Closed Saw Mill 101: Stacking Lumber

[Job] Q learns how to properly stack lumber.

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Saw Mill 101: Stacking Lumber

Postby Quzon on August 31st, 2020, 3:23 pm

2nd Day of Summer, 520 A.V.


Lars made sure that Quzon had fully turned to face him before softly lobbing a hammer over to his Mill Apprentice. He quickly reached out a hand to grab it before it fell to the ground. “What for?” He asked while following Lars towards the piles of wood lining the edges of the clearing.

“If you had not noticed, there is a backlog of fresh cut board stock pilled up next to the mill. We have to put get it out of the way. So, I’m going to teach you how to properly stack the lumber after it has been cut, and then make you move all of it out of the way. Look around, do you think I just leave the lumber out to deteriorate in the open?”

Lars gestured with a hand towards the tarp covered piles of lumber. “The humidity and constant rain can hurt all the hard work we do. As for what that hammer is for, it is for those.” Lars grinned as he walked towards a spot located next to a tarp covered pile that had a small uncovered stack of lumber near it.

“There are several ways for piling stock, but today we are going to build a simple 'Box Foundation' right here… or rather, I am going to have you build it while I supervise you. All the supplies you will need are right there."

Quzon walked over to the stack where he gripped one end of an eight foot long four-by-six board in hand. “How, you want... me start?” He asked while looking over the other lengths of lumber.

Lars pointed to a cluster of small one foot long twelve-by-fours. “Those will be the pier-posts of the frame. The medium length ones will be used as Girders beams to run across the piers as horizontal support. The longer ones will run vertically atop the others to acts as Joists. This is just like you are making the most basic type of gridded floor foundation people might use for a shack."

Quzon dragged one of the long board to the center of the lot, dropping it on the ground to use as a vertical ruler. He did the same thing with a medium side board to measure the width of the frame. Lars watched as Quzon was slowly starting to understand what he was suppose to be doing.

"If you are to truly going to help me beyond rotating logs, then your skills as a carpenter will also need to improve. The basis for many machines comes from solid knowledge how to make a frame. After you finish with this, you should take a closer look at the Mill's rolling carriage. I want you to ask yourself how was it made? How strongly was it made to bare the weight of the logs it carries, and what parts are weakened from its constant motion... and If so, do those pieces need to be repaired or replaced? If I am out in the jungle and something breaks, you'll need to know how to engineer a means to fix it in the future.”

Quzon looked around to examine the tools he had at his disposal. He had access to a hammer, a bucket full of long nails, and a saw. If Lars believed this was all he needed to complete the task, then he just needed to put the pieces together. he placed the hammer down to start retrieving the small posts for the frame to rest on. He placed the first two down at the head of the measuring Girder, then did the same at each ends of the joists.

"It looks like I'll need rows of four posts to be equally spaced below each girder."

Quzon thought to himself in Myrian.

One after the other, Quzon continued to set up the posts on the ground until they formed a four by four grid. The spacing appeared to match up with the lengths of lumber he used as rulers, so he started to connect each of the posts by grabbing a middle sized length of lumber, and placing the Girders on top to bridge them together.

Quzon started to build a freestanding structure with lumber, doing his best to get a full visualization of it before setting any nails into place. Lars watched with vested Interest as he watched how Quzon went about this task. Every little thing the Mixed Blood did showed the Mill Owner what skill level of carpentry his apprentice had.

Quzon went with the most straightforward route, placing everything where he believed it needed to go before taking a step back to look it all over.


Even without any nails holding it together, it seemed to get the job done as he balanced a few boards atop one end of the framework. Just seeing it all not fall over gave Quzon a boost of self-confident about his decision. It help to get the idea out of his head and out into the real world. He was about to go grab the bucket of nails when Lars called over to him with some words of advice.

"If you are a visual learner, I suggest you keep a journal on hand. You'll be able to draw out various designs while keeping track of any measurements. I think you'll be able to handle the rest on your own from here. Once you get that put together, move the slabs away from the Mill."

Quzon gestured his head with a firm nod aided by a direct amount of eye contact to show that he would promptly get the job done.

Lars then walked away to go check on the Ashta.

As Lars walked away, Quzon made his way over to the Saw Mill where he kept his backpack leaning against a pillar to the roofed area. As it so happened, Quzon already had a personal journal that he kept many notes in with his backpack. He made his way back over to the freestanding foundation, then crouched down to take a knee. He retrieved the journal from his back along with one stick, then laid the book open to a blank page while it rested on his raised knee.

Quzon was no artist, but he could at least form a modicum of a straight line. He set the end of the ink stick to the page as he started to drag it against. He began to stain the parchment with various crossed lines to form a diagram of what he'd built. It lacked any semblance of three dimensional space, but it would sever to remind him what he did.

He jotted down the lengths of each piece of lumber which Lars had told him about.

  • Joists: Four-by-six, by eight.
  • Girder: Six-by-eight, by four.
  • Posts: Twelve-by-four, by twelve

To anyone that could read it, he wrote the general ideas out in the writing style of Isurian runes.

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Saw Mill 101: Stacking Lumber

Postby Ines on August 31st, 2020, 10:35 pm

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