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Lightshow Theater

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:07 pm

Lightshow Theater
ImageDown around a corner, somewhere between the University Quarter and West Street, a traveler might stumble upon the Lightshow Theater. The Lightshow Theater is one of Zeltiva's most favored entertainment venues, has been around since the early 490s. When it was first set up by a Theater aficionado, it's repertoire was relatively small, limited to only theater plays, and mostly tragedy at that. With time and popularity, the Lightshow Theater was able to branch out, hosting shows of dancers, singers, acrobats, mages, and musicians. Some of these acts have stayed and joined the troupe helping the establishment become known for innovation and pushing the boundaries of Theater. Those viewing the performances may very well find themselves looking at men with feathered wings attached to their backs flying across brightly lit walls, mages dancing in water and ice, enormous paper monsters peeking out behind stone pillars and huge cardboard ships rolling upon waves of women dressed in floating blue silks.

Prices are relatively cheap and the company is an open, pleasant lot - consummate professionals though always willing to behave mischievously with any amateur dreaming of the stage. They hold auditions at the beginning of each Spring and Autumn Season to join the company then, once in the company (which currently numbers a couple hundred members) members can audition for certain parts in the performances. It is considered a great honor to be chosen, and up and coming performers are expected to work hard on their act, and in doing so, become a part of the close-knit family of the Lightshow Troupe.

Every now and again, a traveling dance group or operatic group will stage performances here for a week or two. They are welcomed by the Lightshow Troupe, and their performances coveted by the people. When travelling troupes are involved, the price will vary according to them, often resulting in higher prices for foreign performances.

Eusebius Tawn
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Fall, 580AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Lead Actor of the Lightshow Troupe
Skills: Acting (65), Leadership (55), Dance (50), Rhetoric (40), Cosmetology (30), Disguise (25), Storytelling (20)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Poor)
Concept: Ever since his youngest years, Eusebius has been on the stage, following in his parents footsteps but far exceeding them in terms of talent. He started off in the chorus aged six and by the age of eighteen was the Lightshow Theater's head of Acting. Although committed to his work, Eusebius is a mischievous and dramatic soul. He thrives on drama on, and off, the stage. Still, he is strict with his actors and expects all to meet or exceed his standards. At the mature age of thirty one, he met the young Beatrice Lanky, a stunning and mysterious half-Vantha who stole his heart, and calmed his inclinations for mischief. After Morwen’s disappearance, she vanished just as silently and without a trace as she had appeared, leaving Eusebius heartbroken. Ever since the disappearance of his favorite head actress, the mysterious Beatrice Lanky, he has not yet chosen a co-actress to help him lead the Troupe, and seems to hold the actors and actresses to a higher standard with her disappearance. It is no mystery he has become a colder man without his elusive star by his side.

Agnes Fortheringhay
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Summer, 574AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Lead Singer of the Lightshow Troupe
Skills: Singing (70), Teaching (60), Musical Instrument: Harp (50), Acting (35), Musical Instrument: Flute (30), Dancing (20)
Language: Common (Fluent), Kontinese (Basic)
Concept: Agnes Fotheringhay is the Theater's leading singer, which makes up for her merely competent acting skills. She came to theater relatively late, aged twenty-two after becoming a young widow with little finances but a good voice. She was able to impress the last troupe leader with her impeccable tone, which has not left her with age. The Lightshow Troupe is largely made up of young, beautiful, and impressive actors, of which Agnes stands out as the oldest and most unique among them. Although beauty standards do not make much room for age, she is renowned across the city for her capable voice, and stunning performances. Agnes has since carved herself a good place in the theater, even attracting the attention of Rhaus for a singular mark. Agnes is a kind and quiet woman, and because she is cushioned by her talent and defended by her Troupe family, is rarely confrontational.
Gnosis: Audius 1

Prices are per seat.
    Day Performance, Pits: 2 GM
    Day Performance, Balcony: 10 GM
    Night Performance, Pits: 5 GM
    Night Performance, Balcony: 15 GM
Traveling Performances: Will be announced and posted in the Calendar.

⥼ Actor: The Lightshow Troupe focuses on putting on plays and performances with stories for the entertainment of an audience, and thus actors make up a bulk of their company. Actors work closely under Eusebius, and perform a bulk of the shows. Beginners are often placed in side roles or help with working backstage until their skill meets Eusebius’s standards to land a speaking role. Base pay is 4 gm/day, must possess the Acting skill.
⥼ Musician/Singer: The Lightshow Troupe is always in need of music and singers to accent their plays. Musicians work together or alone to accent the mood of a scene, while singers will make appearances during a play or assist actors in singing for a character. Beginning singers often possess the role of Narrator and both singers and Musicians work closely with Agnes. Base pay is 4 gm/day, must possess the Singing, or a Musical Instrument skill.
⥼ Acrobat: As part of their shows, amazing displays of acrobatics are often used to draw surprise and awe from the audience. Beginner acrobatics are often given side and supporting rolls, but as one progresses they may very well find themselves flipping between rings secured to the ceiling as the main act of a scene. Base pay is 4 gm/day, must possess the Acrobatic skill.
⥼ Performer: Although tight-knit, the Lightshow Troupe is always open to new talent and people who can prove their performances are unique and will attract the crowds. The Troupe itself focuses on plays and story-based performances, so whatever talent one brings forth, should work with that theme. Base pay varies, required skill varies, contact an ST.

Original location credit goes to Arianthe Swansong.

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