The Hazy World

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Herein lies the realm of dreams, where dreamers who are scattered all over the world in the physical can come together in the mysterious world of dreams. Remember, unless one is a Dreamwalker, there is no control over dreams. Ever. Anything can happen, and by threading a dream, you are subject to whomever can walk dreams and the whims of Storytellers.

The Hazy World

Postby Ricky Maze on April 6th, 2011, 3:09 am

Ricky lay comfortable in what felt like soft grass, all of it warm and itchy underneath his arms. He opened his eyes to see a blurry world full of green and blue, patterns of beautiful color were everywhere. Was the colors moving around him? Was this all a dream?

Roughly he rubbed his groggy eyes to clear his vision, but no matter how much he rubbed or the times he tried the world remained the same. Hazy and distant, the colors all around him mixing strangely as his grasp of everything around him failed. He thought he could make out a swaying tree above him, but the moving colors made it far to hard to tell. A presence that wasn't there before came to his side, as soft whispering came to his ears.

The words were faded to a near dull silence, but the voice he could tell was a woman. "Who are you?" He mumbled, however his voice wasn't there. Or was it? He couldn't hear it, but could she? She had to otherwise the smile she had wouldn't be there....was it even a smile?

Ricky was confused more than ever, his thoughts were in loops whenever he brought them up. No matter how many times he fought, the world around him was simply to strong. Smoothly the world around him begins to dissolve, as what little of the woman's voice was heard faded as well. No... not yet.... who is she.....


"Who is she?" Ricky hears as he awoke, talking to himself apparently. Odis was still laid out over the floor, while Ricky was still lost in his thoughts. Staring deeply into the space above him, he tried to make out any details...but even the mysterious world had vanished from memory. The only thing he could remember was him lying down, maybe under a tree.
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The Hazy World (Solo)

Postby Mercury on April 9th, 2011, 4:24 pm



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