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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Let's Go Shopping (Moritz x Evalynn)

Postby Evalynn Frostfawn on May 15th, 2022, 1:14 am

Spring 22nd, 522AV

Eva paced back and forth with nervous energy around the outside of the commons, reading over a piece of paper she had found on a doorway while she was wandering around the commons in the early hours. She had originally gone to the Commons to look for work, but instead found a notice about curses and instinctively tore it down and scurried out of the area. Syka had a wave of curses befall them and on this paper was a list of names and what they believe their curse is. And on the list was Moritz's name, and next to his name was what was believed to be his curse. Eva stopped her pacing and took in some long breaths before leaning her head back and thinking.

She went back and recalled all of their conversations they had, taking some time to sort through them. She also tried to recall all other interactions she had with other Sykans and everything started piecing itself together. Eva found herself being thankful to the gods that she had arrived late in Syka and smiled to herself. She folded up the paper and added it to the tiny leather pouch she had dangling on her hip before she returned to her bungalow to get ready. It was still pretty early in the morning, and she didn't take the time to get herself ready as all she was doing was going to the commons.

Walking up and into her bungalow, she decided to close off the back half of the area so she could bathe. With her usual bucket of cold water and a burlap rag, she gave herself a cleansing sponge bath, wiping away all the sweat she had produced from the night before. It felt like she was taking a bath back to back, as she basically soaked herself last night in sweat. But she had to admit, she was starting to get accustomed to the warmer evenings and all the muggy weather here. Once she was thoroughly cleaned up, she allowed herself to drip dry as she started to work on her hair.

Since her comb was now completely broken from all the snags and knots of her hair, she had started to adopt the process of finger combing. Starting from the bottom, she ran her fingers through and gently worked out any knots she could find. Her soft eyes examined how her hair shimmered from its usually dark chocolate brown to a slight blue and green color underneath. She smiled at its beauty, and was saddened that she had to hide it because Morwin was missing. Once she had finished combing her hair, Eva decided to put it into a careful bun at the base of her neck, making sure to tuck away all the shimmering under hairs.

Her next task was her eyes, and the one thing she dreaded the most. While she was out traveling, she was always having to be extremely cautious of other individuals and how she would react. She would steel off her emotions, put on a face, and do her best to look past every situation that could bring up emotions. She witnessed many terrible things doing this and struggled in silence when a situation got too bad. Sometimes, there were situations where she would forget to steel her nerves and would wind up nearly exposing herself. She figured if that would happen, she would have the resolve to assassinate the individual under the guise that they admitted they were a Vantha. But luckily that never happened and she shook away the memories of the past, refocusing on her current situation and her trip with Mortiz. She stared at herself in the mirror and would recite to herself to steel her nerves and survive. It wasn't something that was going to be an immediate fix, but it was an attempt

Next was to cover her scars on her face, something that she never really found a need to do at first. She didn't have much in the way of makeup or paint, instead she had mixed together a concoction of things while she was traveling to match her skin tone. It was a long, grueling process, especially when she had no clue what she was doing and would rub random stuff on her skin causing minor rashes. She pulled the small container out of her pack and immediately her stomach sank when she noticed the lid was missing and the powdery contents spilled all over her things.

"What! When!" She shouted, snatching up her bag and pulling out all her belongings. Gritty powder flung everywhere as she did so and she gave a frustrated growl, throwing her bag to the side. She attempted to salvage as much as she could, dabbing it on her facial scars at least, but it wasn't enough to cover the entire thing. Instead, it sort of muted the severity of it, making it seem like it was just a simple flesh wound. Her sigh of defeat was a signal that she would have to settle for this and hoped she could find something when they were out shopping.

After that fiasco, Eva begins to dress herself in the same clothes she wore yesterday, feeling a little excited about the possibility of getting new clothes. She grinned wide, imagining herself in a new set of pants and another shirt while also spending time with Moritz. She giggled once she was done dressing and turned to grab her pack, being reminded that she had just thrown everything out of it and now her room was a mess. A groan came from her lips before she settled with just equipping herself with her dagger, money pouch, and the last of her rations. Walking out of the bungalow, she practically skipped down the steps and over to their meeting spot.

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Let's Go Shopping (Moritz x Evalynn)

Postby Moritz Craven on May 15th, 2022, 7:53 pm

22 Spring 522

For Moritz morning, he did not have much to do to get ready. After all he was just going outside his house where they were meeting, and Evalynn was coming to meet him rather than him finding her. Still he found himself excited by the prospect of seeing her again after a few days, his stomach swirling as he thought on that. For his part he made sure to get himself clean, washed his hair the night before, and checked his clothing over once.

After finishing this and other morning ablutions he ended up putting on the same button up one piece silk outfit that he normally wore which was both comfortable and sturdy, along with being somewhat magical and so extra special. Namely when he shifted forms it shifted with him, turning into a color pattern on his fur. It also seemed to adjust itself over time, since he had not needed it tailored at all since wearing it even though he had gone through several growth spurts since then...

With that he finished donning his gear. A pair of sandals he bought with a ghost and which was cooler than boots. Something needed both here and in the Outpost. He also had the bracelet on his wrist covered in charms which he could not remove from his person, and a pack on his back where he stowed a sheathed dagger, a waterskin, along with a decent bit of coin should they need to make some purchases. Which, of course, was their plan.

Thinking about Evalynn he noticed the gem on his hand had turned a bright pink hue, which he assumed was related to his current mood. As he considered the woman his stomach clenched as he dwelled on a thought. Was this a date? What if he thought it was a date, and she did not? She had said she liked him, or had a crush on him... So that indicated she did like him... Though the reason for them going which he had told her had been something made up due to his curse, so perhaps she did not think it was one?

Pushing this aside Moritz focused instead on waiting, keeping his mind clear and calm. Practicing a bit of meditation Moritz stared at the colored star on his hand, willing it to turn back to a neutral hue. Breathing in... Then out... Back in... Then back out... Clearing his mind of other things, other distractions... Just leaving him, and breathing, and the gem... He kept this up for a few chimes while waiting, clearing his mind and trying to calm himself, while the hue slowly faded and went back to a more neutral state.

It was in this state that he heard the sound of feet coming down the path to his home, and realized Evalynn was approaching. As he did he felt the familiar twisting of his stomach, and looked down to see the star had turned pink once more.

Standing up with a grin on his face Moritz waited for Evalynn to approach, before he finally began speaking.

"Well then, I worked out the whole stipend thing, so ready for the tour?"

Once she was ready Moritz would lead the way to the dovecote, refusing to say anything if she asked where they were going but simply smiling back at her and gazing into her eyes. It was not an overly long trip. Just out to the cobbled pathway, and over to the commons. And then from the commons a short path north which led to the dovecote building.

Once they arrived Moritz would lead her inside, close the door, wait for a moment, and open it again to reveal the Outpost outside the building that had a moment ago led to Syka. Now instead it was a completely different place, perhaps equally hot but drier. Offering his hand Moritz would walk her through the door and lead her into this new place, where nearby a man would happily state "Welcome, Welcome to Xyna's Outpost!"

The man, Paul, greeted Moritz quickly, remembering the distinctive fellow from past visits, and offered to help the newcomer with questions or information along with his normally offered map of the Outpost. Moritz for his part just smiled, having once more forgotten to let go of Evalynn's hand.

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