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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Saville

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:03 pm

The Saville
ImageThe Saville is a high end tailor's shop, located on the bustling and diverse West Street. The shop is named for Heinrich Saville, one of the greatest artisans of the cloth known in modern Zeltiva, whose workshop was bought by Wald Wainright upon his death. In Spring of 519AV, with came the marriage of Wald Wainright and Yvette Mercer, The Saville absorbed Yvette’s Dresses For All Occasions, but kept the name The Saville.

Both Wald and Yvette are well known tailors, and thus have the mounted respect of the people, and have become the center of fashion trends for the city of Zeltiva. Upper class Zeltivans seek custom clothing from the artisans at The Saville for all of their needs. Middle class Zeltivans are also known to peruse the shop, often finding what they need off of the display shelves, or the few racks of premade items. The front of the shop opens pup near the back, past the racks of clothes and triple mirrors for tailoring, the small curtains for fitting, the shop opens up into a wider work shop. Here customers can see weavers and sewer working on custom clothes for customers upon request as. The owner, Wald Wainright, is not only a highly skilled tailor, but he also creates some of the finest quality garments in Zeltiva. His wife Yvette, who previously owned her own dress shop, prides herself on developing styles that are unique to Zeltivan fashion, and her wares are trend-setters among Zeltiva’s small but prestigious upper class. It is very common to see her designs gracing some of the wealthier professors at Zeltiva University, or the daughters of some of Zeltiva’s wealthier merchant sailors.

Upon entering the shop, patrons will see a wide selection of dresses, usually favoring softer colors such as blues, sea greens, and coral pinks. Shoppers on a budget can pick out something off the rack, but Yvette is a skilled seamstress who is always willing to either custom-fit a dress to a customer’s needs, or else design something from scratch for a special occasion. The shop is kept meticulously clean, and the owners are willing to cater to their every need, so long as they see coin in it for them. Additionally, Wald maintains relations with the more respectable citizens of Zeltiva, the more influential merchants, and the professors at the University, and thus has his ear on all the latest news in Zeltivan politics. Customers coming in for a fitting or an adjustment can expect to be treated to some addition political gossip, free of charge.

Wald Wainwright
Image Race: Human
Date of Birth: Winter, 462AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Co-owner of The Saville
Skills: Sewing (65), Leatherworking (55), Cobbling (50), Drawing (40), Negotiation (35), Organization (30)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Wald is a kind, well-to-do individual with very strict tastes and standards. He is very politically minded, and always more than willing to share his opinions and views with his customers, regardless of if they even asked him to. A highly skilled tailor, Wald believes strongly in his own skills, without being smug about it. He is also quick to recognize the importance of a wealthy or well-known customer, and will cater to their every need in order to maintain a good impression. Still, despite his business savy nature, Wald is a respected man among Zeltivans. Although he makes his money by catering to the rich, he is always known to offer clothing for all classes, and even donate to the poor when his resources are available. His shop has succeeded over the years because it is high class that welcomes the middle class, which are a bulk of his customers. He still owns the famed Saville name and has the skills to back it up and thus can cater to even the richest Zeltivans as well, making him a very successful businessman. As he grows in years he becomes a fond staple of West Street.

Wald dotes on his wife Yvette, and is more than happy to gift her with any fine thing or coin that she asks for. Many see the marriage as peculiar, given the drastic difference in age, the sudden courting, and the quick joining of businesses, all the while Wald is seemingly unaware of Yvette’s use of him to climb status in Zeltiva. Despite the odd clash in their personalities, he seems to love her deeply, and fiercely defends her against any who dare utter the word 'gold digger' in his presence.

Yvette Mercer
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Winter, 482AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Co-owner of The Saville
Skills: Sewing (65), Cosmetology (60), Disguise (55), Weaving (45), Drawing (40), Persuasion (30), Teaching (20)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Yvette is tall and thin, a thinness that could only have been achieved with the tightest of corsets. She is a snobbish social climber who will do almost anything if she thinks it will help her status in Zeltiva. She is a trendsetter in fashion, and knows it, and isn’t afraid to make sure everyone who enters her shop knows it. Her skills with the cloth go beyond just knowledge of sewing. She keeps her finger on the pulse of Zeltiva, always keeping herself a step ahead of social changes as they appear on the scene. Yvette is always holding her head high, and never willing to consort with those she considers lesser than herself, despite her husband’s affinity to do the opposite. She considers her position at The Saville to be one of great importance, and simply cannot understand why anyone could ever say otherwise. She tends to be very verbose, often taking quite some time to reach her point, and preferring to go on and on, espousing her own virtues to anyone willing to listen.

When sales in her shop began to plummet, Yvette married up, tying her name to the famed Saville, and securing her status as Zeltiva’s most skilled clothing artisan. While her husband Wald is kind, it is clear to outsiders she has no interest in him so much as she has interest in his reputation and his coin.

Consult the Price List. Most clothing items can be acquired here with the exclusion of mage-related items or region-specific items, if you are uncertain, PM an ST.

⥼ Weaver: The Saville employs weavers to create the fabric that their famed clothing is made from. While most fabrics can be imported from merchant ships, Wald is known for his business-savy nature and has found it can be cheaper to import raw materials and employ weavers to create the fabrics needed in his own shop. Base pay is 3 gm/day, must possess the weaving skill.
⥼ Seamstress/Tailor: Due to the size of the Saville’s customer base, they employ a small army of tailors and seamstresses to aid them in crafting what their customers need. While Wald and Yvette will still handle the more high end cases, these tailors and seamstresses will do a bulk of the work for the shop, supplying the pre-made items and catering to the middle and lower class customers. Base pay is 4 gm/day, must possess the sewing skill.

Credit for The Saville goes to Minerva.
Credit for
Yvette’s Dresses For all Occasions goes to Minerva and Montaine.

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