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This artifact list contains significant items of divine or magical origins playing major roles in Mizahar's plotlines. They are gathered on this page for easy access, but the most important among them have their own article with additional information.


Divine artifacts

Woodland Wrath

Created by: Caiyha
Current owner: Jaeden Kincade
Description: Despite looking like a branch of gnarled wood with a string, Woodland Wrath is a powerful bow that is only gifted by the goddess of nature to a single mortal at any given time. Each incarnation of Woodland Wrath has different properties: the current one will bring down most Summoned creatures and other aliens with a single blow, at the cost of one year from the wielder's remaining lifespan.
Storyteller: Tarot

The Kasai-Dala Mirror

Created by: Ionu
Current owner: The Triad
Description: This unsuspecting hand mirror cast and crafted in brass shows its apparent age. Having lost the luster it had when it was first fashioned the mirror seems to only be in a shadow of its former glory. Although aged its power has not wavered. Possessing the ability to grant one wish, as long as it’s within the mirrors power, elaborate stories have been woven about the object thinning the line between reality and fiction. Though it would seem the wisher would be happy the mirror has a dark legacy of causing more pain and suffering than fulfilling dreams. What is one wish worth to you?
Storyteller: Fallacy

Syna's Charm Bracelet

Created by: Syna
Current owner: Nashira
Description: A rather simple looking golden band. Upon first glace the artifact wouldn't be considered anything special, but upon closer inspection it seems to catch the light of the sun all too easily, glittering in it. Ones who see it in direct sunlight compare the gold it is made out of like none other. It has a supernatural beauty to it, and only then, when shining in the sun, would it be considered not of mortal crafting. In the dark too the bracelet glows faintly as if augmenting the light around it.
Storyteller Fallacy

Immemorial Radiance

Created by: Priskil
Current owner: Keene Ward
Description: A long, rigid staff made from the trunk of a Holly tree, upon which is affixed a jagged crystalline orb. Only a summoner can identify the orb, as it is a piece of shield-suspended memosite from Swalden. This orb contains lost memories of a mage named Jacoby Thomas, a much deceased but devout follower of Priskil who spent his life bringing luminance to the darkest of places.
Storyteller Ink

Magical artifacts


Created by: Areesa Tallshade
Current owner: Unknown
Description: The Powercube was Magecrafted by Areesa Tallshade to serve as a compass leading to six of her most powerful creations. It is at the same time a key, a map and a riddle, a combination rarely employed in modern magic. Mentions of the Powercube exist in Tallshade's records and the item has been sought for centuries, but its resting place seems to be exceptionally well-guarded.
Storyteller: Tarot

D-04 Prototype ("Marie Suzanne")

Created by: Zarik Mashaen
Current owner: Jilitse
Description: An Animated sentient book that served as the prototype for the fourth Supervisor, Drainira, D-04 is a novel written by Zarik Mashaen's teenage daughter Bianca and entitled "The adventures of Marie Suzanne". While the story itself is appalling, the intelligence moving the book is extremely advanced and possesses many of the same abilities as the actual Supervisor, and might play a pivotal role in the battle against her.
Storyteller: Tarot

The Kallisai (The All Key)

Created by: Unknown
Current owner: Torc Ironwood
Description: This artifact looks like an elaborate multidimensional star with a great deal of patterning cutouts in its body. The center has a glowing sphere. It is said that the Kallisai is the Master Key or sometimes called the All Key because it has the ability to open any lock anywhere.
Storyteller: Gossamer

Weapon artifacts

The Kalivant

Created by: Unknown
Current owner: Malia
Description: The Kalivant is a dagger that harms Nuits. If you pierce the heart of a Nuit with it, the corpse will instantly decay down to nothing in about thirty minutes. If they do not have another corpse to move to, they will die. In the meantime, they are all but useless. Even cutting a nuit with it can cause their flesh around the wound to decay faster. It takes no dagger skill to use.
Storyteller: Gossamer

Kasai (Hope) and Ivkai (Faith)

Created by: Unknown
Current owner: Xalet
Description: These 'swords' could be considered either long knives or short swords and appear as elegant minimally hilted masterworks made of stardown metal. Of simplistic design, they have a faint blue glow to them that would make them clearly visible even in the darkness. The stardown was an odd blueish metallic color that deepened to cobalt towards their tip. There was no ornamentation on the hilts, just etchings, and those in fact seemed to be made of velispar bone. If one touched them, they would feel a slight vibration in the weapons and a slight almost after buzz in their ears.
Storyteller: Gossamer

The Blood-Tipped Dagger

Created by: Unknown
Current owner: Aello
Description: This rather plain looking dagger, stained with red blood that wont come off, binds to its owner permanently and always returns to their person when discarded, no matter where they are. It also works as a beacon to ghosts, attracting them to it, and has the ability to harm ghosts as well. Though crafted by mortal hands, traces of the goddess Dira and god Rhysol can be seen in it's aura, suggesting the deities have had some kind of interaction with the blade at some point. The dagger tends to bring trouble to its owner more often than not.
Storyteller: Verilian

The White Katana

Created by: Unknown
Current owner: Blythe
Description: This Katana is forged using a process that is unknown to anyone of this era, the knowledge of how to craft items of this elegance vanished with the Valterrian. However this blade and its rumored sister blade survived. The White Katana appears to be just an ornamental katana to most. But if any were to wield it they would know immediately that the seven folds method that was used to create it is far beyond perfection. Several different temperaments of Isurian steel were used to craft this blade. It is weighted perfectly and adorned heavily. The most astounding feature of the blade being it's exceptional light weight for the overpowering amount of strength it has. It is rumored that it's previous owner Kariha was able to slice through other blades of less quality with one swipe of this blade.
Storyteller: Cachet

Sulvanon the Black Vanquisher

Created by: Unknown
Current owner: Raiha
Description: Simple-looking but deadly, this black-bladed, silver-etched scimitar is able to kill phantoms of all kinds. When necessary, it will protect its bearer in times of need - risking, however, the wielder's own ability to breathe as the shadows form a seal around them. The longer they stay shielded, the more fatigued they become. A black mist, like shadows themselves, surrounds the weapon and helps to conceal it from the eyes of others, particularly in the darkness.
Storyteller: Kelpie


Created by: King Sultros
Current owner: The Kingdom of Sultros
Description: This hammer, forged from Isurian Steel, represents the pinnacle of mortal craftsmanship. It was forged with volcanic fire a few years before the Valterrian and imparted upon with Izentor by King Isengir Izurus Sultros, former Champion of Izurdin. With his fourth gnosis mark, King Sultros imparted upon the hammer thus gifting it sentience. The striking faces of the hammer's head are made of actual lava held in place and empowered by the touch of Izurdin himself. Although dormant now and residing in the Tomb of King Sultros in the heart of the Isurian Kingdom, Nauglimir is thought to have the ability to communicate telepathically with it's wielder and may offer its knowledge and skills to be used by the next Champion of Izurdin. Until then, it sleeps, protected by an entire kingdom, until the time it is needed.
Storyteller: Gillar

Other artifacts

The Maru Davan

Created by: Davan Coldfire - The Ruv'na Founder
Current owner: Carvex
Description: The Maru Davan is a gemstone artifact that can be used to subvert the will of someone it is used on and plant suggestions deep in the psyche of that person. The gemstone can, when correctly utilized by someone who has the knowledge to control it, program actions unbeknownst to the person being programmed, to be carried out at a later date when any number of triggers are tripped. The Maru Davan can also be used to harvest memories from anyone it is used on. While the truth is somewhat obscure, the Ruv'na maintain that The Maru Davan was once a tool used by golem makers to program golems and download or upload information to and from them. Now, however, it is utterly a dangerous tool used to program sleeper agents throughout the world that work only to carry out the will and wishes of the Ruv'na.
Storyteller: Gossamer