All Hands On Deck

Randal gives Tazrae a series of jobs, and the girl does it.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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All Hands On Deck

Postby Tazrae on May 24th, 2020, 4:31 pm

Timestamp: 50th of Spring, 520 A.V.

blueprints :

The tall Founder unrolled the elaborately drawn blueprint and smoothed it out. They already had so much of the Inn up, but Tazrae still peered over his shoulder curiously. “The roof is on, now we are building up the interior walls, but there’s more to do. We have an entire deck to plank, rail, and make safe for your guests.” He said, turning and then blinking sharply at how close Tazrae was peering over his shoulder. She grinned sheepishly, took a step back and one to the side, and nodded.

“We need extra help.” The future Innkeeper said, looking thoughtfully at the blueprint. “But aren’t we utilizing everyone that has the ability to help?” She asked, curiously, knowing that they weren’t going to get open if they didn’t have extra help. Her Inn had taken priority this season in the scheme of building things, namely because it was ‘for’ the community not exactly a lavish private residence. But everyone that could help was helping…. weren’t they?

“Indeed, we do. There’s a lot of simple projects that someone with only minor woodworking skills or someone who is just learning could actually help a great deal with.” Randal said, turning as idly rubbing a shoulder as a mosquito bit into his bare skin. He was shirtless under the hot spring Syka sun. Tazrae would have been had it been more appropriate. It was sweltering and the humidity was up. She nodded to the Founder and looked around, wondering who could help that had only minor woodworking skills.

Randal laughed. “I’m looking at you, girl.” He said, gesturing at a new table setup he had all laid out. It had a few tools, her new handyman’s kit that Juli had supplied her with, and a pile a lumber taller than she was laying behind it.

Tazrae’s eyes widened and she turned around. She stared at Randal, then raised an eyebrow in astonishment. “Me? I cook… I clean up after you guys. I fetch things. I can’t actually build anything. I’ve never held any of these tools in my life.” She said… then looked thoughtful. Tazrae seemed to contemplate the idea, rolling it around in her mind, before her abject surprise turned into a slow small smile that grew as a thought in her mind grew.

“But then again I’ve never sailed across the sea. I’ve never taken out a huge loan to open my own business. I’ve never taken chances and made friends, and ate mangos. I’ve never cooked for a whole host of strangers and been thanked by each and every one of them. I guess I can swing a hammer. I might not be good at it. But I’ll learn.” Tazrae said softly, shaking her head and laughing.

“Taz, you aren’t just going to swing a hammer. Come… look. We’re working on the interior and we’re adding details. But we have so much more to do. What you are going to do is finish the deck we got a good start on.” He said, chuckling with amusement. He pulled out a second rolled paper, and then unrolled it. A section of the deck was carefully sketched on it, with the deck boards partially cut away. It was a blueprint. Tazrae leaned over, looked thoughtfully over the plans and noted that Randal or someone had neatly labeled the different parts.

She tapped the subframe and gestured over to the large deck where they were set up. “The subframe is all done.” Tazrae added, looking thoughtfully at Randal. “Isn’t that most of the hard work?” She asked, curiously running her fingers over the blueprints.

Randal Zor nodded. “I wouldn’t turn a novice loose on a deck that needs to last for decades without it already having a strong foundation. We put the footers in, sank all the support posts. We installed the support beams, ledger boards, and noggin’s. We even have the steps done. The last thing we did was run the rim joist. Now, anyone and I do mean anyone can learn to use a miter saw and begin cutting the deck boards, laying them out. Then the screening needs to be put up. And finally the hand rails, top rails base rail and baluster spindels have to be done. And we have three decks to do. I’d start on the small private one off your office first. Then I’d move to the second largest one and finish with the big main deck when you have gotten the hang of it. Lay the deck boards first… screen the deck to skirt it, and then we’ll finish the railing.” He said, looking at Tazrae pointedly.

She laughed nervously. “It looks like something a very skilled carpenter needs to do.” The girl trailed her fingers over the blueprint and his sketch, and then looked up into Randal’s eyes. They were golden, like a tigers, and they warmed her with the confidence she saw in them. “You really think someone like me can do this?” Tazrae asked, skeptical, but willing to try.

The youngest Founder looked thoughtful, nodded, but was slow to speak. When he did speak, he did so carefully, as if wanting her to really hear what he said. “Tazrae, I not only think you can do this, but I think you need to do this. If I may speak frankly….” He added, pausing until she nodded.

“You strike me as someone who has very little experience with the world. I believe you will be a great Innkeeper and that it’s in your blood. James has often spoken of staying at your parents’ Inn over the years in Riverfall and how much he’s enjoyed it. If you are anything like your family, then your Innkeeping here will be on par with those memories he holds. But life is about so much more than taking care of guests. Life is about experiencing things, being tempered, doing things that you think you can’t. With each nail you hammer, you will grow. I not only think you can do this, Taz, but again… I can’t say it enough…. I think you NEED this.” He said, reaching down and taking her hand. With that, he set off for the temporary workbench he’d set up across two saw horses.

Word Count: 1120

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