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Balshu's Bait and Tackle

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:12 pm

Balshu's Bait and Tackle

Situated on the edge of the docks, near the fish market, is a very useful store. The odd placement is for the convenience of its owner to access water, but it has also grown convenient for fisherman that forgot one last thing before going out. That shop is Balshu's Bait and Tackle. Food shortages are common and the people depend on what food is brought in through fishing. Balshu provides all of the necessary tools and items for this noble and necessary Zeltivan trade. His selection ranges from hand carved rods, to imported nets from some of the best rope slingers in all of Mizahar, the Svefra. While Balshu does not offer any kind of fishing lessons he will however sometimes be happy to drop a tip your way in the form of a well-placed cryptic phrase.

Balshu runs his shop with a friendly smile and an ever watchful eye. Despite his passive nature theft is not a major problem within his shop. While Balshu may be passive, some of his friends are not. Well known and considered a loved part of the community, it is not a wise idea for any traveler to attempt to take advantage of him. As the only tackle shop in town, he is also trusted to not take advantage of the beginner fisherman, more or less.

His small shop is very neat and organized. Along the left wall sits his counter where he conducts his sells, on the right wall the various nets are hung and down the center of the shop sits two center displays. One display is for his handcrafted fishing rods while the other holds some bait brought in from the locals, mostly minnows and brim. There are no spears or tridents found in his shop, although he will direct someone who Vell’s when necessary.

ImageRace: Charoda
Date of Birth: Spring, 499AV
Place of Birth: Charbosi
Title: Owner of Balshu’s Bait and Tackle
Skills: Persuasion (60), Storytelling (50), Fishing (45), Organization (35), Wilderness Survival: Ocean (30)
Language: Common (Fluent), Char (Fluent)
Concept: Balshu is not much a fisherman, but what he does know is business. He's a shrewd businessman who knows the value of a Nilo, and a Miza, and a Pinon, and a Kina...but above all: a fish. He has learned to take advantage of the situation he has been given and found the quickest way to make a little gold for himself. While Balshu himself does not fish and has little experience with it, he does provide all the tools one would need.

In his home of Charbosi Balshu was a dealer of art but never an artist himself. He would strive to make a profit off the talents of others and their creations. Often he would commission young and naive Charodae to make simple trinkets in their practice of coral manipulation. Taking these trinkets to the shores of Falyndar he would find the few brave merchants willing to travel these lands and sell off the worthless scraps of coral. After time the merchants stopped coming around. One by one they were picked off by wild beasts or Myrian hunters. Soon Balshu found he had no customers and ventured out to find new markets.

For days on end he swam looking for someone to sell his trade to. He was blinded by his greed for money and grew careless. He became swept away in a strong current and smashed against some rocks. Several bells later he awoke to find he had been saved by a crew of Svefra fisherman heading for Zeltiva with a load of cargo. Miles away from his home and with a new perspective on life he decided to settle into the new city, start a new life and provide a more, or less, honest service.

Consult the Price List. Most fishing-related items can be acquired here with the exclusion of mage-related items or region-specific items, if you are uncertain, PM an ST.

Balshu runs the shop by himself and does not employ anyone at the moment.

Original location credit goes to Oracle.

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