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Fubuki Kouri

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Image:Scroll2.png “What you are doing here? I don’t think its evil, I think you are being a normal girl and playing with her toys. You aren't human anymore though, that doesn't make you a monster and it doesn't make me love you less. You shouldn't worry about anyone’s opinion but those that you truly love and yourself. Petch anyone that calls you evil, I love you, I think you aren't doing anything wrong, I think you deserve to play dolls, to have fun and enjoy your new life. If your blood parents couldn’t accept what you have become… maybe it’s time you stop thinking about what they would want.”
- Annalisa Marin, to Kouri in the Sahovan Dungeons
Fubuki Kouri

Ethereal Waif
RaceGhost (Former Vantha)
Date of birth500 AV
Place of birthAvanthal
Date of death512 AV (aged 12)
Place of deathFalyndar
Soulmist Projection100

Fubuki Kouri Snowsong, or "Fubu" or "Kouri" as she often be called as, is a Ghost of a Vantha little girl born in Avanthal of the Snowsong hold who died in the Jungle Wilds of Falyndar during a botched poorly planned trip in the hands of a hungry wild tiger. A singer and musician in life, a terrifying phantom in death, she has journeyed far and flung, aimlessly wandering as a lonely phantom child, cursed with surprisingly horrifying powers beyond her control in death. Though a powerful ghost, her mind is that of a child, stuck in development due to the nature of her state, furthermore, her horrible experiences during her journey had slowly cracked her mind, turning her into a child with a mind so detached, she thought the world as one big playground. Until she found herself in the embrace of Annalisa Marin, Chaon Sorceress in the undead island of Sahova, bound by a Grand Oath, Kouri dedicated her death to serve the sorceress, as her daughter, guardian, and sentient weapon.


Physical description

Kouri is a ghost, that means she has no definite corporeal form, although she mostly chose to appear as she did before she died, albeit with some differences.

Due to Kouri's mastery at Materialization, she now could switch from her usual ghost form to her human appearance and vice versa. She usually uses her human appearance to disguise herself and while being materialized, she's indistinguishable from a normal human to the naked eye. Various ways to blow her cover are to use Auristics, Spiritism, or sufficiently touch her body with enough physical force.

Vantha Appearance

In life, she is a 12 years old Vantha little girl standing at approximately 143 cm (4.6 feet) and weighing 39 kg (86 lbs). She has long dark hair and sapphire blue eyes that of course, like any other Vantha, changes with her mood.

Ghost Appearance

In her unlife, she has all of the above descriptions, except that her eyes and hair color had been inverted, making them appear silvery white and crimson red respectively, however her eye color are now permanently locked and does not change with her mood anymore, and her dress is also stained with blood splotches here and there. Her tears are now also red in color. Finally, she's now also obviously weightless, being a ghost.

As usual with ghosts, she often appears with her Soulmist swirling around her and people near her can smell a faint smell of blood. Sometimes, she will also hum a beautiful yet sad and eerie tune that her mother used to sang her to sleep.


A quiet, gentle, yet somewhat of an airhead girl, Kouri will sometimes do random things out of whim, driven by her confusion on her current state of unlife. Kouri loves being shown affection, especially by an older male/female figure who acts like a father/mother to her.

The horrors of Sahova combined with the repeated cases of abandonment and betrayal molded the phantom girl. She is still very much a child who loves to play dolls and tea time, but beneath the child-like exterior lies a sadistic young girl so detached from life, cursed with powers beyond her control, and trapped in her state due to the Grand Oath she signed.


Early Life

Fubuki Kouri, the only daughter of Fubuki Taka Snowsong (Father) and Fubuki Sora Snowsong (Mother). Taka, being an eccentric person, didn't like the rigid surname policy of the Vanthas, so he only used them when dealing with official business, for any other, he referred his surname as "Fubuki". After much discussion, Sora finally relented and went along with her eccentric husband's sense of naming, but she insisted that they kept their "Snowsong" surname, they sure were a strange couple.

The Fubukis are a rather wealthy musician family, her father is a talented bellows organ player, while she and her mother are singers. Her father often took his family to various regions and settlements, to search for song inspirations, despite the dangers that loom in every corner, her father's rather carefree nature disregard those dangers.


That attitude would soon spell doom for the Fubuki family as one day (6th of Spring, 512 A.V), when they were travelling in the wilderness of the Falyndar Tropical Jungle Wilds, as her father sits beside a small river while her mother was practicing singing, Kouri herself is playing near the river when she heard a terrifying beastly roar accompanied by her mother's horror-filled scream, when she looked to the direction of the scream, she found that a large black-striped orange cat with huge fangs and claws, tearing apart her mother's neck, with her father basically screaming to Kouri for her to run away from there as fast as possible.

After confirming its first kill, the female tiger spotted its next target, that is Taka, Kouri's father, still screaming for his only daughter to run away from there, however Kouri was petrified by fear and shock and couldn't move her muscles. What happened next completely shattered what was left of the girl's psyche as she witnessed the tiger lunged and tore apart her father in a flurry of claw slashes...

The last thing she can remember from her final living moments is the image of a monstrous beast lunging at her throat... and after that.. darkness, darkness, and more darkness...

After what seemed like to be an eternity, she found herself to be in the very same location where the beast lunged at her, she looked at her own hands and found them to be flickering, semi-transparent, and with blurring edges...

"Am I... dead?" are the first words that came out of her lips when she first woke up, when she looked around, she couldn't find her mother nor her father, only large stains of dried blood on the ground here and there, including below her own semi-transparent feet.

Deciding to no longer ponder on that matter as she has something far more important in mind, "I... I have to find mama.. and papa...", she spoke those words as she started wandering... aimlessly, now unknowingly filled by an immense hatred for cats, especially the black-striped orange monstrous one.

Even until this day, the little girl still wondered on what came over her father to risk his whole family by bringing them into a foreign land... she wanted to find out, but it looks like the odds were slim.

The Journey

For a few years, Kouri wandered aimlessly, her translucent form floating through the lands of Mizahar, specifically heading East from Falyndar, into Sylira... into the Fortress City of Peace. She almost found a home there, with the presence of Cyrus Blackfire, the mage who took her in as his apprentice, but he disappeared after the they participated on a quest to capture a pirate along with the Svefra people. The ghost girl found herself lost once more, then Azcadelia, a red-haired sorceress, almost replaced his role, but she also disappeared, again and again, various people come and go, each time filling the ghost girl with abandonment and her sense of trust was distorted, thinking everyone was going to leave her after befriending her, this made her gain a streak of unhealthy obsession over those close to her.

Then of course, she was almost violated (long story) by a wayward squire of the Syliran Knights Order, twisting her views on the Knighthood and breaking her child-like dreams of knights in shining armor to pieces, That was the last straw, the world was evil, she thought, and in her limited childish wisdom, she would do all in her power to make things right, no matter the cost.

In her time in Syliras, her shenanigans ensued, the little girl went on a vigilante streak as she tried to 'help' Syliras as best as she could, including decapitating Drykas raiders with her dagger-chakrams, slaughtering slavers with a mercenary group led by Razkar, a Myrian warrior, and then freeing a Nuit slave named Kriemhild.

She sliced, froze, and diced her way until the Knigthood itself took notice of her as they placed a bounty on her head, knowing this, the former Vantha was faced with something she never thought would imagine, an actual military group actively hunting a child, she couldn't fathom it and it just fueled her hatred towards the - in her eyes - oppressive authority figures.

Fate played its hands once more, what respect she had left for the Knighthood then stomped to utter dust when a Knight named Markus, accidentally stabbed her out of self-defense, Kouri just wanted to hug him, but the Knight, given the situation and circumstances, was on edge.

She had enough, the girl, along with her adoptive ghostly little sister she found in the Mountains, Rena; and her Nuit maid, left eastwards... towards Kriemhild's 'hometown', Sahova. Why? She wanted power to do what is right and Sahova looked like the place where she could gain them, the naive view of a phantom girl trying to be a righteous vigilante.

Arrival in Sahova

Not a few bells after she arrived in Sahova, Kouri was confronted by Mistress Wanda, Sahovan Spiritist. At last, the ghost girl finally experienced how powerless she was in the presence of a master spiritist, Wanda trounced her in less than a tick with a flurry of her souldarts. The ancient Nuit warned Kouri to behave during her time in Sahova, even going as far as to dust Kouri's little sister then held her hostage, threatening to banish Rena forever into the winds. The experience horrified the girl into obedience... but like the fickle ghost child she was, it didn't last long. For she was then involved in a series of conspiracy along with Annalisa Marin, the human sorceress who would soon... be tied with her in the highest oath imaginable by mortals, the Grand Oath.

Grand Oath

Annalisa, being the Chaon she was, decided to use Kouri as a scapegoat for the mistakes she did, placing the blame of the ghost girl. Knowing this, Kouri went on a rage as she confronted the Wizard, but she couldn't do anything due to Wanda's ultimatum not to harm those in the Citadel. To settle things, Anna then proposed an agreement, that they would bind each other through a means of the Grand Oath so they could never hurt each other anymore. The ghost girl was quick to accept, not knowing that Anna had created two Oaths, one true and one fake, Kouri unknowingly signed the former while Anna signed the latter, a fact she found out later and her psyche took a very heavy blow, broken to the point that she opted to take Annalisa as her mother and bind her soul forever to the sorceress, not that she had a choice in the matter.

Ethereal Waif

Now, after Anna 'educated' her, Kouri finally broke free of her human morals, shunning her blood parents, then fully accepted Annalisa as her 'Mama' and the embrace of Chaos, even going as far as to worship Rhysol, though... she still called the Evil God as "Rissole" due to her limited ability in Common and general child-like demeanor.

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