[Calendar] Summer 519 A.V.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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[Calendar] Summer 519 A.V.

Postby Regime on July 15th, 2019, 12:41 pm

Summer 519 A.V.


The Weather
The season starts of relatively normal, albeit hotter than what is usually expected for the time of year. By the 30th a dense fog reaches from the ocean like a hand that wishes to strangle the entire city. Its worse during the day, but lessens into an ominous mist during the cooler nights. The fog reached its worst on the 87th, making it difficult to even see ten feet away. However, it never truly block or blind sight for the rest of the season. Out of general superstition, Many sailors urge caution when dealing with the ocean and shores near the city.

A lost child.

The season starts off with a rather hellish scream. One that shakes many residents of the Sunset Quarter Slums awake as Jillene Ironside of the Orphanage is seen frantically looking for a Human female child named Larit. As The Slums are pestered by Jillene's hunt for Larit, the rest of the city become divisive as the Gangs become quite philanthropic as a result of individual endeavors.

Dagger Hands & Night Eyes

After the reclamation of their turf last season, the Daggerhand's have been starting to rebuild in the Rotter Ruins. Many gang members have been able to show off their trade skills by attempting to build basic houses for themselves, while other attempt to sway Stiletto into starting their own businesses. And those who can't do either have been trying hard to 'motivate' other merchants into building within the territory.

The Night Eyes have not taken kindly to the Daggerhand's designs. In an attempt to use greed to halt the Daggerhands. The Night Eyes have offered, for this season only, a 500 gm bounty for the dead bodies of any known Big Sibling DH gang member with a body sporting the gangs Thorn-Encircled Dagger symbol. A person need only bring the bodies to the Riverside Dovecote to claim their bounty. This offer was mostly used to entice the lowest of the low who live in the Den to the opposite side of the Rotter Ruins to pester them from both fronts.

The Night Eye tactic is mostly seen as typical gang shenanigans, because although they act in secret, those who claimed a bounty would no doubt become the public target of the Daggerhand if caught trying to make it across the river to the Dovecote. Only the most battle ready individuals against the DH seem to have taken on the challenge.

Vigilant Sun's

To the dismay of the Vigilantes, The Sun's Birth have successfully expanded into The Western Heights. The Sun's have been trying to sway all in the territory into supporting their organization.

IC Events of Note:

  • Daggerhand Bounty:
    The city as a whole has mostly ignored the bounty for self preservation sake, but those PC's skilled enough may claim only one bounty for the season. The payment will only be granted after giving evidence of a sufficiently challenging thread dealing with a Big Sibling ranked member of the DH.

  • Daggerhand gang members have approval from Stiletto to try and build their own house in the Rotter Ruins territory. Although, those gang members will need to fund the building process themselves. See the price list for further construction details.

Reggie's Mod Notes:

Hello my lovely little criminals.

I have been quite inactive, which is obvious since this calendar has been posted so late. To make it up to you, I'm offering to run a one-on-one modded thread for those listed in the registry this seasons registry.

To request a thread, fill out the following application then post it here to the calendar. I will then create a thread for you. If anything needs to be worked out in regards to your request, I will pm you about any issues.

    Have you read the Dicing Guide: Yes or No.
    Timestamp of Thread: Date.
    Summery of thread: Please give a brief description of what you might wish to to be doing. And outline any NPCs that 'might' be involved. Or, do you want a single post prompt from me during one of your Solos?

Code: Select all
[b]Have you read the [wiki]Dicing Guide[/wiki]:[/b] Yes or No.
[b]Timestamp of Thread:[/b] Date.
[b]Summery of thread:[/b] Please give a brief description of what you might wish to to be doing. And outline any NPCs that 'might' be involved. Or, do you just want a single post prompt from me during one of your Solos?


  • Increase one of the following skills by 10 xp: Brawling, Larceny, Stealth, or intimidation.

  • Have an Encounter with Jillene Ironside somewhere in the city as she looks for the child.

  • Get mugged by a gang member, or mug one.

  • Read a book at The Library of Sunberth.

  • Visit The Park.

  • Optional OOC Challenge: Make a new Daggerhand business location for the Rotter Ruins area.

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[Calendar] Summer 519 A.V.

Postby Kreig Messer on August 8th, 2019, 10:55 am

Have you read the Dicing Guide: Yes.
Timestamp of Thread: 58th of Summer
Summery of thread: Get in a deadly tussle with the Daggerhands over the past year's missed fight and perhaps the odds in this tussle aren't numerically in Kreig's favor and he'd have to 'tilt' them to his, I'd expect Daggerhand NPCs either one offs or established.
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