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Crylon arrives in Syka after a long trip...

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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From one beach to another [Gossamer]

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on May 8th, 2022, 10:09 pm

In some ways Crylon had trouble communicating due to the language barrier. He was not yet fluent in common, though in truth while he had lived among humans who mainly spoke it for quite some time he had not buckled down and found someone to really help him improve. But beyond the language barrier Crylon still thought like an Isur of Sultros. And the way he spoke and explained himself showed this. While he had changed some things from an understanding of human customs, he still sometimes slipped into those old habits.

He was not upset by Sorian's tight lipped response, learning if nothing else that this man was one that did not like to freely speak about his particular divine, if he had one. While he was not one to avoid the topic, he would try to be considerate in the future based on his current response. He had not intended it as a means of digging into who he worshiped, but more as a means of clarifying his response to come since it related to his own divine and way of worship.

Once they moved on from that and he spoke on other topics of his interest Sorian seemed to take a more positive, or at least neutral response to his words as compared to some of the others.

To Crylon's mind Architecture and design was in and of itself something built upon itself. Once one building was made things were learned, some of which could apply to other builds, and some which could not. And so on with the next, and the one after, and on going forward. Understanding the land, the materials, the people using the structure, and the environment, all had to be understood to properly make a structure well.

Taking a moment to consider the mans words Crylon nodded in response.

“Yes... And yes. Both. Like build, also like design. Done bit both. Most things, making, start to finish, like do. Or if not know, learn do. Build, make, is... Take from vision, to real. See come to... fruition... Is joy to see come real.”

Whether he was hammering a piece of hot metal into shape, or building a forge brick by brick, he enjoyed picturing the finished product within the raw material and then watching step by step as those raw materials came closer and closer to the final vision he intended. It was a technique he always did when crafting, visualizing things, planning out, and one he had been doing for as long as he could recall such that it was now second nature.

He understood what he meant by the land, and nodded along again.

“Yes, know what mean. Is always first step do, before begin design. Go place, get feel for land, what can hold, what needs... First step before draw first line. Understand what mean.”

At the mention of a pair of forges Crylon frowned in thought, thinking of the Kelvic master of the Demesne who was also a jeweler. She was a jeweler among other things, but he was unclear on what differences there were in a forge made for one as compared to a normal smithy...

From what Sorian said it seemed quite a bit of building needed doing, both homes and business. Out of all of those he felt the forge seemed the most urgent, not just because he was an Isur and liked forges but also because another means of production would help aid in further production and buildings... Though he was unsure if the man meant two forges, one normal and another specialized for making jewelry, or one forge for the latter.

What Sorian said did interest him. Meeting people. Designing new things. Designing for more than just function but also aesthetics... And also in new materials, on new types of land he had not worked before, and which he would need to understand... All of those things excited him. And it would also mean becoming a part of the community as he met people, become an expert on the local conditions, and helped them from beginning to the end of their project.

Then the man spoke about water, and a whole other layer of things was brought up which he had not really considered before. Bad groundwater? Or unsafe... Perhaps needing boiling and treating. Contaminated? Which, from what the man said, meant each building needed a cistern of sorts and water storage. For a place with so much rain, there being a shortage of water seemed odd but he understood what was meant. In some ways it reminded him of the Outpost, though in that place there was an underground source of clean water that ran pure and cool.

That, Crylon reasoned, would alter any given structure and its roof, how it was positioned and weighted... And the larger or taller the structure, the more support it would need and firm footing so to speak... And the more people there the more water was needed... Which meant more support... Yes, he could see it in his mind now, a loop of functions working upon themselves, interacting and having to be solved.

Finally as the man finished explaining all of the unique problems of building in Syka... Crylon smiled as the man seemed to offer him a job. Crylon nodded along in reply, glad to find such an interesting place to work at so soon after arriving.

“Yes, would like take job if offering. Can start right away. Will do own best to learn what not know, and expand what know to... Create fine places for live and work and things. Am better with hearing common, and writing, than speaking, but if take time... Go slow... Can speak clearer. But also, will ask, see if anyone can help with learn better so... Fluent. Communicate, is important, as say.”

As always Crylon was a planner, and he considered what the man had said. What he needed, wanted, and would have Crylon doing. He could certainly help build places already designed... And perhaps to work himself up on the unique needs of the land he could start with smaller or simpler structures, and then as he said once his designs got signed off such that he could work alone he could go into more complicated ones...

“So... Sounds like, split time... Tween build, and design... If have places working now, could help there to begin, see work sites and things. And once get feel better for place, land... could start on simpler design till work out more of Syka needs, land, material, things. I made forge afore, so... Maybe begin there, if not design already? Or help build, if did? Though... What difference from normal forge, and jewelry forge? Known jeweler afore, and seen forge, smithy... But not sure what exactly differ if still forge. Otherwise... Fine start on whatever wish.”

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