Approved City NPCs via the Help Desk

Since Zeltiva is unmanaged by an ST atm, please list all your approved CITY NPCS here.

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Approved City NPCs via the Help Desk

Postby Gossamer on February 4th, 2020, 3:54 pm

Approved NPCs via The Help Desk

Please add your approved city NPCs below so anyone can use them.

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Approved City NPCs via the Help Desk

Postby Draven McNiel on February 8th, 2020, 7:28 pm

Lydia Laurel
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: 23rd of Spring, 452
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: -
Skills: 65 Mathematics, 59 Economics, 43 Persuasion, 28 Writing.
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Full of smiles, and openly friendly, a discrete sense of humor and a sharp voice that grasps attention quickly. Those are perhaps Lydia's greatest tools. Born and raised in Zeltiva, to a sailor and a herbalist. Rather than the position she is in now, her family had the struggles that a number of others of their position do, dealing with the common Zeltivan famine, struggling to make ends meet season to season, all in order to send their daughter to the university.

That was where Lydia's rise had begun, initially driven by the need to help her parents back, she had grown almost obsessed with the idea of coin, and money; the numbers that drove them as well. Mathematics was her area of study, and over time blossomed from there. After finishing at the university, she returned as a professor to teach others. It was during this period, that she had also begun to aid others with their finances, for a small fee of course.

Now aged, and with her goal long achieved, she built a family around herself, even if one of her daughters has run away with a neer-do-well. As well as managed to settle down in the Ancient District, aiding up and coming business-minded people as well as established and rich individuals.
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Approved City NPCs via the Help Desk

Postby Rohka on March 29th, 2021, 3:48 am

NPCs for The Healing Center

ImageName: Teeva Foreshore
DoB: 490 AV
PoB: The Suvan Sea
Race: Svefra
Title: Mistress of the Apothecary & Herbalism Lab

Herbalism - 72
Philosophy - 65
Botany - 63
Auristics - 62
Meditation - 54
Alchemy - 50
Wilderness Survival (Sea & Mountains) - 47
Teaching - 45
Writing - 45
Drawing - 45
Weaving - 42
Glyphing - 40
Medicine - 30

Gnosis: Oceanus 1, Healing 2

Teeva grew up learning the art and science of herbalism from her late mother, who was also the previous Lia of her pod before her daughter took on the role. Ever since she fell in love with a Zeltivan man whose only goal was to become a professor at the University, Teeva found it harder to continue following her pod. She settled with her husband, Goen, in the University Quarter to support his dreams and developed her penchant for philosophical musings and magic arts while helping him study. She further supported him by taking on a job at the Apothecary in the Healing Centre, and slowly but surely, Teeva and her husband became prominent members of the institution with networks under their professional guidance.

With Goen’s dream fulfilled and her own cup of herbalism knowledge quite full, Teeva hopes to soon retire and focus solely on a simpler life of weaving and reading by the shore. She occasionally checks on and helps to run a small apothecary shop on East Street in her desire to aid those who live closer to the waters. She prays for her children’s safety and wellness, especially for her daughter. Teeva occasionally receives letters from the Foreshore pod on their whereabouts and happenings.

ImageName: Krishveth Odia
DoB: 491 AV
DoD: 518 AV
PoB: Ravok
Race: Ghost
Pre-Death Race: Human

Materialization - 55
Possession - 68
Soulmist Projection - 32

Pre-Death Profession: Teacher of Shielding & Contract Assassin

Krishveth Odia married into the Lark family was he was 25 years old. A man of honour, valour, and his word, he lived life as a teacher who also studied various defence arts in order to help protect his family.

The issue, however, was that he did not marry for love. Rather, his kin managed to convince him that this arrangement would be the best option for his future prosperity. He died only a year after his marriage in a mysterious death where he was found under a blanket in the woods of the Lakeshore following an anonymous note left with his best friend. Rumour has it that he was killed by vengeful slave. Others insist that it was an elaborate suicide attempt, as he made sure to take care of all business matters and did not have children to look after. His death left his family heartbroken and filled with grief over the loss of a man who seemed to hold such promise.

In 519 AV, he reappeared in disguise having possessed a child to ask a fortune teller for a sacrificial ritual. The Larks have yet to discover that Krishveth has not moved on, and they may never find out, since he is now in Zeltiva attempting to complete the ritual. He is now voluntarily containing himself primarily within the walls of the Centre of Healing as he finds it the best place to learn what he needs to eventually move onto the next phase of afterlife.
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Approved City NPCs via the Help Desk

Postby Asterope on May 23rd, 2021, 3:46 pm

Sunberth Domain NPC

Goss approved this NPC for Sunberth in the HD, and I'm posting it here per her request. :)

ImageName: Nightblood
Gender: Female
Race: Zith
DoB: Winter 13th, 507 AV (13 years old)
PoB: Sylira, outside Sunberth
Languages: Zithanese (Fluent), Common (Basic)
Skills: Acrobatics - 80, Hunting - 62, Observation - 90, Stealth - 65, Torture - 25, Tracking - 40, Unarmed Combat - 55, Weapon (Dagger) - 30, Wilderness Survival - 78

Nightblood is a mostly feral Zith; growing up in a mid-sized multiple family colony, she was raised almost exclusively away from other humanoids aside from the few slaves kept around, despite her colony existing only a few miles outside of Sunberth. As she got older and began to explore for herself, she discovered Sunberth; she often observes the city and its inhabitants from afar out of curiosity, but doesn't usually approach unless she is on a rare hunt for a humanoid with other members of her colony.

Growing up, Nightblood never got along with the other children her age; she disliked them, and preferred to be on her own or with the handful of slaves in the colony, learning about the outside world. It's hard to pinpoint, but she's just a little bit off and different from the others her age. With a sharp tongue and sharper claws, Nightblood is quick to mock and tease and doesn't mind getting into scrapes with others in her age group, since she doesn't particularly like them to begin with.

Sarcastic and snide, she hates being told what to do, and is spending more and more time away from her colony and simply on her own in the wilderness outside of Sunberth. Nightblood can be rather aggressive and cruel, as all Zith, but she also has her moments of friendliness, and she has a soft-spot for outcasts, feeling like one herself.

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Approved City NPCs via the Help Desk

Postby Lei'Lani on 11 minutes ago

Zeltiva City NPC

ImageName: Calix Anderson
Race: Ghost  Pre-Death Race: Human
DoB: 17th of Fall, 502AV
DoD: Djed Storm 512av
PoB: Zeltiva
Location: Calix can usually be seen running around the streets of the Sailor's Quarter, only on occasion delving deeper into the city. His anchor to this world being tied to a ruined shop, long ago forgotten near the pier.

Skills: Materialization 45, Possession 25, Soulmist Projection 30
Language: Common (Fluent)

Concept: Calix Anderson was a simple human boy who enjoyed a cushy life. A lonely child of the merchant Joseph Anderson and his wife, Vanessa, Calix often spent his day playing in the streets of Zeltiva. His parents would often travel to acquire new wares for their general store, leaving Calix for short terms at the orphanage; they would always return within a week or so with a lavish gift from their travels in the hopes to make up for their disappearances. Calix is a wise soul despite his young age; preferring the company of adult conversation and from years spent helping his parents run their shop in the sailors quarter. Though, he is still a child at heart and relishes mischievous games like all other children his age.

Currently Calix is unaware of his situation as a ghost and does not remember his demise in the Djed Storm of 512av. He will approach friendly looking passers-by in the hopes they know where his parents are, currently believing they have simply gone on one of their travelling episodes and that they will be back for him once again.

Zeltiva City NPC

ImageOccupation: Lieutenant, Wave Guard
Name: Va'ir Evander
Race: Isur
DoB: 73rd of Winter, 424 AV
PoB: Sultros
Location: Zeltiva. Va'ir can often be found on patrols around the streets of Zeltiva, usually within the Sailor's Quarter where the presence of the Wave Guard is most commonly found.
Language: Common (Fluent), Isur (Fluent), Fratava (Broken)

Skills: Sailing 30, Weapon: Short Sword 50, Unarmed Combat 55, Leadership 40, Wilderness Survival 60, Blacksmithing 30, Masonry 35, Camouflage 15, Investigation 35, Intimidation 30, Interrogation 20, Negotiation 25, Tracking 30, Tactics 40

Concept: Va'ir remembers well his roots from the clan Coglias, growing up in Sultros city he followed in his father's footsteps, a military man. Though curious of the outside world, Va'ir felt a calling to travel and explore the world around them He spent much of his youth travelling as a mercenary, lending his warrior skills to caravans in exchange for travel and supplies. Eventually he settled in Zeltiva where his knowledge in blacksmithing came in handy when there was a need to house the refugees from Denvali. After a few years his heart fell in love with a local woman and his desires called him back to what he felt most at home doing, soldiering and so he joined the Wave Guard.

Warm and friendly, Va'ir views the military as a means to protect and support the people it defends. He diligently worked his way up to rank of lieutenant and commands his men with a balanced firm hand and sense of comradery, earning him great respect among his peers.
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