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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Friendly Ghost

Postby Kamilla on December 23rd, 2019, 11:27 pm


45th of Winter, 519AV

Kamilla was determined. Half a season had passed now and most days she could sense something around the city core, sometimes even two somethings. The sense itself, no doubt, came from the ethereal looking armband she'd acquired… in a dream. The logic behind its procurement still eluded her, but if there was one thing the mage had learned through her years of magic experience, her time on Sahova especially, it was that magic existed on a far larger scale than any one person could comprehend. Musings of the mysteries of magic aside, Kamilla was determined to find the source of the sensation caused by wearing the armband, even though she already had a good idea as to who and what it was.

The day was nearing the time for its transition to night, though the sky had not yet begun to lose its bright blue hue. Kamilla found herself walking, in what was almost a completely straight line as she drew nearer to her goal. She was wearing her original form, dark hair and tanned skin accompanied by an equally dark ensemble including a thin black dress and thigh high boots that left no trace of her passage across the soft sands, as if she had never passed. Pass she did though, but it seemed her visible determination staved off many would-be interactions with other settlers, the most being a friendly smile or wave.

It almost felt odd being in her original form, she'd been grateful to have it back but had spent the majority of the winter season, so far, in her Konti seeming, so much so that she'd forced herself into her true form out of fear that she was losing touch with that part of herself. If she were to be honest, she still preferred her real self to her Konti self, but the latter was just far more convenient, especially in Syka. She could swim instead of walk towards the settlement and it lacked the burn scar that required her to hide it beneath leather boots in the usually unbearable Sykan heat. Thankfully, winter had come with a welcome decrease in temperature.

It was odd, preferences and conveniences aside, Kamilla already felt as if her Konti form was truly a part of herself, even after only one season of being stuck in it. She supposed it was though, since it didn't seem to be going anywhere, nor did she want it. It amused her to think about the dichotomy between her Chaktawe desert heritage and her growing aquatic Konti self. Desert and sea, two completely different landscapes, she wondered if they would cause her conflict some day farther down the line.

Drawing nearer to what she knew to be the Syka Commons, Kamilla could tell that there was only one something hanging around for the time being and ascended the stairs in search of the interesting creature. As she reached the top step, dark eyes scanned the area in search of anything unfamiliar, unusual or untoward, but found familiar faces with the usual behaviour, some of which were directed at her. A polite smile and wave was all she could muster before shutting her eyes and focusing on the sensations provided by the wispy armband that glistened and seemingly evaporated from its place on her upper left arm.

"Below…" she heard herself say aloud, spinning on her heel and making her way back down the stairs with the interior of checking behind them. The mage had a pretty good idea of what it was the armband was leading her to, the ingredients used in her dream to create the accessory was a giant clue, but that didn't mean she could accept it without searching for proof.

As she descended the last step and her boots landed upon the sand, it's surface remaining completely undisturbed, the mage could feel the mysterious presence was somewhere very near to her, though the armband did not give her anything more than a sense of the general direction and proximity, she figured that whatever it is she was searching for, was right behind her and the staircase… and so, with a few cautious steps, Kamila peered around the wooden steps, eyes darting about with determined curiosity.

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