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Blistering Calm

Postby Cleon on June 2nd, 2022, 5:40 pm


It was a little overwhelming standing in the middle of it all. He knew how he got here, the steps that purposefully lead him to this point but that didn’t mean he was ready for any of it. He had been prepared, foolishly, to figure this out without thinking about how it would all end. Because of his curse, he could barely hold a sword without shaking. What did he really think he was doing confronting whoever was behind this. Just then a cool voice entered his mind although Cleon didn’t recall tapping into his charm just yet.

‘At ease Cleon. My name is Orenmir. I have been watching you quietly ever since you brought me back from the Outpost many days ago. You have not drawn me once since then so I have not felt the need to reveal myself. I only do so now because I worry that you may feel the need to wield me soon, something you are woefully unprepared to do. I would advise against putting yourself into a situation where you would have to use me until you are better prepared. Play to your strengths, and don’t force your hand just yet. That is all.’

Cleon blinked several times, and swallowed hard as the voice trailed off. It was right, this Orenmir. He’d played at swatting a wooden dummy with a machete and throwing a few punches around with Moritz but this was serious business they were about to embark upon. He recognized Antelokes vaguely from the tenday but couldn’t recall exactly which curse the man struggled with at the moment. There were just so many, and his capacities were limited on the best of days with his curse. Alric on the other hand he did recognize, and he was a bit taken aback to see the man here, a flesh and blood living being standing before him now. He was supposed to be all the way back in Sunberth looking for Farren. How had he come all of this way in such a short time? There was so much he wanted to ask, but there was no time to ask it now.

What Alric had to say sounded reasonable to Cleon’s ears but at once he was at a loss for how to supply him with the concrete proof he so desired. Cleon wasn’t completely heartless, he had thought about this quite a bit before he had come to the conclusion he did about Kyle. He’d even thought the boy was innocent at first, and allowed himself to be manipulated into chasing the secrets the other children held. Luke, Lexi, Brea, Dalton, Axim, Julian, and Kelton. He’d been in all of their minds. The only ones he hadn’t were the remaining girls which might have been an oversight on his part, but because they were so close in age to Faye he hadn’t suspected them. Still he might have followed up on them if he hadn’t been in Kyle’s mind one last time, and heard the things he did. Then it was like all of the pieces came together for him, the snatches of conversation, the little strange reactions Kyle had to situations, finding him alone on the beach after Miss Hess died.. It all made him certain he had the right individual.

“Kyle is the one with short black hair and green eyes. Mostly keeps to himself. If you need proof, it is likely he has a mark on him from Rhysol. I do not know what Rhysol’s gnosis looks like but I have learned from a book that I borrowed from Matthias that a black sun is one of his symbols. I do not think a priest of Rhysol would be so foolish to keep such a symbol on his personal property, but there is always a chance I suppose.” Cleon said, resting his tongue behind his teeth as he looked from Moritz, to Antelokes, to Alric, to Shiress, and then to a visitor that he hadn’t seen in a while.

He smiled back, and found that he couldn’t take his eyes off of Ialari. Cleon supposed he shouldn’t have been surprised at her words. After all, she had done a great many miraculous things on that day they met and he still remembered well their talk about connections. Perhaps this really was the moment they would figure everything out if the strings were drawing them together for this occasion. He blushed slightly and touched his ear as he looked back at Ialari.

Cleon was still puzzling over her suggestion when Shiress made hers which wasn’t something he had expected to be in the woman’s repertoire. It was a shame that their conversation had ended abruptly earlier in the season because now he found himself wishing that he had learned more about her though he still wondered what else had been on her mind that day.

“I’m not that handy in a fight. I have a charm that will allow me to coat an item with poison that will not affect me. I am also a decent sneak and pickpocket if that helps at all. The only other thing I can think of is that I know a good deal about these children so I might have an idea about how to get Kyle alone. He told me earlier in the season that Senora has a secret that would get her killed. I believe if we take her aside first and make a show of it, we could put her somewhere safe. Then we can pick the ground that we would want to bring Kyle to. Then I could go back and tell Kyle that I discovered Senora’s secret thanks to his information, and ask him if he wants to see what happens to her. Being the toxic little shite he is, I expect he will agree, although I will allow that he has surprised me quite a few times in the past so I am open to any other suggestions you all might have. Regardless, we need to actually look like we are doing something so everyone take a drink, or at least pretend to.” Cleon said as he retrieved a bottle of Bluevein gold from his pack. He had started to constantly fill it up with the same wine everyday ever since he had gotten his charm although he did occasionally switch it up. Cleon started things off by taking a slight swig of the bottle, and passed it to Antelokes because he recalled Moritz’s opinion on alcohol earlier that season.

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Blistering Calm

Postby Moritz Craven on June 4th, 2022, 12:05 am

After arriving at the group, Moritz spent some time just listening. He was a bit unclear what everyone was talking about, and was half tempted to shift into his Kelvic form to move about the water. It was something he had been wanting to try for awhile, but he was unsure how others would feel about a large hairy animal body suddenly being among the water for bathing humans...

The idea that Kyle, apparently one of the children, was the cause of all the curses... it was an odd idea. But, it seemed, like Cleon had some proof behind it. He seemed a good enough fellow that it was unlikely he would just make such a thing up... Plus it was not like he was saying they should just gut some little kid, rather he wanted to question the child and possibly restrain them but not directly hurt if they were innocent... He was not one to just blindly trust another's words without evidence, but what he said did seem logical and he had done nothing yet to make him think to the contrary. Within reason he had no trouble trusting but verifying until more info was confirmed.

The more worrying thing was the bit about having a charm that let him read minds. He certainly had not mentioned that before... Though, as he thought on it he did not really have any thoughts he kept overly secret, he might be a bit more blunt in his head than what he said out loud since people easily got offended by his unstrained thoughts, but he did not really lie or keep many secrets... Well not counting the cursed lies he had lately been forced to say.

After considering that though his mind turned to this Rhysol divine fellow... He did not seem a nice type, and was not really someone he wanted to get to know more about. But if it was involved with their curses... Well then, he supposed it could not be helped.

From what everyone said, this child if the curse bringer was quite dangerous... If only there was an easier way to sense that kind of thing, how dangerous someone was... And then something occurred to Moritz, the odd ability he had gained the season before all these curses began. His ability to sense combat presences. While it might not be infallible, if this kid was really as physically dangerous as they said then surely he would have a strong combat presence? It made a logical sense. Of course perhaps he was not the curse bringer... Or it was even possible he was the curse bringer but simply worked by other methods without directly fighting people. All seemed possible outcomes. On the other, other hand, he was yoiunger than most of these kids, and had already spent a good bit of time training and was probably better in a fight than most of these children three times his age... So he could always be a good fighter but not the curser. Those four seemed the most likely outcomes, but he still felt it would be a good idea to know if the kid had good combat abilities as more info was always good.

So he could check his combat presence... As far as he knew it could not be hidden. He had mentioned the ability to a few people, but he was unsure if anyone here currently knew of it... Most he had only met after his curse had begun, and he had not told anyone since then due to his curse... Well, except Shiress, since he had been able to tell the stuffed animal her son had was combat capable, even more so than Moritz, which was clearly odd for a stuffed animal.

He recalled the Isur woman as he had met her at one of the tendays the season prior, actually it had been at the tenday where he had gained his ability. Quite the odd circumstance.

A smile on his face as he spoke he tried to explain his position, but as most present knew his curse twisted what he wanted to say.

"Well, I completely trust everything you say, and I am sure there are not other alternatives. That being said I think the entire plan is stupid and foolish. As my great uncle Trevor used to say, if a large group of people gather together for one goal, best to side with the other person and betray that group when they need help. So I suppose I will just go over to this person and direct their attention here. More in my nature and interests to just betray you all. He kind of reminds me of that turtle fellow, the one with the part plant lady and her plantling. I will just make sure not to do the same as with that turtle fellow."

This last bit was directed at Shiress, hoping that he had made himself clear... Which was tricky, not knowing exactly what would come out of his mouth or how his words would be twisted into a lie... But over the season he had begun to grasp it better, and had some more accuracy in aiming it in the opposite direction by knowing well what he actually thought.

Still if he could distract the kid, and possibly sense his combat presence that would be good for the plan right? And since Cleon had pointed him out, it would not be so weird for just Moritz to go over. After all he was a very sociable person and spoke to anyone who stood still for more than a moment.

Ignoring Cleon's offered drink, if no one argued against it, attacked him, or otherwise physically stopped him Moritz would do his best to go over and keep the kid in question busy while others did what they would, which would draw attention to himself but away from everyone else. He could be annoying at times, but was also quite attention getting between his odd words, stature, and colored hair. Plus he would try to get a good look and focus long enough to sense the boys combat presence, all assuming he got a chance to go over. And it could not hurt to have someone keep tabs on the kid, and who better than Moritz?

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Blistering Calm

Postby Shiress on July 4th, 2022, 1:24 am


Shiress watched Moritz walk away then turned to look at Cleon.

"He's going to do his thing and measure his combat prowess," Shiress sighed, "I'm going to get the kid's lunch started, so I can part."

Turning away from the little group, Shiress plastered a smile across her lips and raised her voice to be heard over the laughing and splashing kids in the pool.

"It's almost time for lunch, you guys," Shiress called out, "how about we eat at the pool today?" Ten sets of eyes turned to Shiress amidst a chorus of yes's and nodding heads. Shiress nodded in turn and left the pool area for The Protea inn.

At the inn's kitchen, Shiress requested a loaf of bread, peanut butter, a bag of dried banana chips, and a pitcher of lemonade. Shoving those into a basket that Tazrae let her borrow, Shiress collected plates, cups, and a few napkins, then made her way to an empty table.

Shiress pulled a vial from her bag. The label read Curare. Holding the vial in her hand, she studied the labels, trying and failing to talk herself out of what she was about to do. Shiress had to remember that, if Cleon was right, Kyle was far from a little boy. But a priest of Rhysol? The thought had a shiver running up her spine.

She sat the glass containers on the table and separated a cup from the long stack, and chose the vial containing a thick clear liquid. Curare was a potent muscle relaxant and, if the physician had read it was true, used by the Myrians to coat spearheads to quickly bring down their prey. Shiress hadn't ever used the drug, but by all accounts, it was potent.

Using a napkin, Shiress tilted the vial, letting a good bit run out onto the cloth, then liberally coated the inside of a cup. Replacing the cup into the stack and making sure it was on top, she pulled one of the two jars of peanut butter from her bag and poured in the remainder of the drug, stirring the clear liquid in good, before scoring the label with her fingernail. With the salty, earthy flavor of peanut butter and the sour, tangy taste of lemonade, Shiress thought the taste of the Curare should be well and concealed. Replacing the jar into her bag, along with the vial, she pulled her bag from the table, grabbed the stack of cups, and made her way back.

Shiress picked a table not too far from the pool, unpacked her bag, putting the tainted jar of peanut butter away from her as if it were just extra, and started making the sandwiches. The first jar of peanut butter ran out just before she needed to make the last sandwich. How very convenient. Shiress had to fight a relieved sigh.

Once the sandwiches were made and plated, she added a few banana chips to the plates and called for the kids to make their way out of the pool, and two by two's, Shiress handed out the lunches, concentrating hard to make sure Kyle received the proper sandwich and tainted cup.

When all the orphans had their plates and cups, Shiress didn't return to Cleon and the small group. Instead, she chose a chair close by and sat, doing her best not to look at Kyle. What was done was done. All she could do was hope and pray Cleon was right because if he wasn't, Shiress might have just killed an innocent child by poisoning him.
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