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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Chapterhouse

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:31 pm

The Chapterhouse
ImageAlthough Zeltiva had long been gathering a large following of Priskil in its city, the city itself did not establish a chapterhouse until the Denvali nested on their eastern hills. During the initial hasty construction of the quarter, one building in particular was given special attention by both the new Denvali and the Zeltivan architects who helped settle the refugees. Sticking out from the side of a rather steep hill of Denvali houses is a soft limestone building with a magnificent green and gold dome top, now well-known to be a chapterhouse of the Order of Radiance.

Although the building is remarkable, the entrance is rather hard to find in the cramped and twisting streets of the Denvali Quarter. Of course anyone searching for the chapterhouse may only need to ask a stranger within the quarter, and will often receive accurate directions to the entrance. They will find a small dark wooden door with relatively simple decorations stuffed on the side of the magnificent building, often propped open with a brick and welcoming to the public.

The building itself is not large in comparison to many of Zeltiva’s other buildings, but within the quarter is one of the largest buildings. Since the destruction of their city, the chapterhouse has also been a beloved and often-visited spot for the Denvali seeking hope and guidance. Although it is found in the Denvali quarter, the chapterhouse is open to any and all in Zeltiva who wish to pray and pay homage to their resident Goddess.

Once entering, one is often met with a high domed ceiling which holds all manner of candles. Small skyglass lanterns are found all over the walls of this dome, holding these candles and refracting their yellow-ish light in beautiful and intricate patterns across the simple interior crème walls. High windows allow in sunlight when permitting, creating a rather spectacular scene of soft and sharp lights intermingling and creating an atmosphere unlike any other. Although silence is not required, the acoustics of the building often let one lapse into a comfortable whisper or to an awed silence as they take in the sight. Chapterhouse members can be found onsite at almost any time of day, performing various duties. Although they all have varying degrees of relationships with Priskil, there is no hierarchy, and one can find hope and solace in any who they approach.

The Chapterhouse acts as a gathering place for those marked by the Goddess of Hope, as well as a place to train those interested in becoming friends of the Goddess herself. Captain Astrid, herself favored of Priskil, frequently confers with the caretaker on matters pertaining to the Order as well as the continued survival of the rich and vibrant Denvali culture within Zeltiva.

ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Summer, 450AV
Place of Birth: Lhavit
Title: Priestess of Priskil
Skills: Cartography (85), Meditation (80), Cryptography (75), Philosophy (70), Weapon: Dagger (65), Weapon: Tiger Hook Sword (60), Dual Weild (55), Leadership (50), Navigation: Sea (45), Teaching (40), Sailing (35), Tracking (30), Wilderness Survival: Ocean (25)
Language: Common (Fluent), Nari (Basic), Vani (Basic)
Concept: Emereki was the protégé of the Lhavitian priestess who helped create the Denval Chapterhouse, and related to the bloodline of the Captaincy of Denval. She traveled far and wide before returning to Denval to reunite with her chapter of the Order and serve Priskil with ultimate devotion. When Deval collapsed, she was one of the few who survived, and helped her people attain refuge in Zeltiva, guiding them by Priskil's light the whole way and since the catastrophic result of the Djed Storm of 512.

She also teaches at the Lyceum and is one of the few people alive who has won a drinking contest with Oleg, for which he frequently used to attempt look up her skirts to ascertain whether or not she has a fake leg into which she pours the degtine.

People speak of her with familiarity and quiet respect as an elder of the Denvali quarter, and a paradigm of hope for those from the dead city. Although not of Denvali origin, she has spent her life devoted to the people, culture, and Priskil, making her a well-known and loved figure within the quarter. Newcomers find her friendly, but sense a wisdom and strength within her as well.
Gnosis: Luminance 3, Akarni 1, Inavalti 1

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