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Moritz arrives in Syka...

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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A Lean a Landing[Gossamer]

Postby Moritz Craven on June 10th, 2021, 1:56 am

It was becoming clear to Moritz that while they might all be speaking common, they were not speaking the same language. And that while Moritz was saying and meaning one thing, they were understanding it as something completely different.

This saddened Moritz, not just because of the disagreement it was causing, but because it was clear how these people understood other people. Or more so, did not. Only from their own point of view did they look at people. With no interest or intent at seeing others viewpoints, at understanding differences in manners, customs, or ways.

While Moritz might have done wrong, admittedly without understanding or an intent to do so he knew, he had tried to understand the Sykans viewpoint and change his method of communication based on that. He had tried to correct what he had done wrong, and make it right. On their part though they had decided what was going on, the relationship Moritz had with Julan, what Moritz intent was, at little more than first glance.

And due to that they were unwilling to see anything else, to expand their view or consider what Moritz might be trying to say. This Moritz now understood, and it saddened him for these people.

Julan had wanted a friend. Had wanted to play. Had died young and wanting more before he passed on. And based on that Moritz believed that if he filled that need and grew with him then eventually Julan would pass on and release himself from his partial life as a spirit. Sadly he did not know what had happened to Julan, or if he would ever have the chance to pass on. All because he had ignored Moritz cries to stop, and as a child would raced off to greet a group of people. Not attacked anyone, or caused any damage directly, not even touched anyone or either of the beasts, but simply caused problems indirectly and by startling the animals by just coming near them and hopping up on top of their load. Not even touching the beasts themselves, but coming near.

"Fine. I said I would leave if that is what you decided, so I will. Believe what you will, about me and what I've said."

Assumptions. Half understandings. Most of what the man said was outright wrong. Moritz hadn't stood by. He had told the ghost to stop, and when the ghost left the ship anyways he had raced off after him with all haste to stop him, but him being a body-less ghost Moritz had not been able to keep up. Julan had not listened, intent on greeting the people. Moritz had done the opposite of standing by and doing nothing, let alone just letting Julan act without trying to stop him. He had done everything he could to stop Julan, proven by his arriving at the seen unable to talk and gasping for air. And here it was claimed he had stood by and done nothing...

Once more Moritz pondered on culture. Was making a request a foreign concept to these people? Did people only make demands for things to happen, with the assumption they would be done, and never just a request with the hope something would be done but not telling someone they had to do it? With the possibility for someone to say no? If so, perhaps there had been one of their major communication issues.

Pausing for a moment Moritz met the mans eyes, the one who seemed in charge, speaking to him with eyes met if he could.

"She will die, if nothing is done. Trapped on a heat soaked world of pain and misery. Chained to the chair of a beast, in his home, a monster I can't describe or understand. She is dying. Being bled like a common pig, leeched of her chill essence till nothing remains. Until she succumbs."

Pausing a moment Moritz let out a sigh, and felt the painful knot in his stomach untense a bit, heard the drum beat in his ears slow a bit.

"As for how I know. To be honest, I don't completely know. I was gifted a vision. From who, or why, I don't know. The morning of the winter solstice just passed, I saw it. Clearer than you are before me. I saw the jungle, the gate, and I saw her. I saw the molten world she went to. Saw her captured and chained. A sad sight. A Goddess, a woman seeking her lost grandchild. So far every detail I've tried to confirm from it has turned out true. Even things I'd never heard of until the vision. I'd never heard of Morwen before, having never seen a winter. I'd never heard of gods children or their children's children, nor that Morwen had them, or had lost one gone missing. And then shortly after the vision a piece from the sky, a twilight star fell from the sky on that same winter solstice, pure Skyglass unworked by magic but fully formed. That is what I know, and how."

"Do with that what you will. Believe what you will. But it is the truth. Just know if nothing is done, she will die."

His tale done, Moritz turned to the boat, and began the long walk along the beach. A slow steady plod back to the boat if nothing impeded him. He did not expect anything would, since it seemed the Sykans had decided who he was the moment he arrived and began talking, and did not seem to hear or listen to much of what he had said after that.

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A Lean a Landing[Gossamer]

Postby Gossamer on June 10th, 2021, 5:13 am

It was telling to Mathias that his direct address to Shari went unanswered. There was no response from the one adult that was with the boy currently. Was she in his employ or the employ of his family? Mathias didn’t know, but if she was unable or unwilling to correct or direct the boy’s actions, then she was useless as a companion or even as a guardian. But the fact that the woman ignored Mathias’ words further disgusted the Founder.

He knew little off Lhavitian Culture, but as Mortiz and his party were the only representatives he had encountered of the city, there was no way he could have formed a good opinion from these folks. Lhavit was known as a city that never slept, ruled by human mages in towers, and Eth who mourned. Kultra had once told him that all Syna and Leth’s ilk that walked the world were thrown out of their realm, because for one reason or another the celestial pair had grown weary of them. If the boy came from a culture of derelicts, it was no wonder his behavior was this rotten.

And that was it. Mathias was disappointed by this boys’ actions, but again he had to remind himself that he was dealing with a child. If he’d only up front (without being prompted) apologized for his friend, skipped the excuses, skipped the pleas to make things right - when there was obviously nothing the boy could do to actually retrieve the bull, replace the broken traces, etc – and just asked for a private meeting with the Founders to discuss what obviously was very serious business… then things would have gone very differently.

The adults in the boy’s company were half the problem. Mathias narrowed down on that immediately. Randal had pegged the boy at a year or less… two at the most. Then that meant he had some time to be redeemed. He could be fixed, for sure, if he was willing to be open to new things. Mathias doubted that he would be though.

And then Mortiz started running his mouth off about Morwen again.

“If you cannot understand or describe a monster that is holding a Goddess of this realm prisoner, then how in the world are you ever going to be able to do anything about it? How are you going to find her? How are you going to rescue her? Have you thought any of this through?” He asked calmly, his tone not one of rebuttal but off pure curiosity. “And granted, I’m assuming you are here to rescue this Goddess. If not, and you are just here to tell us of your vision… be assured we’ve heard you.” He said gently, the ire still in his voice though.

But Mortiz kept speaking.

“It sounds more like a curse than a gift.” Mathias replied. He neither confirmed nor denied what he himself knew of the situation. He wouldn’t give the child that sort of information. Mainly because the child proved himself tactless thus far.

“Everyone dies, Mortiz. Everyone. Even Gods.” Vas said quietly. Immortality, in his experience, was vastly overrated, so too were the actions people took to avoid their own fate and skip Dira’s realm. “You will too someday. So will we all.” He added, the big man looking intense. Then he glanced at Mathias as the boy turned to walk away. The two seemed to have a silent exchange with an abrupt resolution coming silently between them.

“You can stay.” Mathias said abruptly. “But there will be conditions.” He added.

Pointing at the useless adults with him, he clarified. “You can stay, if you wish, but you alone. Your trio of companions have to depart. If you stay, you must take employment that will pay for your housing and food. You must contribute to this settlement. And we reserve the right to revoke the permission to stay at any moment if your antics become too disruptive.” He added, glancing at Randal who simply shrugged and turned to study the departing boy’s back.

Mathias didn’t seem to mind that he was speaking to Mortiz’s retreating back. He didn’t mention Morwen, the situation there, or any response Mortiz may have had to his questions earlier about the Goddess. He simply wanted to know if the boy was indeed willing to take responsibility for his own life and live it unincumbered by babysitters and outside the influence of any family or privilege.


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A Lean a Landing[Gossamer]

Postby Moritz Craven on Yesterday, 10:35 pm

As Moritz walked away he slowly felt his breath return to normal. Felt the cool touch spreading over his skin recede. Felt the drum inside him echoing in his ears fade. As focused on breathing as he was, it took him a few moments and several steps before he realized Mathias was speaking to him.

When he did he slowly turned around, confusion on his face. He had thought things were over, and that he was done. Off. To leave. He tried to think for a moment, but in that moment he could not recall the last time he hadn't been confused. Some time on the boat maybe, before stepping onto the beach?

While he bodily felt better, better able to breath, to feel, to move, he also felt mentally exhausted.

Rather than stand he took a few steps closer, only to drop himself onto the sand in a plop, feeling quite tired and needing to rest for a moment. From this position he listened to the mans questions, counter to his words about Morwen. Moritz pondered these for a bit, and realized something about talking. Something odd, and that he hadn't considered before.

People often asked questions, but did not expect a response. Earlier about his family, and other things... They had asked a question, but not expected a response. This was confusing to the young kelvic, and left him wondering what the purpose of such a thing was. Why ask a question if you did not expect a response. In fact when he had answered them as requested, or so he thought, it had angered or annoyed the people. Why then ask them? Were some questions then not questions? Or at least not true questions, where an answer was expected?

And, digging further inward and backward in time, had people been asking him such questions before today? How did one tell apart actual questions, and pretend ones? He had gathered the one about his family wasn't an actual question, but that had been partially a guess. A correct guess though... Surely then, Moritz reasoned, there was some trick to it.

When Moritz spoke again it was at a much slower pace than before, showing how mentally tired he was. Though his voice was just as bland and neutral as before.

"I don't know. I don't know why I was given the vision. Was I meant to go through and try to save Morwen? Or just deliver the message? Maybe someone just wanted to see me try and fail. Or to find her, and then let someone else save her? To do nothing, and try to manipulate the knowledge for my own gain... Or something else entirely? I don't know. I don't know who or why it was given, or what their intent was. Gift or curse, I don't know that there is much of a difference at times."

"Still, the first step seemed to be to try and find the place where she crossed, and to spread the word. Once I did that, I hoped the next step would become clear."

At the words on death Moritz smiled, his eyes starting to water for some odd reason. Perhaps from the heat? Or the sun getting in his eyes?

"I know. Probably better than anyone. I've been hearing about Dira since before I understood words. Dira takes when she wills, and no one takes a breath more than that. I've no interest in racing to her arms, but neither do I run from them. And yet... Just doing nothing, to not at least try, to just let a Goddess die that way... One of ice to die alone, weak, in a land of hot, it just seemed... Wrong somehow. Like I should at least try, and make an honest attempt to do something about it."

It took Moritz several more moments to register the mans words on his leaving, indicating Moritz could stay. Moritz at once felt a confusing wash of emotions, some he could not even name, to which he tried to clear away with a breath to think better. What did he want to do? What was his goal? What should he do. In regards to the offered conditions...

"I accept them."

He didn't, he realized, need to think about it much. And his response was pretty clear. He would stay if he could. And nothing the man had said seemed outrageous or overly demanding. No cutting off his left arm or selling his feet.

Turning to the woman Moritz spoke, cutting her off as she opened her mouth to speak. He had some suppositions on why they were there, but wasn't quite sure on whose orders or what those orders were. The co-heads of the city? Someone else in the Shinya? Or someone else entirely? He wasn't really sure.

"Just go. You heard what he said. I'll come grab my few things in a chime. Besides, someone needs to explain to them on the boat whats happened. And I imagine whoever back in Lhavit sent you all will want a report. I'm assuming those Ethaefal. What were thier names... Uh, my mother will be quite mad if I don't remember... Aysel... And Talora? I think something like that. Well, whoever sent you all, I'm sure they'll want an update."

The woman seemed intent on speaking, but after looking about decided not to, and headed off across the beach back to the boat. Moritz hadn't brought many possessions along, but he had a few he would want. Such as the weapons his mother had gifted him and imbued with her soulmist, and a few other odds and ends.

"What sorts of jobs are needed? I don't really have many trade skills. I've had a few lessons in cooking, that's probably the closest to something, though I'm by no means a chef. I doubt my witches eyes would be of much use, unless you've a need for tracking down someone or something that's gone missing... Other than that I suppose whatever general unskilled labor is needed I could do."

"Are their places to rent? I'm not really sure how housing works here."

Looking about Moritz thought on something else. It was a jungle. Mountains he knew to a degree, though had mostly lived in a city. But a jungle... He knew not to wander into the wilds alone, but...

"And besides not wandering into the jungle alone, are there any places I should avoid?"

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