Closed Home Sick [Shiress]

Kamilla meets with Shiress for a long overdue check up… and some work

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Home Sick [Shiress]

Postby Kamilla on October 23rd, 2022, 4:00 pm

22nd of Fall, 522AV

It had been two days since Kamilla’s glorious return to Syka… glorious in more ways than one to be honest. On one hand she was finally back home for the first time in two years, she’d had several filling meals, her dear pets Roo and Yen were alive and well AND she and Jehu had… gotten deeply intimate, more than once. The sometimes Konti could say with confidence that her spirits were the highest they’d been in the past two years.

”Well if it isn’t the slippery fish herself… nice to see yer still about.” Captain James said as Kamilla took a seat opposite him at the Syka Commons. She could only smirk knowingly at his comment, knowing he was referring to her sneaking off the ship and into the ocean before it had docked two days prior. After two years away from home, she lacked the patience. ”You look a bit better than the last time I saw you, certainly better than the time before that…”

Kamilla couldn’t deny it, though she was still quite gaunt, malnutritioned, covered in shallow cuts and bruises… and of course recovering from a stab wound of her own making… a seagull’s bone to her thigh. There was also the consequence of her over giving, bouts of severe lightheaded ness that came out of nowhere from time to time… and yet, still better than she’d been in a long time.

”I am, thanks to you and your incredible hearing… and hospitality…” she flashed him a sincere smile, ”…But I’m here on business… I’d like to take out a loan… one thousand five hundred mizas… and use the nine hundred we agreed upon to purchase the plot where my cave is located… as we discussed.”

James simply nodded, ”How will ya be payin it back?”

”Seasonal payments of two hundred and fifty… sometimes more.”

”Done, glad to have ya back… goodluck with yer… you know what.” She did know.

Kamilla nodded as she stood up, ”Alright, I’m off to The Panacea, as suggested by an old wise man.” both smiled, giving eachother a nod before she left.

Despite her time away, Kamilla still felt quite comfortable navigating the settlement, even with the odd looks and surprised ‘welcome backs’ she recieved from some of the citizens. She could understand why of course, she’d reappeared after two years, looking emaciated and beat up. At least she was dressed, another luxury she’d been without for a long time, a simple short black skirt with a lace tail and a purple scarf wrapped around her chest. Of course she could have hid her visibly bony torso but after the way she’d been living, public opinion was easily the least of her worries.

Along with her very basic clothing, Kamilla had her trusty sewing kit as well. With such a large loan to pay back, she needed to take work wherever she could find it. Even if sewing was the last thing on her seasonally vanishing mind(and body).

Kamilla had chosen to remain in Konti form, since she’d grown very comfortable with it and her human form still had an enormous burn scar from her life in Sunberth. That one wasn’t hidden out of fear of public opinion, but her own shame around how she’d recieved it. It was a dark reminder of her naive past self.

The sometimes Konti was nearing her destination when a bout of lightheadedness hit her, as if her head was filled with too much blood to think, or see, or stay upright. Her purple eyes rolling backward as she fell forward on all fours in the soft sand. She’d grown accustomed to it by now and knew she could do nothing but breath until her vision and balance returned in a few ticks.


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