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Randal takes Tazrae Out into the jungle

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Ghostly Lights

Postby Tazrae on March 1st, 2021, 1:08 am

Timestamp: 45th, Winter, 520 A.V.

Tazrae heaved the last load of firewood into the pile she’d been gathering. The task had fallen to her, since Randal was out here with her finishing some of the training he’d promised her. He trained; she worked. It was early afternoon and they were making camp on the edge of the most unusual pit valley Tazrae had ever seen. Twenty-foot stone walls covered with jungle growth led to a seemingly straight pit as wide or wider than the span of a normal road. The ‘pit road’ emerged from a cave and disappeared into another cave in the ground … after more than a hundred foot in length.

Randal had explained there were such pit valleys all over the jungle around Syka, traversing The Maw. And he said sometimes, especially at night during storms, the bottom of the pit valley’s glowed. Tazrae had tried to call him on his tall tale, but he’d simply said during the next storm they’d go out and watch so she could see for herself.

And so, he kept that promise and they were out here, making camp above the pit, talking about fire, and building a shelter up in a large tree overlooking the pit for the best view possible. Randal planned to teach Tazrae about fire after they finished the tree shelter that they planned to build overlooking the strange and obviously unnatural structure.

“Humans had to have built this… or Isur.” Tazrae said thoughtfully after they’d paced the length of their current edge of the pit, then walked around it to the other side looking for the exact perfect place to build a shelter.

“I would think so. It’s just another ruin that adds to the mystery of Syka. People were decidedly here before us. We just don’t know who or what they were all about exactly.” He said thoughtfully. Tazrae couldn’t help but nod her agreement. It was a mystery and one she was itching to solve. But for right now, she was grateful for the company, the training, and a chance to spend a night looking for something that was only rumor and hearsay.

“So … I gathered firewood as you asked. What’s next?” She asked Randal, who’d been busy taking a machete to some tall stalks of bamboo that were nearby. He had thick poles cut, about ten feet in length, and had them laid out with smaller poles that were about eight feet long. Randal kept cutting as he gestured to the edge of the pit road and the trees that bordered it.

“Next we’re going to put up a shelter. This is going to be an above-ground shelter away from all the bugs that cruise out after dark and crawl all over everything. We can’t do much about the spiders or the biters, but we certainly can get ourselves out of easy reach of the ants and cockroaches which are the most common things down here in the mud. And when I say cockroaches, I mean roaches as big as your fists.” He added, somewhat amused.

“Once we get the fire going and spread ashes around thickly under our shelter, we can keep most of the ants out as well. But that means we need to have fire and burnt material enough to do so, which will take several bells…” Randal answered, looking thoughtfully at Tazrae, unsure how she’d do overnight in the jungle.

He was about to find out.

Word count: 574
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