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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Zeltivan Calendar, Summer 515 AV

Postby Doctrine on July 1st, 2015, 3:23 am

Calendar for Summer, 515 AV

With summer comes the hopes of bountiful fishing and successful trade. This busy season is one of the most important for any port city as Laviku seems to be at his most forgiving. Though still many months away, winter is on everyone's mind as crops are tended and fish are preserved in the storehouses. Merriment and festivities seem to reach their peak in the summer heat as everyone enjoys the finest weather of the year.

1st: As spring fades into summer temperatures across the city slowly rise. Activity in the bay increases as warm winds blow in from the ocean, creating bustling crowds at the docks and a buzz of energy all throughout Zeltiva.

3rd-8th: Particularly warm weather sees a large amount of ships and personal sailing vessels bobbing in Matthews Bay. An impromptu public swimming competition is held on the 8th, open to anyone wishing to cool off in the calm waters.

10th: A thick fog blankets the city and much of the bay for miles out, suspected to be from the recent warm weather. Poor visibility causes a small ship to wreck into the nearby shore, tearing apart its hull. A shore party finds several casualties though most survive, and three children are orphaned in the process. These new wards of the city are taken to the orphanage and placed for adoption.

20th: Numerous people across the city contract what doctors diagnose as severe food poisoning, including several government officials. Investigations discover that several sources of flounder and crab throughout the city have spoiled and are immediately disposed of.

25th: People who visit the Maria Satterthwite Memorial Cemetery have begun claiming to see a pair of ghostly children walking among the graves at dusk, hand in hand and singing mournful songs with sweet voices.

33rd: A nameless artist sets up an easel at the Fountain of Cascading Harmony and draws beautiful charcoal portraits for people all through the day for 3 GM apiece. His drawings are lifelike and strangely melancholy. A few people report that their portraits seem to move when not directly looked at, and several are burned out of fear and suspicion.

40th: A young man is found drowned and pulled out of the water near the docks. He appears to have been dead for some time, and washed up from deeper waters. None of the ship captains recognize him, and he is given a private burial several days later.

42nd: A summer Bambard Ball competition is held across three days, consisting of various teams entering at a chance to win the grand prize. NotePlease wait for further information.

58th-63rd: They skies darken and a heavy thunderstorm covers the bay; with it comes torrential heavy rain and destructive winds. During the five day storm the city's rat population struggles to find shelter, invading several businesses and homes. Laborers are sent out to repair leaking roofs and damaged streets when the weather breaks.

69th: A collection of doomsday preachers begin taking to Zeltiva's streets claiming the end is coming. While harmless their appearance in the city makes locals feel uncomfortable; more so when it seems hard to talk sense into them.

72nd: One of the trade vessels in Zeltiva's bay capsizes, littering it with cargo crates of merchandise. Local sailors go out to assist in righting it and collecting the damage for the next few days. Some pieces wash up on the shore line, and several people begin whispering of bad omens. The Sailors Guild offers individual rewards for any returned cargo. NoteContact Doctrine for information on rewards.

81st: The doomsday preachers announce they are holding a late night meeting to indoctrinate new people into their group. The turnout is surprising.

91st: Summer ends with several days of increasingly chilly weather as fall rolls down from the Zastoka Mountains. The city seems eager for the change of seasons and pray for favorable seas in preparation for winter.

Calendar credit goes to Doctrine with suggestions from Fallon and Alija.

Seasonal Challenges

Please limit 3 seasonal challenges per thread.

  • Learn a new trade skill and raise it to at least 10 (ie. leatherworking, candlemaking, locksmithing, sailing, etc.) or if your character already knows one, raise it by 10 points.
  • Watch a sunset on the beach with someone close to you.
  • Eat some of the tainted seafood and contract food poisoning.
  • Go fishing in Matthews Bay.
  • Take another PC on a date, either as friends or something more.
  • Volunteer at the orphanage.
  • Get a sunburn.
  • Have an argument with another PC.
  • Get drunk on kelp beer with another PC or help a PC who is drunk.
  • Pray to or make an offering to a deity of your choosing.
  • Discuss the possibility of the end of days.
  • Fight or flee the rats with your friends!

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