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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

Curious Chronicles

Postby Alric Lysane on November 5th, 2021, 7:12 pm

Alric had returned to the Library, he was starting to quite enjoy the place despite all of the season’s trials and tribulations. It was a place where he could forget everything else, even if it was for but a while. Remmy was still standoffish with him but that was okay, he didn’t really need her to talk with him – the purposeful scratching of her quill was enough. It provided a soothing background noise that called to something from his youth, the sound his mother used to make in better times, before their ending.

“You know you scratch your chon when you’re thinking right?”

“I know, it is a habit I have not been able to break”

“I suggest you find a way, it is quite distracting”

“You know that your quill is louder and more constant right?”

“Yes but this is my little realm and you are but a guest in it. Don’t push your luck”

“Fine fine, I’ll do my best not to be me”

“I’m sure the women of Sunberth will rejoice at such a reformed character”

Alric chuckled at that and returned to his perusal of the shelves. He hadn’t really formed a close relationship with Remmy, it was more that she tolerated him more than most perhaps. Certainly, he had more of an actual interest in the books she had taken charge of. He was there looking for information of course, he needed it, but between searches he would often pick up something that simply interested him and he would sometimes see a small smile cross her lips when he was mindful enough to watch her.

He had just finished flicking through, and reading choice passages from, a journal that seemed to be an attempt at an herbal. It was not that old, or at least the pages had not started to dry and crack, but it had been written in some form of code and so he had barely gleaned anything from within. He had made a note of where it was though, he would return when he had nothing else to do and have a go at cracking the code. Anything written in that manner had to be worth knowing and it taunted his curiosity.

Now he found himself circling back to what he had playfully started calling the ‘history’ section. It was not that it had nothing to say about Sunberth’s past it was more that what it had to say largely boiled down to a series of arguments made from a dozen or more sides that all disagreed with each other and hated the other sides. And given that some even seemed to have spots of blood on the corners it seemed like arguments had boiled over into fights. He could not be sure of course but it certainly felt that way when he read them.

His fingers did not trace the spines as he went anymore – at Remmy’s forceful request – but his fingers were as close as they could be and made his own point about his own level of tolerance. Scanning the shelves he picked a couple he had yet to properly investigate and spent a number of chimes trying to read their title, taking them out and then putting them back where he had to. He eventually ended up with two volumes that looked promising.

’Bloodlines of Sunberth: The Blood that Built the Streets’ and ‘Monsters, Myths & Old Tales’….well they both seem interesting if nothing else. Anything old should help, the name Craven seems to be older than most living memory. Books and ghosts are about all that seem to know anything these days he thought to himself as he returned to his chair and placed the books down upon the desk carefully.

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