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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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A beachside bum

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on June 1st, 2022, 12:18 am

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As Crylon rolled over in his bed, he stretched while listening to the sound of birds. While he had lived on the coast before and had thought he was used to bird calls, in Syka this had its own meaning. For some odd magical reason birds could talk in Syka, which meant the morning cry of gulls was an argument of "mine", "food", "over there", "hey", and other such simple things. While it had taken some getting used to, Crylon felt he was adjusting well enough.

Plus before too long he would be building a place of his own, preferably away from the water of the ocean and... Well only a wish but something he hoped for... But close to some real terrain. Stone, that was what he wanted. The touch, the feel as one walked across it... It was one of the things he had missed most often since leaving Sultros, and while he could walk on sand or mulch or grass it just was not the same as having solid stone under ones feet.

Not that he was currently slumming it. Using the odd handkerchief he had found in the Outpost, he had ended up sleeping in style with a large six person tent which oddly unfolded by magic from the simple slip of cloth. Nothing like those sleeping in the tent city in Sunberth. It even had bedding, and was perfectly suited for the tropics with netting for keeping out pests and was almost rain proof in all but the worst downpours.

As he stepped out of his tent and grabbed his pack Crylon stretched and looked about, only to see something glint above and fall from a passing bird. Waving a hand high to ward it off the small object bounced off his blackened Isurian arm, landing among the sand before him.

Bending over Crylon took a closer look, trying to see what had fallen. As he did he saw it was a small item, one which reminded ihm of the one that had been on the bracelet he had recently found.... And still could not take off. As he picked it up he held it next to the bracelet, and saw it snapped on and also did not want to remove itself.

Where the other one was a pair of arms crossed with a sense of endurance, this one was... An anchor? A anchor off a boat. Odd to say the least.

Without thinking Crylon said "anchor" out loud, as that was clearly what it was. Thinking nothing more of it he went to move off, only to find he was well 'anchored' to the spot. He could not move!

Jerking his legs this way and that he tried to move, only to find no matter what he was firmly placed in the sand of the beach, he could not move! He kept at it for a chime before realizing he must have activated something. All he had done was put on the charm... And stated what it looked like. Anchor... Saying the word again he tried to move, but that was not it. Un-anchor? Nope... Free! Loose! sail! By then a few birds were watching, almost chuckling if he was not off... Finally he just tried to go through common words with similar meaning. After a few more chimes with his mind going blank, he finally hit the key word... Release?

As he did he jerked and fell to the sandy ground, finally loosed from the spot. That was something he would need to watch out for. Anchor and release, the key words. With a sigh he dusted himself off and went for a morning bite before he really got his day going.

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