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Registrar's Office

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:29 pm

Registrar's Office
ImageThe Registrar's office is located in the center of the University campus. It is a rather busy building, and large for just one office. Ivy covers most of the front half of the building, although the impeccable garden in front shows that it is intentional, making it an ambiguous cross between ancient and modern Zeltivan architecture. At the beginning and end of each season, it becomes one of the most crowded buildings on campus, and there are often long lines for service.

It is here that students have to come to register for classes, reserve rooms or equipment, and make payments. Additionally, much of the building has beengiven over to storing the records of the thousands of students who had come through the University's doors during its long history. Records range from simple cataloguing of classes and payments to research notes and documents gifted to the University from the student, instructor, or alumni to which these records belong. These records are not accessible to the public, although officials of the University are free to browse them as they see fit.

The interior of the building is lit by circular lamps attached to the walls. They shine with a cold, blue light, and it is obvious that they were the work of some particularly gifted mage. After one enters the building, an intricately carved lobby, which is often full of waiting students, runs straight forward until it leads into a room dominated by a large, wooden desk. Its owner is a human woman with thin blonde hair gone completely white with age. Her sharp brown eyes brook no nonsense, and one can tell immediately upon seeing her that her patience has long since worn thin. The sign on her desk proclaims her to be H. G. Sanderson, Registrar.

Original location credit goes to Liminal.

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