Sunberth Spring 522 Calendar

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Sunberth Spring 522 Calendar

Postby Alric Lysane on March 4th, 2022, 4:27 pm

Spring 522 AV

1st The Burning of the Giant: Violently opposed to honoring the empire that died in the Valterrian, Sunberth spends the anniversary celebrating Olsten the Giant instead. Many drunk and high Sunberthers revel, fight, and gamble as the city takes a holiday. Come watch the giant wicker effigy burn a the Slag Heap

2nd With festivities still going strong into the early hours, alcohol- and drug-induced and paranoia run rampant. A rumor spreads about a mage spotted in Riverside, and a mob of partygoers swarm through the area. For the next few days, more bodies than usual line the Mudway’s banks

5th The mercenaries that arrived at the end of Winter have now been hired by the Big Three. Defences are shored up and territories hesitantly claimed in small clumps around existing boundaries. Small scale scuffles break out as moves are made. Hiring in earnest from Sunberth citizens ramps up, readying for the coming conflicts

9th The Wolves, seeking to exert their will due to recent encroachments, are seen brutally attacking anyone at their fringes. Any who approach for the rest of the season are in for bitter combat

12th Sunberth has been dry and unusually cloudless this Spring. The Mudway’s banks become more exposed as the river gradually recedes, leaving scattered trinkets and prizes for the worthy scavenger

20th Drugs have flooded the street in earnest, imported at the end of last season and now being sold for a cheaper price due to the glut of supply. Addicts of all stripes litter every nook and cranny of the city in the quests for drowning their pains

25th The first serious pitched battles between the Big Three begin. Blood runs the streets and bodies are to be found of all stripes for the rest of the season. Bold scavengers may risk the wrath of the Gangs to loot the riches they may contain

34th Ruby & Brega begin a pricing war to attempt to drive each other out of business – all sexual favours are half price for the rest of the season

41st Slaves have broken loose! Resistant recent purchases have smashed their bonds, taking many with them. Rampaging through the streets of the Slave Quarter and Vino territories, no slaver is safe from their anger on this day

46th The wind changes, sweeping the smoke from the slag fire north, and―for the day―Sunberthers can enjoy a fresh ocean breeze across the city

52nd The glut of drugs has now reached a fever pitch and random bouts of violence, sex, overdoses and the rest have become endemic in the city. Ruby and other ‘City Leaders’ arrange for the bodies of the dead to be gathered – for both burial and the line their own pockets

55th For the next ten days, Sunberth experiences light showers that seem to come and go within the span of chimes. The strange occurrence disrupts the natural rhythm of the city and leads to a series of parties…and their associated happenings

58th The Storage Houses have been cleared and rebuilding is well underway from the previous seasons fire. Labourers are paid double for their efforts and the finishing touches are scheduled to be put in place by season’s end

60th Drug Dealers have been falling, one by one murdered throughout the season, until now the last few rackets are hiring any thug and mercenary to protect themselves from this mystery of death

65th The Big Three go to war once more, this time their battles destroy several market stalls and a smattering of ‘residential’ buildings are burned down in the confusion

73rd A pod en route to Zeltiva gets to port in the early morning, and many of the local Svefra link their ships up to party. Ferries will be harder to catch today, and the odds of your ferry captain being drunk will be high

74th When their hangovers wane, the local Svefra is alarmed to find that one of their podmates and her casinor are missing. Most ferrying for the day is suspended as the pod searches for their missing sister. All assistance will be rewarded

80th The Wolves send a message to the Big Three, their madness consuming entire squads of the other Gang’s thugs. The edges of their territory become littered with the dead this day, a reminder that some parts of Sunberth are untameable

85th Tall Johnny’s ‘Champion of Sunberth’ is found beaten to death. Rumours abound as to the culprit, why they did it and how the prized fighter could possibly lose a fist fight

90th As Spring winds down there is an abnormal sense of positivity permeating the city – parties break out around the Slag Heap once more. As the drink, drugs, sex and scuffles get underway some swear they can hear a voice telling them of a dark upon the horizon


1. Meet a new NPC
2. Get into a fist fight
3. Partake of a day of pure hedonism
4. Get caught in the middle of a Big Three scuffle
5. Find a dead body…looting optional
6. Steal something for fun
7. Try to outdrink a Svefra
8. Catch a slave, or help a slave escape
9. Take part in the Burning of the Giant
10. Partake of the offer from Ruby/Brega
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