Flashback Crashed Course [Graded]

Kuvarakh learns Isur under the worst conditions

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The fortified mountain city of the Isur. [Lore]

Crashed Course

Postby Kuvarakh on December 10th, 2012, 5:52 am

Kuvarakh exerted additional focus on the concept of trust as he continued. "I know this may sound suspect, but simply killing me here and now only guarantees my spirit remaining to be future trouble. The spirit does not know what vessel it enters until bells later, as its connection grows more focused." He spoke with confidence that his words would be accepted as truth by the affected mind of the man before him. Not only had he woven his djed to strengthen the man's notion that he was trustworthy, but he doubted the man had any in-depth knowledge of Nuits to give cause to question his words.

"I had knowledge of this body, it's true, because I was not yet slain, only mauled and ravaged beyond salvation by a dire wolf, from which my escape was only accomplished by throwing myself from a cliff it did not care to attempt. But if you strike me down here, my spirit would linger in a shadow world searching whatever available body it might find, and it would almost certainly be another of your kin."

He sensed the sympathy evident in the man's expression. "I came with honest intent. With an honest bargain to propose. But I was not given the chance to present it before I was placed in dire need through the treachery of humans and the feral nature of the beast. I took a body seemingly granted me by the gods for its timely delivery. Were it possible to have hope of presenting my offer still, I would do it. But I feel now that the best I can hope to accomplish is to remove myself far away from here. I deeply regret the unintended offense I have given by...occupying...this body."

The expression on the Vizerian grew ever more calculating as Kuvarakh spoke, and his gaze swept occasionally to the bodies of the dead Pitrius men. "So if I were to kill you now, you would take the nearest body available to you?" His gaze swept once again over the dead bodies of his rivals.

Kuvarakh guessed his intent. "It's not that simple. While it IS true what you say, it is best if I can do it through the proper ritual to insure success and avoid a prolonged shade state. Also, if I simply die of exposure in the wild, then I am again disembodied."

The man's knuckles were white on the hilt of his sword, gripped threateningly in his hand as he pointed it at Kuvarakh. "Well, what do you suggest then?"

It had been some time since Kuvarakh had truly feared death and perhaps his calm, fatalistic demeanor also added to his adversary's respect. "Since you ask, if I may be so bold as to make known my awareness of the looks you cast at your fallen enemies' bodies, I suggest this is what occurred today. The man in the robe, whose name is still unknown to me, got caught up in his craft to the point of overgiving, a risk we all know to be ever-present among such practitioners. He went mad and you had to dispatch him. But not before he set one of his fellows ablaze to the point of throwing himself in the river. His body was swept downstream, never to be seen again."

The man behind him protested the dishonor of this. The soldier facing Kuvarakh scowled, "This only compounds the villainy of the day. I can not be a party to such deception and lies! I can not allow you to violate the body of any more of my people."

Kuvarakh sagged in resignation. He extended a last billow of djed to the subconscious of the Vizerian soldier, building on the empathy he had already reinforced there. "Then I guess you have to either kill me and make me a recurring threat outside the city, or bring me inside, as this madman wished, and allow them to work their plots unhindered."

The soldier stomped and whirled, cursing in frustration. "NEITHER of these are a solution! I have no qualms about presenting the Pitrius sorcerer as the scheming villain he was. But I cannot let you leave with Colomar's body, nor suffer to craft a lie to account for the disappearance of one of theirs!"

The soldier behind Kuvarakh suddenly spoke up, "Well...What of the human conspirators that beset you on the behalf of this criminal. They are party to murder and conspiracy, if not treason. Would one of their bodies serve?" The three fell silent, considering, their gazes passing from one to the other as satisfied grins and nods of agreement held sway.

"It would indeed." Kuvarakh confirmed.

Three weeks later found Kuvarakh, escorted by the two Vizerians, firmly ensconced in the body of the fat trapper who had led the party into the Kitrean Mountains these many days ago. While they traveled, They got to know each other and found many similarities in their beliefs and values. Kuvarakh explained why he had become a Nuit and spoke of some of his prior experiences both before and after the transformation. The two Vizerians spoke of the legends of the lost colonies, but advised Kuvarakh to find some other source of Isurian Steel or the project he had. Kuvarakh was only to ready to agree.

AS they parted company, the soldier saluted him, "Mr. Lashman, I wish you well. May success track your steps. I think you are a man of good intent, caught up in an existence that has spun in a direction not of your original choosing. I hope you find the means to redirect it to your desire."

It was not the first time, nor would it be the last, that Kuvarakh found himself in complete agreement with such a statement.
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Crashed Course

Postby Gillar on November 11th, 2013, 1:35 am

Thread Complete and Graded

This thread turned out rather well. I am pleased with how you approached the whole thing. It's one thing to interact closely with a small group of isur as a nuit though and I would tread very carefully in the future if ever encountering them in larger numbers and/or closer to the Citadels. The closer one gets, the more difficult it is for an outsider to do so well. Overall though, great job!

Hypnotism - 3
Wilderness Survival – 2
Interrogation – 2 (from experiencing mild interrogation)
Impersonation – 2
Persuasion -2
Unarmed Combat – 2
Rhetoric – 3
Socialization - 5

Lore: Mauled by a Dire Wolf – The physical sensations and mental trauma experienced when one is attacked and survives such a terrible encounter.

Lore: Falling off a cliff – The physical sensations and mental trauma experienced when one plummets to their perceived death yet survives.

Lore: Nuit Body Transfer

Lore: Pretending to be Isur - It's not easy being a non-isur pretending to be one. They are a complex people who are very in-tune with who and what they are.

Lore: Isur (partial) – By interacting with, conversing with and observing the behavior of those encountered, Kuvarakh learned a little bit about isur in general.

Lore: Sultros Kingdom (partial) – Through his interactions with the isur, Kuvarakh has acquired bits and pieces of information regarding the Isurian Kingdom.

Contacts – Due to his encounter with the isur, should he encounter others in the northern reaches of the Kingdom, Kuvarakh, MAY have his name known by a handful, for better or for worse.

Final Note - I try to elaborate on my Lore awards when I feel a simple title doesn't sufficiently describe what is experienced and learned. And as always, if you feel I missed something, please let me know and I will consider award modifications.
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