Prophet's Office - DS of Ravok

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Prophet's Office - DS of Ravok

Postby Prophet on January 29th, 2016, 2:45 am

I am Prophet and this is my little corner of Mizahar that's been set aside to help you and your characters achieve goals and have fun.

::Discord Info:: Papa Richter#8275

Can Do's:

  • Moderated threads- I am an idea guru! Test me with a creative request and I promise to stretch your PC and your creativity to the breaking point. I also give out cool stuff at the end. As a RS, I can moderate threads involving gods and gnosis.

    ~~~When you enter into a quest, I expect it to be a priority for you because that is how I treat them. I place them above development projects as well as my own PC posts. If you cannot post within 72 hours, I require a PM giving me a window of expectation on your reply. Failure to do so may result in your quest being paused or passed to the bottom of my queue. I am busy and there are other players who wish to have moderated threads. This is simply how it has to be.~~~

  • Plot assistance - If you're struggling with ideas for your character whether it's trying to avoid the same old boring job thread or figuring out how to learn a new skill, ask me for help. I'm also very good with businesses. (Hint! Hint!)
  • Please feel free to abuse my PM Inbox with any questions, concerns or feedback in regards to all things Mizahar.

Can't Do's:
  • Unsavory Favors - I have no problem helping people out but don't ask me to bend any rules or let something slide. I love Mizahar and I won't do anything that's going to jeopardize my time here. Everyone is expected to know the Rules and act accordingly.

All gnosis requests must FIRST go through the HD before a quest can begin. Please submit a ticket and wait for approval before asking me to moderate the quest.

To apply for a moderated thread, please fill out this form and post it below.

Please only submit one request at a time.
If you have multiple goals but can't connect the dots, initiate a discussion and let us see if we can't combine them.

Code: Select all
[b][center]Moderated Thread Request[/center][/b]
[list][*] [u]PC's Involved:[/u] [url][/url]
[*] [u]Thread date (if known/preferred):[/u]
[*] [u]Summary:[/u]
[*] [u]What are your primary goals?:[/u]
[*] [u]What skills are you wishing to improve upon/learn?[/u]
[*] [u]What are you willing to sacrifice?[/u]
[*] [u]Does the quest involve any gods or gnosis?[/u] Please list them with a reason for their appearance.
[*] [u]Anything else I need to know?[/u]

Are you ready to learn your fate?

Thank you, Firenze, for a wonderful template.
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Prophet's Office - DS of Ravok

Postby Clyde Sullins on June 11th, 2017, 9:55 pm

Moderated Thread Request

  • PC's Involved: Clyde Sullins
  • Thread date (if known/preferred): I assume sometime during the summer, though not sure exactly where he'll be heading after the current quest is done. Till then should be in the wilds.
  • Summary: Modded thread in relation to discovering the secret ability of his Magic Staff Cha
  • What are your primary goals?: Unlock the secret ability of Cha
  • What skills are you wishing to improve upon/learn? N/A
  • What are you willing to sacrifice? What/who it takes. Or wait, when you say sacrifice did you mean...
  • Does the quest involve any gods or gnosis? Not that I know of.
  • Anything else I need to know? Has been an ongoing mystery for quite some time, would like to finally solve said mystery/secret.
Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

No new threads after end of Spring 518-Will still be checking for PM's occasionally, but focusing on a new character.

Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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