Closed Of Stone and Djed Part II[Sayana]

Clyde and Sayana continue their camping trip in the wilds.

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The vast mountain range of Kalea is home of secret valleys, dead-end canyons, and passes that lead to places long forgotten or yet to be discovered.

Of Stone and Djed Part II[Sayana]

Postby Clyde Sullins on August 12th, 2016, 1:02 am

Clyde had been expecting Sayana to be at least somewhat excited at the offering of the book, and so was somewhat disappointed in that regard.

A book on magic, written by a master of that magic no less, was a rare and somewhat valuable thing to the right party. He'd written this copy of his original book awhile back, and had several extra copies he'd written down in blank books, though not on him at the moment. Still, it was a valuable thing to him, and he'd expected Sayana to understand that at least a bit.

After her prior comments he'd thought she was interested in the magic, and wanted to learn about it. Giving away or even just lending a copy of his first and only book he'd written was a somewhat big deal to him, and a sign of trust. He'd not given away any of the other copies to anyone else.

He kept his face blank, not showing his disappointment at her lack of a reaction, though inwardly he felt somewhat rebuked.

When she spent a chime looking at the book, puzzlement on her face, he'd expected her to ask him some deep probing question, to finally unleash her restrained interest by quizzing him on it. Sadly he was further disapointed when it turned out she was only confused about the spelling of his name.

Somewhat crestfallen, his face did show a bit of his disappointment, akin to a child being offered a cookie only for it to fall in the dirt and become inedible.

He quickly recovered, removing the expression and its visible signs, though it would likely be noticed to anyone paying decent attention.

“I... Thats how you spell it Say, its spelled with a y, not an I. ”

Shaking his head, Clyde walked off without saying anything else, heading off to pack up his things as the camping trip was apparently over.
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Of Stone and Djed Part II[Sayana]

Postby Kaleidoscope on September 22nd, 2016, 1:25 am

  • Geology: +1
  • Planning: +2
  • Architecture: +4
  • Reimancy: Cave basics
  • Reimancy: Exploiting a faultline in stone
  • Reimancy: Constructing a Pycon cave in stone
  • Planning: Imagining the finished item
  • Reimancy: Salt lick action for carving
  • Pycons: Might like colours
  • Reimancy: One aspect after the other
  • Reimancy: Construction
  • Cooking: Theory of filleting a fish
  • Sayana: Hungry for Djed
  • Reimancy: Stone spoon design
  • Architecture: Designing a Pycon cave
  • Rye: Doesn’t trust Sayana
  • Hypnotism: Starting with existing ideas, rather than brand new ones
  • Hypnotism: Verbally or through eye contact
  • Auristics: A growing understanding of hypnotism
  • Sayana: Once owned a slave beginning with ‘N’
  • Alvadas location: Somewhere with a lot of mirrors
  • Hypnotism: Sayana’s initiation story
  • A Treatise on Reimancy: Leant to Sayana
  • Trusts Sayana
I couldn’t award construction or carving, as both of these were covered by reimancy, which obviously you have already maxed. However, if you think I've missed anything, please PM me and I can rectify it. I hope the lores make up for the lack of skills awarded.

  • Organisation: +1
  • Wilderness Survival: +3
  • Navigation: +1
  • Endurance: +2
  • Botany: +1
  • Planning: +2
  • Fishing: +1
  • Cooking: +3
  • Meditation: +2
  • Cleaning: +1
  • Hypnotism: +1
  • Geology: One stone isn’t all the same
  • Mountain streams: Colder than they look
  • Wilderness Survival: Using driftwood to cross a stream
  • Wilderness Survival: Gathering wood (Mountainous terrain)
  • Wilderness Survival: Clear the ground before stepping
  • Fishing: Shadows scare fish
  • Fishing: Requires patience
  • Fishing: Killing fish by water deprivation
  • Reimancy: Destroying is easy, making is hard
  • Magic: Glyphing
  • Magic: Magecrafting
  • Glyphing: Useful for storing magic
  • Magic: Voiding
  • Eypharian: Multi-taskers
  • Magic: Casting spells all at once is more dangerous
  • Sweet Whispers: Never conquerable
  • Rye: Like owner, like dog
  • Rye: Trained not to bark
  • A Treatise on Reimancy: Leant from Clyde
  • Clyde: Name spelt with a ‘Y’
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Comments: Nice thread folks! Clyde's disappointment at the end was quite comical in a way, and I hope Sayana shows him the proper excitement in the future. xD (Just kidding, of course.)

Also, I apologise for the delay.

Enjoy your grade, and please don't forget to delete/edit out your grade request, and keep your ledger up to date! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM.
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