From the frying pan into the fire [Rak'kena]

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From the frying pan into the fire [Rak'kena]

Postby Fade on June 28th, 2011, 2:09 pm

Fade closed her eyes as he kissed her neck, his lust was threatening to burn her up, it was almost painful. She almost didn’t notice his first words, but as he announced who he was she paused for a split second curiosity tying to win over what was burning inside her and failing to do so.
His embrace sent electricity through her body, it felt strange for a moment: the four arms holding her, picking her up, laying her out and calmly undressing her. He undressed her slowly, unbearably slowly for Fade, he didn’t want to harm her…yet, for all she knew, her lower lip trembled in eager anticipation a deep burning in between her thighs.
She smiled pulling him closer “Rak’kena” She whimpered hardly getting the words out, she tasted the name then chuckled, parting her legs to be closer her hand tugging at his clothes then running down his muscled back. The wait had been to long, Fade was almost frantic to be satisfied, she kissed him passionately, her legs wrapping around his body like steel claws keeping him anchored to her, trying to get him closer, if that were possible, her hips pumping to a primeval beat. She pressed him close emanating soft sounds with every gasp.

Her other owner had been older, slower, nothing like the searing hot streaks of pleasure running up and down her body, it was too much, Fade was practically gasping for breath her chest heaving, almost jerking, she moaned again fingers digging into his back, the rhythm frantic.

She kept on kissing him and holding him to her even after, her pale body relaxing though she still panted, her body covered in a shiny sheen of sweat. She her clear blue eyes for a few seconds then opening them looking straight into his with adoration “How was that?” She whispered not really caring if he didn’t answer. She was waiting for him to do, or think anything her fingers tracing circles on his skin, ready to do it all over again or anything for him, for this was her source of happiness.

One thing was sure, only the highest trained ladies, the mistresses of the art of sensual pleasures and those marked by Nikali could give so much, often leaving weak men powerless.
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From the frying pan into the fire [Rak'kena]

Postby Rak'kena on June 29th, 2011, 4:35 am

The way she moved, the way she clung to his body, the way her nails clawed at his flesh, the whimpering in her voice. Rak'kena took it all in, because it was so much more than just sex. She wanted it as badly as he did, except she was begging for it. There was still a sense of power, domination. Rak'kena was the one in charge, controlling when she was pleased, and when she was stuck waiting, hoping, begging for more. This time, he didn't torment her. He gave her what she wanted because he wanted it just as badly, only he would take it when he wanted it, not beg, never would he ask. Rak'kena was genuinely different in those heated moments of bodies molding together, arms reaching, grabbing, scratching, lips caressing. He was passionate, not any less passionate as he was when he was in public or when he was breaking the boy's fingers. No, he was just as passionate then, but it was a different passion. Violence instead of animal-like lust. And when he threatened to rape her in the middle of public, his passion was just as vivid then as it was now that they were alone and together, but that was a rage, a psychotic joy blended with ferocious fury. This was just different then those, not more passionate, not less, but different. He was a man built on passion, acting often on passion when it was unwise to do so, but did wonders to fuel his ego and basic desires.

Rak'kena was still hovering over Fade, both of them sweating. Droplets of perspiration falling from his hair, his nose, dropping onto her bare chest, mixing with those tiny beads of her own. Finally his breathing began to fade from excited, warm bursts to the casual, leisurely breathing that flowed naturally from him. One of his hands moved slowly, creating little swirls, circular motions through the small collection of sweat that was on her chest. He did this for several moments before looking back into her eyes as she questioned him. 'How was it?' Rak'kena only smirked as he lowered his head to her body and sighed, relief. He didn't have to say a word, he was pleased, she was pleased. That's how it worked right? Rak'kena closed his eyes as he just lie there, his head gently lingering on her breast.

And he fell asleep.

OOCWasn't sure how much more could happen in this thread, so I figured this would be my last post. We can pick up in the Summer time, where hopefully more exciting, violent, society-shaking things will occur. ;)
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From the frying pan into the fire [Rak'kena]

Postby Colombina on July 3rd, 2011, 8:29 pm


The XP Wand Is Waved!

Good gravy, sex, violence AND slavery. I'm too delicate for such threads. Fetch me my smelling salts.

Fade’s Loot

1 XP Unarmed combat
3 XP Seduction
Lore of Rak’kena’s origins
Lore of Ahnatep’s appearance

Rak’kena’s Loot

3 XP Intimidation
1 XP Unarmed Combat
1 XP Torture
Lore of Nikali’s gnosis (mark 1)
Lore of “Gardeners”

Colombina is....aghast?
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