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Bits and pieces (Bronwen)

Postby Farren on July 25th, 2022, 5:56 pm

64th of Summer, 522 AV

Farren didn’t often come all the way down to the Aquillar hotsprings. Just a few times a season which was about as much as she was willing to spend on such a luxury. Ordinarily a common bath in a wooden tub would do, but sometimes she needed the respite that only the hotsprings could provide. Today was one of those days, though she didn’t spring for a private pool, settling instead for a shared experience which she enjoyed in a corner as far as humanly possible from the other patrons. Which reckoned to about arms length, but Farren didn’t let that stop her from enjoying herself.

Contrary to the name, the hotsprings features both cold and warm pools, with the warm ones typically being smaller and thus reserved for private affairs. This large common pool was of the cooler variety, and could fit about fifteen people comfortably. There were currently twenty so standing room was in a bit of short supply. Fortunately she had managed to squeeze her way into a part of the pool that was shaded by one of the giant oak trees that lined the property which kept her out of the brunt of the summer sun while she relaxed in the shallows.

She’d traveled light today, only brining her person, the clothes she had on, and the exact amount she’d need to access the hotspring with a few mizas left over for refreshment if she got the itch. Naturally she only owned one dress, a red one that she had taken off before she entered the pool in her undergarments. Looking around the pool, she saw that not all of the patrons shared her sensibility though her reserve wasn’t born out of any shyness but instead practicality. Naked she’d have no where to store her coin purse, her key, or the dagger she currently had tucked into the back strap of her underwear.

Although she didn’t know exactly how to use it, she craved the security of that hard metal against the small of her back. It gave her the apperance of being dangerous. At least, that was what she liked to think but sometimes she saw through her own foolishness on that account. Farren had always been much better with her words, and her body for that matter. That had always been her shield, and her preferred weapon, getting her through some pretty lean times when kindness was scarce, and kindness was always scarce here.

Farren eventually decided that she was done standing around waist deep on the edge of the pool and decided to sink into the water somewhat until it was just below her chin. She was reluctant at first to move any farther from her red dress that was pooled on the ground beside the edge of the spring, but eventually decided as long as she could keep an eye out, it would be alright. Besides the pleasure of sinking her head beneath the cool waters was too hard to resist, and briefly she dunked her head in before coming back up, hair plastered across the front of her face. Combing it back with her fingertips, she smiled slightly to herself as she started wading back towards the edge of the spring, seeking the mug of redberry juice she’d left there.

Taking the mug between her hands she took a tentative sip as she looked around at the other people that crowded the pool. A mixture of tradesmen, farmhands, and displaced outsiders greeted her gaze before her eyes fell upon someone that looked as out of place as she felt. A tall woman with brown hair, and an athletic physique she cut quite the picture standing there all by her lonesome. Farren felt a twinge of curiosity, and after thinking it over for a chime she grabbed up her dress and mug before heading right over.

As she drew near, Farren set her things aside a discreet distance away before making her approach. Unfortunately there wasn’t much she could do to make herself look presentable though she did make a little effort, binding her hair back in a pony tail and pushing out her chest so she didn’t look so scrawny. As she drew near the woman, she realized just how much taller this woman was than her, with Farren having to tilt her head up to look the woman in the face.

Favoring a warm smile, Farren cleared her throat delicately before speaking. “Excuse me, I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you, but I couldn’t help but notice you from across the pool and I was wondering… what do you do to keep your hair looking so glossy. Its absolutely gorgeous.” Farren said, giving the woman an admiring look without encroaching on her personal space any more than she already had. “My hair… I’m just at a loss for what to do with it y’know? My name is Farren by the way.” She said as she took to combing her wet hair through with her fingers, pulling at the ends as she looked up thoughtfully at the woman. Farren suddenly felt anxious standing by the woman though she couldn’t directly pin down why. Not immediately anyways beyond the fact that she was possessed of a very striking presence. She was almost certain that she had never seen the woman here before or she would have noticed, though that wasn’t exactly surprising given the fact that she came here so sparingly.

It was more than just that though. There was something about the woman that drew Farren from across the pool. Something about the way she held herself that attracted her like a paper moth to the slag heap. Farren chewed on her lower lip gently as she tried to puzzle out just what that was while she listened to the woman’s response.

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Bits and pieces (Bronwen)

Postby Bronwen on August 8th, 2022, 12:43 am


"You know what they say," a voice called from behind Bronwen, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results."

A charred hairbrush flew from Bron's startled fingers as she spun around, tensing for a fight, only to relax when she recognized the blonde whore picking her way toward Bron through what was left of Tent City. Hadrian followed close behind, though he had paused to kneel beside a mound of ashes to poke through the remnants with a stick.

"It's not...I'm not..." Bron scowled, planting black, soot-covered hands on her hips, "it's not insanity, it's..."

"Useless," Alice supplied at the same time Hadrian offered, "a waste of time."

"Petch off," Bron bit out angrily, then turned her back on them both.

Bron could sense the look Hadrian and Alice gave each other and instantly felt guilty. Bending to retrieve the hairbrush, Bron studied it before turning back and holding it aloft.

"This is Ves's brush," she said, "I also found chainmail from her vest and a pair of boots I'm pretty sure is hers, and over there, I found-"

Bron," Alice interrupted, "Dalavesta is gone. Why can't you accept it?"

Bron glared at the whore, resisting the urge to throw the hairbrush at her too beautiful face. Instead, Bron hissed, "why are you here? I know it's not to help."

"Help do what exactly, Bron?" Hadrian asked, stepping up beside Alice, "You've been at this for bells, day after day, for a fortnight," he shook his head, "Brega's not going to be happy if you ditch any more shifts, and I can't-"

"Fine!" Bron cut in, throwing the brush into a nearby heap of charred trash, "Fine! If you don't care, I don't either, I guess."


"No, Hadrian. Seriously, it's okay. I get it...Alice, don't!" Bron snapped, holding her hand up, palm out in a warding off gesture when Alice got that stupid soft look and took a step toward her. Pulling her quarterstaff from the ground where she had dropped it earlier, Bron turned and headed out of the burned and blackened remains of what was once her lover's home.

"I'm going to the hotsprings to have a bath," Bron threw over her shoulder, "tell Brega I'll work double. Take the night off, Hadrian, and take Alice for a nice drink and dance."

Alice called something at the same time Hadrian called her name, but Bron ignored them both and continued on without a backward glance. She wondered if either of them had ever lost a loved one and, if so, would they ever stop looking for them or for clues as to what happened to them. Bron wouldn't stop looking. Not until she had nowhere else to look or her Esteva came home.

By the time she had reached the Hot Springs, Bron had clamped down so hard on her emotions that she was sure her expression alone could have buffed out a diamond. The warm pool was crowded, which added to Bron's bad mood. Moving around the water, she had to climb a rock to move around a couple of guests and looked down to where just the edge of what was left of Tent City was visible.

Just before disappearing into shadow, Bron spotted Hadrian wrapping an arm around Alice and pulling the whore close. A small flame of jealously ignited and burned hot and fast in Bron's chest. There and gone. Bron was left feeling empty, bereft, and so lonely she could have wept right there. So taken by the emotion, it took Bron longer than she would have liked to realize a young woman was talking to her and longer still for her to realize she was scowling down at the female as if she had just kicked a puppy.

Softening her features, Bron finally smiled when the woman introduced herself.

"Hi, Farren, I'm Bronwen or just Bron." she said, dirty hand lifting self-consciously to her hair but stopped short of actually touching it when she got a good look at the filth covering her fingers, "it's the grease," she faux whispered then laughed.

The guard took a chime to look at the other female, taking in her soft brown eyes and long, wheat-colored hair that, to Bron, was nearly flawless. Farren was young. Younger than Bron had first thought, but those brown eyes held age and experience that tugged at the Syliran's heart.

"Ah, come now," Bron said, smiling, "you're beautiful, especially your hair."

And she was. Farren had a beauty that one rarely witnessed in Sunberth, and when the other woman's full lips curved in a soft smile, Bron knew she was telling the truth. Clearing her throat, Bron dragged her eyes away from those full lips, but that only opened her to perusing the young, firm body that stood before her in nothing but undergarments.

Gods, but Ves needed to come home. Or Bron needed to find some dust. Soon.

Glancing around nervously, Bron said, " I better get washed up."

Pulling her quarterstaff free, Bron glanced around for an open area of the pool and spotted one just a few steps away, and moved in that direction, speaking over her shoulder as she began toeing out of her soot stained boots.

"I've not seen you here before," she said, dropping her belt and pants smoothly, then pulling her tunic over her head. One thing she had learned from Ves was that underclothes was more a nuisance than anything. The thought made her smile as she turned, unashamed in her tall and slender nakedness, and asked Farren, "Would you happen to have any soap? I didn't plan on a bath, and I don't have anything to wash with."

Bron stepped over the side and lowered herself into the warm water, groaning as the heat sunk into sore muscles. She had been digging around Tent City longer than she had thought. Cracking open an eye, Bronwen glanced over to Farren and dipped her chin in invitation.

"There's enough room if you're not finished bathing," she grinned playfully, "and pull your hair out of that tail and tell me how you get your hair so glossy."
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