Solo Oaths and Items - The Collection Grows

Tazrae seems to be collecting both items and oaths to and from everywhere.

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Oaths and Items - The Collection Grows

Postby Tazrae on September 1st, 2022, 6:39 am

Timestamp: 20th of Summer, 522 A.V.

Tazrae twirled the coin back and forth between her fingers as she lounged on the table at Reclaimed Knowledge. She’d come to return a book she’d borrowed and to borrow a couple more. Not being able to help herself, she’d wandered into the section of the library that her and Cleon had found that contained some of the Silas Journals and therein she’d plucked two off the shelf she planned to really make use of. One had been a Silas Journal on Herpetology and the other on Psychology. When she’d moved the psychology book from the shelf, a small coin had dropped onto the ground at her feet. Crouching to pick it up, Tazrae had carefully studied the coin and glanced over her shoulder at the librarian. Talia wasn’t exactly alive. The ghost stood there tapping her toe looking impatient. At this obvious living body language, Taz raised a caramel colored eyebrow.

“Only someone who thought no one would ever pick up a Silas Journal on Psychology would hide a Homefinder there.” The woman commented, in a voice that was somewhat snobbish and irritated. Tazrae had bothered the woman to no end because the book she had returned had a small tea stain on the cover that hadn’t been there when she’d borrowed it. The ghost had went so far as to charge her a ‘cleaning’ fee for the returned book, and Tazrae of course didn’t have the right currency to pay the fee. Who had pre-valterrian coin anyhow? The librarian had looked at her Mizas as if Taz was daft and had demanded real gold. Taz had to promise to bring it with her next time in order to avoid the Librarian’s wrath.

“Homefinder?” Taz asked, curious as she studied the coin.

Talia nodded. “Yes, they are a sort of ‘get home quick’ token mages used to make for their children to carry to bring them safely back home or even for themselves and their loved ones if they found themselves in a pickle.” The ghostly woman explained. “They were very popular in Alahea, less common in Suva, so I’m surprised you found one here. They need to be charged through meditation to focus in on a location one deems ‘home’ or safe. If you hold it between your forefinger and thumb and utter the word ‘home’ it will take you home. But you have to program what ‘home’ is to it into it. You do this by concentrating on a safe space and meditating on what you consider the physical place of ‘home’. You have to be intimately familiar with the place you charge as home, meaning you have had to physically be there or say have access to the memories of someone who has been there to make it legitimate. Once used, and that one is definitely used, you need to recharge them by a lot of meditation … a whole days worth…. The better at meditation you are the less you have to work at it. But regardless, once charged, it will magically teleport you to ‘home’ at your command.” Talia said thoughtfully, gesturing at the token.

Taz nodded. “Thank you. This might come in handy… as handy as the herpetology and psychology books.” She said, tapping them lightly.

Talia nodded. “No one ever brings Silas journals back. It seems once they go home, they stay gone. You still have the Magecrafting Journal, don’t you?” The librarian asked.

Tazrae smiled. “It’s a cranky thing, but I’m taking care of it. Its taught me a lot. I hope these do as well.” She added, taking a moment to pause to unshoulder her backpack and slip the two journals along with the Homefinder inside.

Talia only snorted, laughing because she knew the temperament of most of the Silas Journals, and none of them were pleasant.

The trip through the jungle this time had been fruitful. Tazrae had been actively using Auristics to scan the landing zone… the Dais of the Forgotten… and had found a set of twin torques intertwined in one of the shallow rock nooks in the shade of the steps leading upwards onto the Dias. Scattered across the far side, her Auristics had picked up more odd hues of sound and with it, she’d located some beads that were unusual in their coloring and aura. She had no idea what either set of items was called or their purpose, but she’d stoically stowed them in her backpack nonetheless.

Later, Zethas had dropped from the sky and offered her a cloak that he said would camouflage her from enemies while out in the jungle. He said he'd crafted it in his spare time with her in mind while guarding the Cheenga Ruins and thought she could get some use out of it. Tazrae had thanked him for it, stopped to share her lunch and some conversation, and had continued on with her trip to the jungle library called Reclaimed Knowledge to return her book and visit Talia.

She'd done so and more. It was definitely a lucky day for her. Two journals, a cloak, a homefinder, a set of torques, and some beads later... she was feeling like her Auristics were going to get a workout figuring out what all the items were and did.

The library visit had gone well. And thus enriched, Tazrae had bid Talia goodbye and headed back through the jungle. Not meaning to stay in the jungle so long, Tazrae had stripped outside the Library, stuffed all her clothing into her backpack, and shifted into her Ixam form. She nudged her head into the backpack straps, hanging it off her neck, and took off through the jungle to return to the settlement.

She was late… late for an important date… an Oath to Buraga and the Rangers.
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