Leila's Soothing Salves and Clinic

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Leila's Soothing Salves and Clinic

Postby Leila on March 24th, 2013, 3:39 pm

Title of Business: Leila's Soothing Salves and Clinic
Business Type: Goods and Service
Goods Offered:
Common Herbs (4oz pouch) 2 gm
Uncommon Herbs (4oz pouch) 5gm
Rare Herbs (4oz pouch) 10gm
Common Herb Seeds (small pouch) 1gm
Uncommon Herb Seeds (small pouch) 3gm
Rare Herb Seeds (small pouch) 10gm
Starter Plants (common) - 1 gm
Starter Plants (uncommon) - 5gm
Starter Plants (rare) - 15gm
Novice Herbal Remedies (4-dose tiny vial) 5 gm
Novice Potions (4-dose tiny vial) 10 gm
Novice Antidotes (4-dose tiny vial) 10 gm
*Competent Remedies, Potions, and Antidotes are +50% of Novice prices.
**Expert Remedies, Potions, and Antidotes are +100% of Competent prices.
***Master Remedies, Potions, and Antidotes are +100% of Expert prices.

Services Offered:

Minor Herbal Healing 15gm
Major Herbal Healing 30gm
Emergency Herbal Healing No Price
Herbal Cleansing 5gm

Base Income: Herbalist 6 gm/day
Skill Bonus: Herbalism, Novice, No Bonus
Sale's Bonus: 1 gm/day
Total Income: 7 gm/day, 637 gm/day, 2548 gm/year

Hills - 1 Acre (43,560sq ft) (500gm + 50gm to turn into usable farm land + 10gm for fencing) - 560gm
Cottage (simple) 400sq ft - 500gm
Herbalism Lab (simple) 400sq ft - 700gm
Shop (simple) 400sq ft - 600gm
Subtotal - 2360
-25% for Constructing all at once = -590gm
New Subtotal - 1770

Flower Pots (small) x10 - 3gm
Flower Pots (medium) x5 - 3gm
Flower Pots (large) x3 - 3gm
Plant Seeds (common) x12 - 6gm
Plant Seeds (uncommon) x6 - 6gm
Plant Seeds (rare) x2 - 10gm
Starter Plants (common) x10 - 7gm
Starter Plants (uncommon) x5 - 15gm
Starter Plants (rare) x2 - 26gm
Bookcase (average) - 8gm

Total = 1857gm

Debt: 1857gm owed + 0% interest to go to the Lord of Council, Zeltiva.

This has all been approved by Paragon.
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Leila's Soothing Salves and Clinic

Postby Gillar on May 5th, 2013, 9:51 am

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