, so he can turn into the "Incredible Holy Hulk".

Then there is Nya. She will still be a key in bringing out Abashai's skeletons. I look forward to the bond between them developing. I find not quite knowing yet what their relationship will be exciting. Nya is a fascinating character to interact with. I hope they can find things to do together that will allow them to be more of a team.

So...watch out, here I come.
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