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Key Notes

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:28 pm

Key Notes

Key Notes is the nickname oft given to the simple Musical Room within the halls of the renowned University of Zeltiva. The Music Hall is simply for the study of instruments, seeing as it provides a long bed of dark wooden boards to play upon. The Music Hall is one of the few buildings that is technically apart of the East Wing, but is not attached to it. Although art and music is coveted by the wealthy of Zeltiva, it is not a priority for the University to be teaching. Most artistic talent that sprouts up in the city comes from the smaller groups or shops that cater to such artistic tastes, and train apprentices in their art. Music is one of the few art skills taught at the University rather than from a local Master. Thus the music studio is small in comparison to the history lecture halls, but the building is still exquisite and coveted by the University. Assumed to have once been a court house of sorts, Key Notes takes place in an ancient Pre-Valterrian building on the east end of campus.

Of course the building has been renovated and fixed after time and storms have done their number on it, but the architects have always remained true to the original structure, leaving the intricately carved ceiling and replacing the ancient rotting wood with more of the rich Zeltivan timber to form the long distinct benches that take up the room. The room is relatively empty, with large windows and high ceilings. Music lessons rotate here and on occasion private performances are held here. The entrance is on the south end of the hall, giving the newcomer a full view of the length of the hall and of the intricate wood carving or Rhaus presiding at the north end. There is an entrance to a storage room to the right of the entrance where one can find the University’s stock of musical instruments and accessories. For most disciplines students are expected to bring their own instruments, although the University provides some mundane instruments for those curious about the art but not committed to the lifestyle.

Instead of being repurposed for an administration office or some important hall, the building was given to the musical instructors of the College of Scholars, because of the natural and excellent acoustics the building seems to produce. Many University architects assume it was created so that court verdicts could be heard down the end of the hall, some think it was pure chance. Regardless it is taken advantage of by the University’s Music Hall.

ImageRace: Akvatari
Date of Birth: Winter, 475AV
Place of Birth: Abura
Title: Instructor at Key Notes
Skills: Musical Instrument: Piano (65), Musical Instrument: Harp (60), Musical Instrument: Flute (50), Teaching (45), History (40), Storytelling (30), Singing (25)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent), Kontinese (Basic)
Concept: The only Akvatari on the University teaching staff, the mysterious Akvatari often finds herself feeling alone. Whether this would be any different with another of her kind around, given her melancholy, and generally reclusive nature, is difficult to say. Perhaps that is why she has grown so gifted however, seeing as she has no one to bother her, save her students, although they never do, she has more time to practice. To keep on thinking of her home in Abura, her lost family. Her lost hopes and dreams. The sorrow held in the life of an artist, generally unappreciated, as the strange and muddled bodies of her kind. As a professor, she is well known for making assignments and learning simple, in that she can always find another way to explain something should a student lack the ability to understand the first time around. Moscrin is known for being soft spoken, and even when she should be happy, or impressed, for having a far off look in her eyes.

Tessa Sandday
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Summer, 487AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Instructor at Key Notes
Skills: Musical Instrument: Mandolin (75), Musical Instrument: Hang Drum (70), Musical Instrument: Lute (65), Musical Instrument: Ocarina (60), Musical Instrument: Harp (55), Busking (50), Singing (40), Storytelling (35), Teaching (30)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Basic)
Concept: Tessa grew up on the Zeltivan city streets, performing her arts and selling her wares. It was not until she had reached her later teens that the University started noticing her, long after Rhaus had. She never officially took classes, but the Bard would often visit the hall to listen to the music, and to even offer a few tips to practicing students or instructors if they allowed her too. After a few more years had passed, and the institution had gone through a number of teachers, the staff came for her one day, offering a job. At first, the girl was reluctant, but soon took it in the hopes of obtaining a more consistent income. There she has remained to this very day, teaching as many as three private lessons between the time the sun has risen and then set once more, blanketing the sky in darkness, and the light of the milky moon. As a professor, she has been known to be a bit eclectic, in that since she has largely taught herself, she is unable to teach in a traditional manner. Unable to read music, she simply shows her students how to play things that sound nice when strung together, expecting that they too, will simply grow to memorize sounds, and then perhaps, go on to create their own.
Gnosis: Audius 2

Original location credit goes to Aello.

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