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Tazrae and Mathias meet a newcomer to Syka on the beach.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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A New Guest & New Magics [Rhydian]

Postby Tazrae on August 28th, 2022, 4:55 pm

Tazrae’s eyes softened at Rhydian’s words. “Lyel is doing the right thing for you, Rhydian. She’s letting her child go out into the world to finish finding himself. Children need that, I think… to be on their own and asking questions, learning new things, finding their path. No matter how hard it is for you to be here, without her, imagine how hard it is for her to let you go? I can’t imagine how much courage it takes for her to give you this opportunity instead of selfishly keeping you close in a world that you don’t quite fit into? She’ll be around, I’m sure, coming back to check on you and making sure you are happy. Any mother who loved her child would.” Tazrae said softly, walking to the Eypharian and laying a hand on his shoulder. She gave it a gentle squeeze. “She made sure you were with good people that will help you learn what you need to know to find out more of who you are. Its an important time in your life… one that will last a long time. I know I’m still going through my self discovery too. Just make sure you honor her by giving yourself lots of time to actually get to know yourself before you rush into things like relationships, adopting a family, building a life. Don’t take on too much too quickly. Give yourself time to find your way.” She added, offering him another smile.

“And I’ll start teaching you some magical fundamentals. It might be a good thing for after dinner and after dinner cleanup to tackle. In fact, I can even teach you things while I am clearing the meal for the Inn and washing up. I always love that time of the evening. It keeps my hands busy but frees up my mind for grander thoughts.” She added, smiling slightly.

“You won’t have to find Lyel. I suspect she’ll be around. She’ll give you space but be close enough if you need her.” Taz reiterated, certain of it, whether Rhydian liked it or not. “The bottom line is that you aren’t Charoda… and Eypharians are creatures of the land. You can bridge that gap, but you can’t leave the land for her world and she can’t leave the sea for your world for long periods. You can find common grounds on the fringes though. That much is certain.” Taz said, not meaning to butt into his life, but when he said such things in front of her, it opened him up to her commentary. And he’d have to learn, sooner or later, that as a bard, she had exceptional hearing. She could hear things miles away that no other human could. It was just part of her mark and Rhaus’ gift to those that served him.

She laughed at his use of ‘our kids’. “Are you so certain you are going to adopt Brea then? And which one do you have picked out for me? I haven’t had much of a chance to spend with them, though Michaela seems intent on thrusting one or another at me.” She added, knowing it was true that she could use some help with the Inn and any of the older girls would do. She just had to talk to them, spend time, and figure out which one might have a personality worth mentoring in the direction of being an Innkeeper. “Or are you thinking I’m going to start having some of my own shortly? And with what father? Children don’t just automatically start gestating. They need seed planted; you know.” She said, snapping a partially damp towel at him playfully, trying to bring the mood up. “Males aren’t exactly lining up. And I’ve proven myself less than stellar material for a partnering.” She added, thinking of Alric.

Taz had no problem giving Rhydian the room of his choice. They were, in her mind, all alike though guests had without fail shown preference for one or the other depending on who the guest was and what their needs were. She stocked them all the same, kept them all spotless, and added touches of personality here and there in the form of candles, gathered agates, and even driftwood that looked like something artistic. Each even had little shell windchimes that tinkled in the ocean breeze.

“As always, your welcome to a room at The Protea whenever you like, Rhydian. I enjoy taking care of people. But I don’t live here, not really. I’m just here all the time. I used to live here, but I purchased land behind the Inn between myself and Mathias’ Bungalow. I take my rest there and have all my things there. It’a called Garden Beach. There’s a path south that leads to my place if you ever are looking for me and I’m not here. It’s the whole stretch of six acres of beach and jungle between The Protea and Mathias’ Cabana. You are welcome anytime.” She added. If Rhydian ever wandered south he’d find an abundance of Ixam and a Drykas’ style pavilion, much like the Children’s Pavilion, open to the world with no doors and no locks, housing Tazrae’s home. There was a training ground behind her home, one she used often, as a way to keep in shape.

With that admission, she got started making Rhydian something to eat. He’d find she liked making platters of fingerfood, with small sandwiches, savory and sweet, treats that were bitesized in the form of meats and cheese and mushrooms stuffed with seafood and baked with creamed cheese. Taz added fresh fruits, crackers she had fresh baked, and assorted salsa made from both fruit and vegetables spiced to perfection. She had ice cold water, juice, and was willing to brew him any tea he wanted. She even made chocolate drinks when the weather was cooler or people needed special pampering. Dinner was a grader affair. Taz would sit down with him as he grazed on the enormous platter he made her, walking away to take the time to feed others as they dropped by or popped in. Many were given linen bagged lunches as if they were regulars. Others were simply offered coffee and pastry. She seemed to know what people liked, needed, and only the strangers or relatively new to the Settlement got asked before she prepped them food.

And it didn’t matter. She made whatever anyone wanted, and seemed happy to do it. Rhydian could tell she felt good in the kitchen, at home there, and often chatted happily and openly with the people that dropped by. If they were strangers to Rhydian to, she’d make quick introductions, explaining this person and that person’s role in the settlement. And when it came time to clean up, she wouldn’t let him help. Instead, she let him do what he liked, pushing off any offers of assistance as if she ruled the Kitchen and it was her Kingdom alone. When lunch was concluded and everything cleaned and put away, Taz left Rhydian to his own devices to settle in, rest if he liked, or wander the Settlement to get a feel for it.

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