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Narvaen Stables

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:18 pm

Narvaen Stables
ImageSprawling on the outermost fringes of Zeltiva, Narvaen Stables is a 20-acre spot of green that contrasts the slate gray of stone buildings. When the Valterrian struck, decimating the places and peoples of the bay, labor was scarce. Sleel Narvaen, a quarryworker, capitalized upon an opportunity and spent everything he had on three horses. Learning mostly everything on the job from luck and hearsay, he soon produced two foals. He reared and trained them, and when ready for work they sold at ludicrously high prices. With this money, he began to build a business of breeding and training horses, and in the shattered world he lived in, horses were worth more than men.

His wealth grew, and he quickly claimed a swath of land outside the remains of the city. He build stables and pastures and a modest little house, and died at the healthy age of 86. His family continued his legacy, breeding horses that were useful to the rebuilding of Zeltiva. As Zeltiva continued to grow into a city to rival its predecessor, the buildings rose when there was no more room for them to spread.

ImageWith less land to hold them, the need for work animals diminished. The family began to turn their eye to the horses of higher class, and focus on providing for the few mounts that live in the city. Nowadays, the Narvaen stables sell a few horses, but largely finds most of their business from stabling traveling mounts.

There are two main stables: the “for-sale” building and the “not-for-sale” building. The first holds all manner of horses that can be sold from breeding stallions, pregnant and nursing mares, weaned foals to trained mounts that are ready to be bought. The second is for boarding customer’s horses. As just about the only access to large swathes of grazing land, which is still considered small by the standards of any other city, it is a popular place to board. The Stables employs a small fleet of stable hands to help with the general care and need for the horses, for a small fee. Otherwise owners are welcome to care for their own horses within the stable’s accommodations.

Sienna Narvaen
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Fall, 477AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Stablemaster of the Narvaen Stables
Skills: Horsemanship (65), Animal Husbandry (60), Leadership (50), Teaching (45), Driving (40), Medicine (30)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Although she was not intended to become one, Sienna is a true stablemaster. Born as the second child, and thus not anticipating much in terms of inheritance, she was often left to her own devices. She spent most of her time outside with the horses, and the grooms and trainers saw her as some sort of communal daughter. If she was ever bullied or wronged, the offender would have twenty burly horsemen ready to beat them to a pulp, and she grew up in more safety than she realized. When she was large enough to ride, it soon became apparent that she had a gift for interacting with horses, and she began her career as a trainer. Soon enough, she surpassed all of her peers, gentling even the wildest beasts and training them to do even the most difficult of feats. She garnered respect, and when her brother passed after an illness, she was able to garner control over the family inheritance, and finally allowed to run the stables out from underneath her brother’s thumb. Unlike him, she loves her animals and takes care of those that work for her, and the business continues to flourish under her hand.

Consult the Price List. Most mount-related gear can be acquired here with the exclusion of mage-related items or region-specific items, if you are uncertain, PM an ST.

⥼ Services
    Stabling: 5 sm/day, or 40 gm/season
    Grooming & Exercising: 2 sm/day, or 15 gm/season
    Training: 1 gm/day

⥼ Available Horses
    Colorsplash: 120 gm
    Gilding: 100 gm
    Kavinka Paintedmount: 80 gm
    Sungold: 500 gm
    Tidal Pony: 50 gm
    Zavian: 100 gm

Read more about Mizahar’s

⥼ Groom: Charged with caring for the horses bred and boarded at the Narvaen stables, grooms have a simple job. They are responsible for tending to the stable of the mount, and cleaning, exercising, and feeding as is appropriate. Groom is one who tends a stable and cares for horses. While there isn't a skill requirement for this occupation, Animal Husbandry is needed to advance in wages. Base pay is 1 gm/day, no skill is needed, although seasonal experience will be awarded in Animal Husbandry.
⥼ Trainer: Responsible for the taming and training of both bred horses, and boarded horses (when requested) trainers work with ensuring a mount can be ridden, listen to their master, and maintains a healthy behavior. Most horses sold at the Stables are trained, and the Stables holds their trainers to a high standard, intolerant of abusive behaviors. Base pay is 5 gm/day, must possess the Horsemanship skill. Additional useful skills are Driving, Riding, Organization, and Leadership.
⥼ Veterinarian: The stable’s primary duty is caring for animals, either to sell or for pay. All living things require health maintenance and it is the veterinarian who does this. Although medicine and herbalism skills are extremely helpful, the primary skill of any vet is Animal Husbandry. It is this skill that is required above all others in order to gain access to this occupation. Base pay is 6 gm/day, must possess the Animal Husbandry and Medicine skill, seasonal experience will be awarded in Animal Husbandry.

Original location credit goes to Eorar.

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