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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Clapping Clam

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:23 pm

The Clapping Clam
ImageWhen the sailors abroad return home to Zeltiva many of them sometimes find themselves in need of release after being at sea for so long. While there are a handful of establishments in the city that cater to these specific needs, none of them are perhaps as readily available as the Clam. So long as one is willing to risk just how available the services are to everyone, especially those who cannot typically afford the finer things in life. Anyone and anything will be done for the right coin and there doesn't need to be much of it. However, clients run the risk of walking away with more than just a good time.

For those who find their way into the open arms of the men and women of the Clam, they may be surprised to discover the distinct variety of employees. Although not as skilled in the fine art of seduction as the men and women of Loveless, the workers at the Clapping Clam have nothing but experience on their belts. They've heard it all, and for that matter, probably done it.

The Clapping Clam is not just home to the East Street’s brothel, but also deals in other pleasures for their customers. When available, the Clam offers a variety of alcohols and tobaccos. Due it’s location on East Street, and away from the eyes of the Wave Guard, the Clam also offers a host of drugs, which are not-so-discreetly peddled to incoming customers. Unlike some of the finer establishments in the cities, there are no private rooms here. One pays for the person they want, and any services are given in the parlor. Smoke from both tobacco and drugs whirls up in the dim interior of the building, sticking to the thick curtains that shield the Clam’s activities from the sun. Plush but well-used cushions, couches, and even beds make up most of the area of the Clam, and here one can find most of the pleasures they seek, for cheap.

Mistress Edith
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Fall, 480AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Owner of the Clapping Clam
Skills: Seduction (65), Organization (50), Persuasion (45), Leadership (35), Dancing (30)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Edith has been with the Clam for several years. Longer than most in her line of work tend to stay, and longer than one in her class of work tend to survive. From the beginning she showed strong leadership skills and a keen understanding of how business worked, and more importantly, how to draw more in. The past owner, Madame Lilienne quickly spotted her potential, and after the passing of the old Madame, Mistress Edith was running the show. Under her management the Clam has become a lucrative business and relaxing house of pleasure for the weary and needy.

All first-time guests are matched with an appropriate companion by the Mistress herself, and few leave unsatisfied. To Edith, customer service is her top priority, and she runs a tight ship--at least for a whorehouse. She has taken advantage of her position and retired from working, although she is still active in the Clam, and a common sight to regular customers.

Oliver Galle
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Spring, 471AV
Place of Birth: Syliras
Title: Guard at the Clapping Clam
Skills: Brawling (60), Intimidation (55), Weapon: Shortsword (50), Weapon: Dagger (40), Bodybuilding (30)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Oliver moved to Zeltiva after a failed attempt at joining the Syliras Knights. Not long after becoming a squire and beginning his training, Oliver's patron deemed him an inappropriate choice for the job. His love of the bottle, women, and gambling proved to be too much of a distraction for the young man, and ones he seemed unable to give up. After seeking a new start in Zeltiva and trying his luck as a deckhand, Oliver found himself penniless and inebriated in a younger Edith's embrace.

He soon became infatuated with the prostitute, and she with him. After a few years of courting the only way they really knew how--as two scoundrels only can--and Edith rose to the position of Mistress, she offered Oliver as position as the Clam's sword and shield. It turned out to be a perfect fit, and for several years now he has successfully kept the men and women of the night safe and sound, more or less, albeit usually while a little intoxicated.

ImageRace: Unknown
Date of Birth: Fall, 496AV
Place of Birth: Sunberth
Title: Worker at the Clapping Clam
Skills: Seduction (60), Dancing (55), Leadership (50), Organization (40), Storytelling (30), Negotiation (20)
Language: Common (Fluent), Vani (Fluent), Fratava (Poor)
Concept: Azra is one of the younger women who are employed at the Clam, but has quickly outshone several of her more experienced peers and become something of a gem to her Mistress Edith. Born in Sunberth under poor circumstances and passed around as a slave, she quickly learned how to use her body to get what she wanted and manipulate others. Azra is the very definition of someone who took advantage of the cards they were dealt.

When her last master died of rather mysterious circumstances, the saucy Vantha managed to slip away from the city and get herself to Zeltiva, where she wound up doing what she does best--manipulating people through sex and enamoring them with her charm and body. For those guests wanting a more skilled hand, or when Edith needs someone particularly good at coaxing out desirable information, she turns to her icy jewel. Some speculate that Azra will ascend to head Mistress when Edith retires.

ImageRace: Benshira
Date of Birth: Spring, 493AV
Place of Birth: Yahebah
Title: Worker at the Clapping Clam
Skills: Seduction (60), Bodybuilding (50), Endurance (45), Storytelling (40), Massage (20)
Language: Common (Fluent), Shiber (Fluent)
Concept: Among the men, Garea is indisputably the most frequently requested. Aside from his physical appeal and extremely exotic desert features, many women--and men--are a fan of his expertise in the art of sensual massage. Even the most stressed of people have turned to putty in the Benshira's capable hands, and he often jokes that his title should be changed from prostitute to masseuse, because oddly enough these sessions end less often with a "happy ending" than one would expect.

Garea's appeal is almost magnetic, and he is one of the busiest at the Clam on any given day or night, man or woman. Having been marked by Nikali, the desert native is also one of the most expensive purchases to be had, running a little high compared to the other affordable options offered to guests. Yet there seems to be no end to the eager customers that call on him when they visit the Clam.
Gnosis: Ranuri 1

The Clapping Clam always has workers available of whichever gender one may prefer. There are no private rooms, but one can find a corner to perform their services if requested.

⥼ Services
    One Worker: 2 GM/bell
    Multiple Workers: 1 GM/bell for each additional worker
    Specialties: +1 GM for a particularly skilled/blessed worker

⥼ Alcohol and Tobacco:
    Wine, pitcher: 4 SM
    Zeltivan Tevin Blend: 1 SM/ounce
    Syliran Tobacco: 3 SM/ounce

⥼ Drugs:
    Sywart (1 SM/ounce): This weeds adds a fine flavor to food, ale, and smoke. It is rumored to bring vivid dreams, and sometimes even prophetic visions of future events although there is no solid proof of this.
    Blue Vision (4 SM/ounce): These blue water-flowers are not only noted for their delightful perfume, but also for bringing euphoria, awareness of self, and tranquility when smoked.
    Poppers (6 GM/dose): Chemical contained within the air sack of most aquatic animals. When tissue is punctured and the chemical reacts with the air, the user inhales the resulting gas and experiences a warm, light headed feeling.
    Tanroa’s Clock (25 GM/dose): A powerful hallucinogenic drug that takes the form of grounded powder and should be inhaled through the nose or held under the tongue without swallowing. Once consumed it is only a matter of minutes before the beginning effects start to show - often beginning to experience a slowing down of reality around them. Movements become harder, and seemingly more slowed time begins to distort into shapes - that are largely unpredictable. From there, the trip feeds off the users imagination and their any heightened mood they may have. While it can carry addictive qualities for those seeking those to relive those effects, the other important effects are more long term - potentially causing psychological damage or physical harm to either the taker or the immediate area.

⥼ Worker: Working at the Clapping Clam is not terribly glamourous or well paying, but it rarely requires skill. Although the Clam guards their workers, there are inherent risks in sex work that the Clam offers no protection against. Still, it is a job that is always hiring and always paying, no matter famine or plague. Base pay is 1 gm/day. No skill needed, although seasonal experience will be awarded in Seduction.


Original location credit goes to Katelyn Marks.

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