Sunberth Winter 521 AV Calendar

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

Sunberth Winter 521 AV Calendar

Postby Alric Lysane on December 12th, 2021, 6:33 pm

Winter 521 AV

With the days shortening, nights lengthening, and yet still no sign of snow, it looks like Sunberth is in for another winter without Morwen. And while hunters might be pleased with the abundance of game that’s thriving without winter weather, farmers in the Agremmon Fields remain grim. Even with a priest of Bala, crop shortages are still to be expected. Wheat was especially hard hit, and other crops have also seen a steady decline in yield over the years. The discerning will also notice that the quality of Sunberth’s crops has reduced as well. To further add to the problem, the abundance of animals has proven to be a huge pest problem for the Agremmon Fields. Hunters are encouraged to step up their game.

Weather this season will be generally pleasant, with intermittent rain and mild temperatures. Early mornings will often have fog coming in off the water, making it a popular time for thieving.

1st Winter begins and though there are no rains yet, and no floods, the obvious absence of Morwen once more leads to mutterings of there being Vantha in the city, cursing it for yet another year

5th Fires break out in the Castle Commons and the Storage Yards. The citizens of Sunberth show a rare amount of unity as they come together to put them out and save the precious stores of merchandise, and more importantly, food. The fires do little but stoke the talk of being cursed and mutterings grow louder

14th Sunberthian Rats displaced by the fires have fled into all parts of the city, raiding personal stores and causing havoc everywhere. Beware, when enough are together even hardy fighters can be nibbled to death. Bounties are posted at The Establishment – a gold per dead rat. If killed without poison rumours persist that Baker’s Butcher’s may take some carcasses

20th The rains finally begin, late but more ferocious for it. Flooding is commonplace along the waterfronts. The river, threatening to burst its banks, leads the more recognised in the city to offer rewards for the manual labour of sandbagging along its edge to protect businesses.

22nd The rains ease off and stop towards the end of the day.

29th A series of thefts from all establishments and gangs have tampers flaring and wits baffled. Any who could shed light on these thefts would garner favour from the gangs and other interested parties

36th The price of bread has jumped due to the fire having hit wheat and flour supplies. In response, a mob breaks out in the Commons. Stalls of all kinds are ransacked as hands take whatever they can. Citizens there at the time may well have a better Winter than most

42nd Brawls break out across the city, every tavern, inn and social establishment seems to have become infected with anger and spite. It is said that it started due to Vantha hunts now becoming bold declarations, that if found and killed the curse of Morwen’s loss would abate. Like a match to sawdust a chain of events is begun.

44th A Vantha is found and interrogated, leading them to beg for mercy but not before it is tortured out of them that the Tent City harbours Vantha in hiding. The city marches and pitched battles break out in the Tent City, which defends itself against being set alight. No Vantha are found but scattered belongings from burnt tents will be salvageable for the rest of the season

51st An out-of-towner is accused of using magic. Few can say what he actually did, but the mob descends all the same. Dragging the man kicking and screaming all the way from the north side of the docks to the rebuilt Gallows, Sunberthians descend to the Commons for a hanging.

67th Wolves are venturing past the confines of the Dust Bed at night, sneaking into the northern part of the Bay. While they so far seem to only be going after dog-sized rats, Tall Johnny has put the word out that he wants them gone.

72nd The Three Gangs make pushes for more territory, engaging in pitched battles over old territories lost. None come out with changed boundaries but instead nurse their wounds find new reasons to hate

77th Merchant ships arrive with more food than is customary. Hope returns slightly and parties and their results break out at the Slag Heap

82nd The fog lingers today, refusing to lift until midday and setting the whole of Sunberth into a thick curtain of poor visibility. Thieves take advantage of the bad weather and loot and steal in earnest as hired guards struggle to spot them.

90th As Winter comes to a close there are whispers of strangers arriving on a ship – mercenaries it is assumed. Whispers begin to circulate that the Big Three will once more seek to hire help for their struggles for supremacy
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