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Annalisa Marin

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Image:Scroll2.png “I love the sound of your heart, 1A. I’ve learned to appreciate the simple things upon Sahova; one of those things is the sound of a pulse in a person’s body. As their warm living blood it circulated through their whole body. I like the sound of yours; it’s beautiful, so rhythmic no matter the pace. I could worship that sound, listen to it day and night and never tire of it.”
- Annalisa Marin, to Edreina Whitewave in the Sahovan Dungeons
Annalisa Marin

Annalisa Marin
Date of birth492 AV (aged 31)
Place of birthZeltiva
Gnosis marks

Annalisa Marin is a Human wizard who was born in the port city of Zeltiva. She attended the University of Zeltiva for some time and gained the position of Professor at a very young age. She is a complete fanatic of Rhysol and takes extreme measures to spread his influence in any way she can. Recently she has journeyed to the island of Sahova in an attempt to further her abilities in the service of her god.


Physical description

Annalisa is a rather tall woman, standing at 6’0” and possesses an average build that places her weight in the 160-165lb range on average. She is certainly no waif likely to blow away in the wind but neither is she near being overweight; rather she sits nicely in the middle. In almost every aesthetic she could be considered rather plain and average looking, possessing nothing other than her height to distinguish her from the average human. Her black hair is allowed to grow out long and her eyes are a dull greyish color, often with the occasional unhealthy dark circles ringing them.


Annalisa is an extremely proud and arrogant woman, twisted and warped by extensive practice of magic and by her faith in the Defiler. She often presents a confident and cool front to the world, seemingly beyond the finer points of human emotion and simply being cruel and merciless. On the inside there is something very human about her, a part of her that questions what she does to some degree and often regrets some of her actions for various reasons. Her sleep is often plagued with nightmares of her experiences and deeds, aspects of a guilty mind that she would nearly never vocalize. When one actually gets close to her they will start to notice the little cracks in her perfectionist and arrogant front, occasional introspective words and acts of kindness slipping from her.

At the end of the day Anna's greatest fear is to be common, to be weak, to be seen as average. She craves approval and recognition, she wants to be recognized for being a great and powerful Sorceress and an individual worthy of respect and fear. This is part of the reason her faith in Rhysol is so strong, as he provided that recognition to Anna. He's rather like a father figure in her eyes, a man worthy of her devotion and prayer and a stronger person than she could hope to be.


Annalisa grew up in the port city of Zeltiva, born to a relatively unremarkable and common family. Her formative years were relatively easy going and normal, nothing out of the ordinary surrounding the child in any way, shape, or form. She lived, laughed and played as children were wont to do at a young age and received her basic education from her parents. It all changed as she actually came of age and managed to gain entrance into the University of Zeltiva, where she immediately took up magical studies and training. It was here that she started to be shaped into what she currently is.

Alongside her best friend Velia, Annalisa applied herself rigorously to her studies that were specifically geared towards Glyphing and the understanding of the nature of Magic itself. She managed to talk her way into being initiated into Reimancy, where she displayed almost prodigal skill. When the time came where an opening arrived for a Professor position in Glyphing, the woman found herself pitted against her best friend for the position. Annalisa betrayed Velia and entered into academic sabotage, stealing her friends hard work and passing it off as her own to gain the position. It was after this betrayal that Rhysol came to her and made her a Chaon to further twist her into a tool in his service.

Finding new purpose in the service of Rhysol, Annalisa held her position as a Professor for a single season before word reached her ear of Sahova from the lips of a Nuit from the island. The wizard left her home and set out for the island, quickly finding herself wrapped up into politics well over centuries old. She easily and quickly earned an Apprenticeship to Chief Embalmer Amaryllis, though has quickly been forced to either sink or swim in the deadly world of Sahovan politics. Its here, on the island where the undead rule she hopes to begin to spread the influence of her lord and master, the Defiler himself, Rhysol and bring about a new golden age of chaos.


Arriving on Sahova was very much an awakening experience for Anna, as she was forced to come to terms with a world far more twisted than Zeltiva had ever been. Quickly she found herself faced with a life or death struggle against Daren Marlow, a powerful hypnotist who had acquired the ability to alter and suppress the memories of people and possessed the favor of Lector Qiao. By way of indebting herself to Amaryllis she gained a potent connection within the Citadel, allowing her a good degree of freedom to search for a way to foil her new enemy. Through a number of life threatening situations she found the answer to her questions, learning that Daren was under the control of a trio of extremely powerful spirits that had escaped from the watch of Mistress Wanda. She also learned a method to supplant him, by seeking out the mysterious warden of the Heartland, Kierra Doma.

For some time Daren had opted to remain in the shadows, leading to Anna getting overconfident as the madness within her had started to grow from her mind being so strained by forcing him back. In the throes of her maddened state she managed to gain the ire of Goron Silverheart, a member of The Master's Guild. Amaryllis was quick to bring her Apprentice to heel as she prepared her for the examination to become a full Wizard of Sahova and for their gamble with the Heartlands. The examination was shaky due to the opposition of both Qiao and Silverheart, but Amaryllis managed to salvage the situation through use of both the ancient laws and the interest gained from the planned expedition to the Heartlands.

As her only chance for survival Annalisa entered the Heartlands alongside an initiate of warden Riyanna Sterder, attempting to become the Initiate of Kierra Doma. After the initiate with her was separated from the sorceress she was forced to continue alone, eventually running into the warden. The Heartlands already had possessed an initiate, so in order to replace her Anna needed to kill her. Through the questionable assistance of Kierra's familiar Anna succeeded in killing the previous Heartlands initiate and becoming the new one, cementing her position as a Wizard with the string attached that she now possessed two commitments, one to the Heartlands and the other to the Citadel.

Wizard and Initiate

To be expanded upon...


The majority of her direct family was killed in the plague that struck the city of Zeltiva, her extended family is mostly a branch unknown to her. However of those she does know is the Ebonstryfe Soldier Clyde Sullins, a powerful wizard she met upon Sahova and established something of a working relationship with. Not connected to her by blood, but regarded as a direct family member, is the ghost known as Fubuki Kouri who is her adoptive daughter through means of a Grand Oath. Anna's relationship with her is... complicated to say the very least. She wishes to twist the child into a tool for Rhysol and is not above placing Kouri into situations where she murders, kills, or tortures to get exactly what she wants.

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