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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Zeltivan Shipyard

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 10:58 pm

The Zeltivan Shipyard
ImageThe Zeltiva shipyard is unparalleled in craftsmanship and output of ships. It is one of the few shipyards in the world able to create a full-size Galleon, and is known for its impeccable quality of shipbuilding, for all size boats. Here one can find anything from a simple rowboat to the unique Mizaharian. The Zeltiva shipyard specializes in fishing boats and merchant vessels, but most ships can be commissioned here.

The Zeltiva shipyard was located in the exact same place the Alahean Royal Naval Station had been before the Valterrian. It is found on the furthest edge of the sailor’s guild to the east of the docks. Previously the shipyard had been tucked up against a rocky hill crop in the Zastoska mountains which had been uninhabited. But since the Denvali Quarter moved in to the city, the Zeltivan shipyard is now ringed by an impressive and colorful neighborhood that sprouts up from the mountain-base. The shipyard itself is a little more than a square mile. It’s impressive nature does not come from its size and quantity of ships made, but its quality. There is one massive dry dock that is large enough to create a Galleon, and currently there is one in the words. Since Galleons take upwards of three years to make, it has become a staple in the Zeltivan horizon for the past year, slowly progressing to a complete ship.

ImageThe shipyard has two other large dry docks able to create anything from Schooners to Mizaharians. There is typically only one vessel of this size being made at a time, per request, while the other remains open for repairs. Merchants from around the world come to Zeltiva to exact the best upgrades and repairs to their ships. Next, the shipyard has six medium dry docks, able to create anything from a Saique to a Brigatine. This size vessel is the most common of the larger merchant vessels, and so the Zeltiva shipyard reserves a minimum of two dry docks for repairs and upgrades at all times, only allowing four to be used for ship commissions. The last of the dry docks is an array of six more small dry docks which can create barge’s and fishing boats, the most commonly used boats in Zeltiva. All smaller boats are created in the warehouse found at the entrance of the shipyard from the city.

At the front of this warehouse is a small central office, for planning and commission requests. Although it is well known that the Zeltiva shipyard is owned by the Sailor’s Guild, the Ship Yard is open to all who enter Zeltiva’s ports, they are even known to host Svefra pods, which prefer to build their own ships, on occasion. To purchase or commission a ship, one must simply enter the office and ask for Baomo Firthisen. If he is not in the office, an apprentice will seek him because all customers must go through Baomo. The Ship Yard has one simply rule: anything can be done for the right coin.

Baomo Frithisen
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Fall 478AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Head Ship Builder and Receiver of Commissions
Skills: Shipwrighting (75), Architecture (70), Construction (65), Sailing (55), Navigation: Sea (50), Carpentry (40), Swimming (35), Teaching (30)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Basic)
Concept: Baomo Frithisen is a classic Sailor’s Quarter citizen. He was born and raised on the docks, having always been on or around the sea. Good with his hands, he took to shipwrighting quickly and with ease, rising in the ranks not too much time. He then turned to Naval architecture and showed exceptional skill there as well. He was an easy choice to hire on as Receiver of Commissions after the retirement of the last one. Although he is a member of the Sailor’s Guild, his position does not hold power, he does, however, hold strong support with the Sailor’s Guild.

Baomo is a gruff hardworking man. He cares deeply for his family, then his quarter, then his city. He is tolerant of foreigners, but not prone to be the most welcoming or warm of faces. Those who work with him state that he is fair but intolerant of laziness and lack of ambition. He expects perfection from all of his workers, and not many last in the Shipyard if they are not incredibly dedicated.

Price List
All ships are built on request. Below are listed what ships and modifications the Zeltiva shipyard offers, and the amount of time it takes the shipyard to build each ship. Consult the Price List for descriptions and cost.

⥼ Ships
    Rowboat: 15 days
    Ship’s Boat: 30 days
    Barge: 1 season
    Fishing Boat: 1 season
    Catamaran: 2 seasons
    Saique: 3 seasons
    Sloop: 4 seasons
    Cromster: 4 seasons
    Brigantine: 5 seasons
    Schooner: 5 seasons
    Fluyt (Zeltivan): 5 seasons
    Pinnace: 6 seasons
    Mizaharian (Zeltivan): 7 seasons
    Galleon: 12 seasons

⥼ Additions
    Large Netting (5 days)
    Huge Netting (10 days)
    Large Mooring (15 days)
    Grappling Ramp (15 days)
    Huge Mooring (30 days)
    Diving Bell (2 seasons)

⥼ Repairs
    Maintenance: Includes things such as repairing and replacing of sails, washing lines, waxing, haul outs, etc. (10% of ship’s cost, 3 days)
    Minor: Repairing minor damaged caused by reefs, improper docking, lack of maintenance, small weather issues, etc. (25% of ship’s cost, 5-15 days)
    Severe: Repairing major damage caused by rocks/cliffs, severe neglect, storm damage, piracy, etc. (50-75% of ship’s cost, 30 days-3 seasons. PM ST.)

⥼ General Laborer: General Laborers are hired or contracted to do the busywork for the shipyard. They will work in teams to lift heavy lumber and metal, clear out waste, and perform mundane cleaning duties. They are necessary, but easily replaceable. Base and final pay of 1 gm/day. No skill needed, although seasonal experience will be awarded in endurance or bodybuilding.
⥼ Shipwright: Shipwrights make up the bulk to Zeltiva’s shipyard’s employees. They are the grinds of the gears and possess necessary knowledge to help build ships either on their own or in teams. Shipwrights are considered apprentices until they reach competent in shipbuilding. Base pay of 5 gm/day that can raise with skill level, must possess shipbuilding skill.
⥼ Naval Architect: A Naval Architect is a professional engineer who is responsible for the design, construction and repair of ships, boats, other marine vessels and offshore structures, both civil and military. They are the mathematical masterminds behind the success of Zeltiva’s ships, and as such are held to a high standard. Naval Architects are considered apprentices until they reach competent in architecture. Base pay of 6 gm/day that can raise with skill level, must possess architecture skill.

Original location credit goes to Liminal.

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